Sex Crimes 2016


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OMG! A 19-year-old guy went out with a 17-year-old girl!

Former Burroughs High School employee sentenced for sex with student

A former John Burroughs High School employee was sentenced to a year in jail Wednesday after he was convicted of having sex with a minor between 2011 and 2014, officials said.

Glendale resident Clarke Surrey, 24, pleaded no contest to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse, according to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. The remaining charges, 10 counts of oral copulation of a minor, were dismissed.

His sentence includes five years of probation and a year of sex-offender counseling. He will not be required to register as a sex offender, officials said.


Here’s the deal. They obviously had no real case on him, and so he was allowed to plead out to an almost nothing charge as compared to the original panicky allegations. And unless there was a trial, he was not convicted.


When Surrey was arrested last June, police alleged that he had ongoing, separate relationships with two students who at the time of the offenses were between the ages of 15 and 17. Both students have since graduated.

Surrey, the former assistant technology director for the theater technology group at Burroughs, was 19 when the first relationship began.

Authorities began the investigation last May after receiving a tip. By that time, Surrey was no longer employed by the school.

He barely was in the first place. Hardly a regular “employee,” he was instead a part-time guy who they brought in to basically help run the light board during shows and rehearsals. And, who some of the girls chased incessantly. That was actually the root cause of the exposé.

And did we note the word “young” here? How many illustrious Burbank couples from the past first started dating when the guy had already graduated and the girl was still in high school?

Or where there was a much greater age difference? Shall we start counting? Shall we start naming names? The hypocrisy runs rampant.

How about it, you pious, hypocritical, self-righteous sacks of shit? We especially love the angry mutterings from all of the once-teenage girls who were actively screwing their older boyfriends way back when. Don’t even try.







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26 responses to “Sex Crimes 2016

  1. Al in SoCal

    Some states make it so the difference in age matters – so a 19 y/o and 17 y/o are fine – but a 30 y/o would be in trouble. Makes sense, unfortunately CA does not make that determination

  2. Anonymous

    Let’s start making that list semi.

  3. Anonymous

    “Do it for the team.” — Sally Dumme

  4. an angry Republican

    Speaking of “pious, hypocritical, self-righteous sacks of shits” did everyone get a glimpse of the Romney speech today ? There is a petition to Romney circulating on here is the text and the link to sign it can be found below the text.


    As the Doctor Kevorkian of politics, your opinions are not welcomed. Whether you were as bad as you appeared or whether you sabotaged us in 2012, we do not need you or want you involved.

    Your recent and belligerent outbursts against Donald Trump, which contradict previous statements, prove only that you are an establishment hack. Your curious “tax” complaint proves you are either a liar or a criminal (only a liar would make those claims without facts and only a criminal could illegally gain access to another person’s taxes). Lest we not forget Harry Reid’s similar behavior. Who are you, Mitt?

    Most of us respected you as a person, but you have seen fit to reduce your reputation to that associated with liberal progressives like Harry Reid. What next, are you going to allege Donald Trump has “binders” of women? You are a political hack, just like the rest of them.

    What you and your cronies do not realize is that a majority of Republicans have picked Donald Trump, decisively, over the “competition.” Accordingly, you are not helping, you are going against the interests of the Republicans which have spoken clearly. You are saying “I don’t care what the real Americans think, my buddies and I just don’t want Donald Trump.” For that, you should be ashamed.

    Although it appears a large majority of Americans have selected Donald Trump, it is a fact that a large majority of American did NOT select you. This is likely due to your fecklessness, weakness, immigration policies, Romneycare and your general alignment with liberal progressives, and worse, the Republican establishment.

    You got off easy in 2012 by merely losing an election. Keep up this nonsense and you will lose what’s left of your reputation.

    To be fair, you were not a complete political failure; you single handily got a failing president re-elected. For that, progressive America celebrates you. We suspect you would do better on a democratic ticket, so please stop pretending you are anything but a liberal, progressive hack, planted by the Republican establishment to prevent Donald Trump from exposing you all.

    Collectively, we say: You are irrelevant… go home.

    • semichorus

      You Republicans are fucking nuts. Anyone who thinks that Mitt Romney is anything close to liberal is insane.

      While I agree that he’s the last person in the world who should be calling someone else a “crony capitalist,” that’s not what any of you are concerned about.

      Why don’t you all just hurry up and die.

  5. Anonymous

    They tried so hard to ruin his life. I know him and he is a good person.

    • semichorus

      A good portion of Burbank is both very evil and immensely hypocritical. This town has always attracted a certain brand of loser-hustler type who always ends up getting welcomed into the fold.

      People have no idea how many of our local movers and shakers were screwing around with high schools girls back when they were at the same identical age — and who in return were enthusiastically screwing around with them.

      • CornFused

        You should change it to “A good portion of America”.

        This isn’t anything new and it’s not going away. My sisters friend in 11th grade was dating her teacher. He was in his late 20’s. He quit the school district and they got married before she even graduated. That was almost 40 years ago.

  6. DMS1

    Romney the has been tries to tell us all how to vote, what’s next Golonski telling us how to vote ?

  7. TJ

    Romney is a piece of crap and now we all know it

  8. Disolusioned Democrat in Burbank

    For years I have voted based on Party promises and recommendations. Today I sit disgusted and saddened. I can no longer pretend that there is not a self serving cabal in both parties that take actions based on their own best interests and what they can receive from lobbyists.

    I am left to wonder why I have gone along with experience in government with candidates I voted for. It clearly has not worked and my country is a corrupt mess.

    O hear the comments about Donald Trump but I also hear my own inner conscious that says why be afraid to try something different when doing the same thing over and over again certainly has not worked.

    The fact that the embedded life long politicians are so afraid of Trump has made me decide that I will skip the primary and wait to vote for Trump in November. Why ? Because its time to try something different while we still have time to do it.

  9. BF

    Can we at least include Bill Clinton on the list for going after interns ? Point is how serious can any of us take any of this when the president was getting blow jobs from federal interns in the oval office.

    • semichorus

      I think she went after him. And she was not in high school.

      Who cares anyway. That’s the point.

      • BF

        I care because there are federal abd state laws about sex in the work place especially between the boss and employees so the hypocrites pass laws and then do the studr themselves.

  10. Breaking News

    Mitt Romney being sued in federal court on charges of Racketeering. Me thinks he should stay where ever he was and stop coming out and trying to suppress voters rights.

  11. Anonymous 3

    Jimbo, you got a lot of teabaggers commenting here.

    • semichorus

      A good percentage of them are phony. There are a couple of people in town who get their kicks clogging the blog with inanity so that they can then turn around and exclaim how inane it is.

      During the police mess there were some people that actually used to get paid to do this. It’s an old opposition research trick.

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