Don’t fall for this new lie that Burbank has a say in that airport terminal

Not any more we don’t.

That’s because our city council already bargained it away last fall with their enthusiastic 5-man approval of their secretly negotiated Terminal Agreement.

Yet today they claim …

FireShot Capture 86 - Burbank amends code in city's Airport _ - http___www.latimes.com_socal_burba

But, this is the actual rule that they agreed upon in November:


FireShot Capture 8 - Pop Quiz I Burbank, Ca_ - https___semichorus.wordpress.com_2015_10_28_pop-quiz_


All discretionary means “all discretionary.”

So don’t fall for this sudden kumbayah propaganda that you’re hearing right now. Burbank dealt away all of their real oversight power in return for the supposedly wonderful good faith move on part of the Authority that it would only build a 14-gate “replacement” terminal and try to get a curfew.

As if — with Measure B breathing down their necks — the Authority had any power at all on their part to come up with something bigger and grander. (How would that get past the voters again…?)

How nice of them to be so willing to compromise, eh? And by doing so, we gave away our power.

BTW — and the old planning hands in the community are probably asking this same question right now — since when did Burbank’s PD and development review process ever deal with controlling the architectural design and “look” of a project?


Name one project where either staff or the council had design review oversight in Burbank, and where they were telling someone how their project was going to look.

It can’t be done. Because we’re not Carmel.

This just in!

(Sneak preview of proposed new Burbank Airport terminal design…)




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17 responses to “Don’t fall for this new lie that Burbank has a say in that airport terminal

  1. DixieFlyer

    Let’s not forget that Sunday morn meeting with Adam Shiff.

    Quintero, Madison, Tellamontes and Fruitloops.

    A regular LOVE FEST.

    Perhaps on Monday morn we’ll learn more TRUTH???

    • Al in SoCal

      I count 4 … where is the 5th who VOTED FOR this??

      • semichorus

        I love this Rogers-like tactic of trying to find some kind of phony discrepancy here. There is none. Gordon’s not the issue on these things.

        I’m not singling out ANY of them for these recent moves. If I was, and then ignoring Gordon, or indemnifying him in some way, you’d have a point. There is none.

      • DixieFlyer

        al in so cal really CAN’T count to five.

        Congressman Shiff, Quintero(Glendale) Madison(Pasadena) Tellamontes(Burbank) Frutos(Burbank) had a meeting on a Sunday morning to talk about the Bob Hope Airport, term sheet, etc.

        One, Two, Three, Four and Five.

        Even FAA representatives that flew to Washington for a meeting sponsored by Congressman Shiff scratched their heads over the “term sheet” and it’s “irrelevance” to Noise Rule making & Enforcement.

        ADDING another party to the “party” would not be KOSHER.

        Ignorance IS bliss, when you suck fumes and other……….

        • semichorus

          You’re right. This “term sheet” has nothing to do with getting a curfew.

          I suspect they know they’re being rolled here, because without a “curfew,” the chances of the airport boosters getting their successful Measure B vote go down.

          This was the two negotiating teams own fault. By making a curfew an issue, they made it an issue.

          “Hey Burbank! Vote for this big new “replacement” terminal. Oh, but did we tell you? There’ll be no nighttime curfew…”

        • Al in SoCal

          “Ignorance IS bliss, when you suck fumes and other……….”

          With your Catholic “holiness” we can only guess what experience you’ve had in these matters.

  2. DixieFlyer

    There’s another way to look at it, semi.

    STAFF obviously has the belief that THEY have a say-so.

    However, our Electeds’s are into Abdication, big time.

    We’ll just let them spend gobs of $$$, and Vote NO.

    Unless we can embarrass the SHIT out of them first.

    Chad Garland was an Airport Cheerleader.

    Bob Fruit Loops is scared of being called a RUBBER STAMP!!

    How about “Me Two, and Me Three”???

    • semichorus

      Interesting point.

      I agree with the power of the “no” vote. They can spend as much money and effort on this thing as they want to, but voting “no” keeps it as simple as can be. I’m long past being able to follow all the ups and downs of this misbegotten project. The more complicated they make things, the less they’ll get a “yes” vote, I feel.

  3. Brian Tucker

    Educate yourself regarding the Burbank Replacement Terminal:

    • semichorus

      Brian from Counterintuity, eh? According to your email, if it’s accurate. You guys on their payroll too?

      The brochure is clear propaganda, and at this point it also skirts the election laws.

      It would be very foolish for Burbank voters to approve a “replacement” terminal. Just that word alone is so phony and euphemistic.

      It’s not a replacement anything. It’s a big new airport. The fact that they can’t even play straight about what they’re doing is reason enough to oppose it.

  4. DixieFlyer

    It was VERY nice of Brian to provide a convenient way for folks on this

    Blog to closely examine the THREATS from the backroom that our

    Commissioners have allowed our City Council to be subjected to.

    Take the plunge and click on Brian’s “education piece”.

    Please note the one where Burbank Voter’s REJECT the proposal!!

    The members of the Airort Authority and their staff AND consultants are

    their OWN WORST ENEMY.

    The credibility of the Authority is in NEGATIVE territory.

    Can they SALVAGE it with actions such as Brian’s?

  5. Al in SoCal

    OMG – FIVE person approval??!!! Does that mean that your precious … your SAVIOR Doctor Gordon has become …. “one of them”????!!!???

    You’d never know it from the Drudge-like exemption of your favorite politician. It must be sad to see the naysayer turn into a pod-person. Awaiting the return of the Berlins … LOL!

    • semichorus

      You are such an asshole. I’ve often taken on Gordon. So you’re either terrifically unobservant as well, or a liar.

      Aren’t you the same guy btw who ridiculed my posting of an old Steve Allen/NBC video on the grounds that it was somehow a deliberate harkening back to a racist 1950’s?

      Not knowing of course that Allen was an avowed liberal/ civil rights type.

      • Al in SoCal

        Often … please. I’ll take “at some points”, but OFTEN?? Not so much – be honest with yourself. By the way, the 1950’s WERE a racist time period – or were so happy in Mayberry you didn’t notice that there were separate water fountains in America???

        In our very own CA — Redlining anyone (though on the decline):

        1950’s great for some … not so much for others. Anyway – wasn’t debating the blatant racism that still exists to this day, just pointing out that the Burbank Leader isn’t the only info source that leaves out the biased details. It’s ok – it’s your blog – and you LIKE him – so enjoy his votes. =)

        • semichorus

          Again, I’ve often criticized Dr. Gordon. So your complaint/ridicule is bogus.

          And who’s talking about him anyway? He’s actually been coming out lately against many of the things that I’ve also been criticizing here.

          You’re obviously a member of the old Will Rogers School of Red Herrings.

          • Al in SoCal

            No I’m *not* – and you didn’t even take him to task as part of this “secret” arrangement. Also – since many here have really cute pet names for the others isn’t it also time to have one for the good Doctor himself?

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