Who’s going to be taking this?

Talk about blatant discrimination. This new busline will only be servicing the Media District. With two stops!

If you live anywhere else in Burbank and want to take it, you’re out of luck.

And who’s going to be taking it anyway?


new mta line


At least Glendale has a stop situated near its downtown and lower-income multi-residential areas. Too bad for Burbank, right?

Do the people who plan these things ever use public transportation? They certainly don’t rely upon it, because you can’t.

And again, how is this anything but an airport commuter service to Pasadena? Which of course no one is going to use.




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14 responses to “Who’s going to be taking this?

  1. Troy

    Whats wrong with taking a bike to the bus stops in the Media area and then placing your bike on the bus bike rack ?

  2. Anonymous

    It is a total waste of time.

    • Al

      You are right Semichorus we get taxed and taxed and taxed and its all for things like this that dont even work. Its why I do plan to vote for Trump, hes the only person running that has a record of making things work right. The rest of the dopes are part of taxing us for things that dont even work.

      • Anonymous

        “Trump has a record of making things work right?” Yeah. In bankruptcy court.

        Of course his casinos, airline, vodka and steak lines, university, mortgage company and Trump magazine were all tremendous successes.

        Jackass . . .

        • Jay

          I wonder just when was the last time Sanders or Clinton took a public bus or is that something that’s good enough for us and not for them ?

  3. Scott

    Problems of inefficient government will be addresses when Trump becomes prrsident.

  4. Dennis

    And then the bicycle rack is full

    • DixieFlyer

      Usually there are at most three bike spots on the bus.

      Bus service is not for us, it’s for the Studios.

      The bus angle allowed the Studios to build LESS parking.

      Staff was thrilled.

      Many of the “talented” folks live in outlying areas and the Studios subsidize the cost as a “perk”.

      Check out ALL of the routes.

      • semichorus

        Yes, Burbank Transportation is not for the rest of us. It’s a commuter service for studio employees.

        Which is apparently considered to be A-OK. It’s an absolutely horrible local bus system.

  5. Anonymous

    Why is there an airplane at the metro station. It’s not even close and there’s no easy way from there

  6. Anonymous

    airplane because walking is good for you and you can walk from the bus stop to the airport. This is why we are making Burbank walkabale and bikeable.

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