And they make no bones about it



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This is an investment pool masquerading as health care. It’s just so cynical as hell, isn’t it?





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12 responses to “And they make no bones about it

  1. chad

    I also like the typo. “Covert” instead of “convert.” C’mon Semi!! Get with the program. Health care and education is where the smart money is going!!!

    • semichorus

      Hey, I didn’t even notice it. How perfect.

      After 72 hours of watching non-stop Trump adulation my irony meter has burned out.

  2. Thomas

    RIP Nancy Reagan. A great first lady has left us.

  3. chad

    If I can’t say anything good about her, I won’t say anything at all…….

  4. DixieFlyer

    Thank you, Thomas.

    When I used to play catch in her backyard with Skipper she made great sandwiches for “the boys”.

    Over time our conversations were precious.

    She was always a gracious Lady around me.

    May God remember her Good Deeds.

    • Al in SoCal

      “May God remember her Good Deeds.” – running the country for 2 years while her hubby should have released the Presidency to HW Bush – no doubt stressful … and unConstitutional.

  5. chad

    My most vivid memory of Nancy Reagan – In 1991, Daryl Gates staged a break-in (battering ram and all) of a “crack house” in “South Central” and had channel 5 news be on the scene when it was happening. Stan Chambers reported live while Hal Fishman was in studio. Along for the ride was none other than Nancy Reagan who sported a genuine LAPD wind breaker with her name “Nancy” on the front. Stan interviewed Ms. Reagan in front of the house asking for her opinion on the situation. She praised LAPD for a fine job and then when on to comment on the interior design of the house. I’m paraphrasing, “Oh, it was terrible inside. They had no rugs and barely any furniture.” I wish I was making that up.

  6. Anonymous

    I just heard that Hilary supports horses and horse people as an alternative to vehicles that emit green house gasses like cars and suv’s

  7. Anonymous

    Semi, you need to watch John Oliver on Donald Trump. It’s on youtube. Priceless.

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