Hijole !



Maybe Trump will send General Pershing down there again to get him.

Not ignoring the other side …


The above is what happens when Democrats actively buy into Republican bullshit.




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20 responses to “Hijole !

  1. Anonymous 3

    I am SO hoping that Trump wins a lot more primaries but the party refuses to nominate him; he pulls a Perot and runs as an independent and the Dems win in a walk.

    Not as good as him actually GETTING the nomination and handing the Senate to the Dems. That would be a hoot.

    • semichorus

      I would hope that that would happen, but it won’t. If Trump gets the nomination he wins.

      The corporate media is in the tank for him. They treat everything he does as a plus, and never a negative. Their corporate overlords also definitely want a Republican in office — it’s much better for their kind of businesses.

      Just look at what’s happening right now, today. Trump holds an absolutely insane Christian-right nutcase assembly where he comes out solidly AGAINST a woman’s right to choose, among other things, and yet the media is only talking about his Christie endorsement instead.

      Last night he lied about why he won’t release his tax returns — ridiculously blaming the IRS for it — and the media rolls over. Not a mention of it today. He’s come up with a done-deal reason why he won’t, and that’s considered to be A-OK. End of mention.

      • Anonymous

        I think Christy is supporting Trump because Christy knows Trump will end terrorism and for Christie Terrorism is the biggest threat to America while Sanders and Hillary think its climate change.

      • Ed

        I dont honestly care about his tax returns like I would with some candidates. Why you ask. Because Trump has been so public for so long. I already know he made millions on the apprentice show. I know he makes millions in housing projects and golf courses and casinos. I know already what his business interests have been plus I know he more than likely files both corporate as well as personal taxes and because he owns the corporation part of the wealth, holdings and debt are on the corporate taxes. So what.

    • Anonymous

      “The above is what happens when Democrats actively buy into Republican bullshit”

      REALLY ? Me thinks this is more Hillary bullshit, she does quite well on her own creating bullshit. How are those private servers doing there Hilary ?.

  2. Anonymous

    Ricky Ray Rector–“brought to heel,” Clinton style

  3. Chuck

    Well Hillary is a great choice for those who want more of the failed policies that brought us the mess we are already in and Sanders os perfect for those who want to see poverty skyrocket. Truth is both Sanders and Hilary are like dinosaurs, from the past and its not a past that lead to a good today.

    Taqx returns ? Who cares about Trumps tax returns we all know he is rich beyond our dreams but we also know why. Trump is a very smart business man, something none of the other candidates dem or repub can claim.

    • Al in SoCal

      I really like the fact that he filed for BK 4 times in a row. Great businessman – yes. It helps he was born rich, he didn’t build an empire from scratch.

      As for Hillary – let’s think back:
      Clinton = best uptick in business and GDP in several decades
      Bush = worst recession in history
      Obama = recovery to single digit unemployment

      That IS straight talk – it’s quite obvious who has better financial policies.

  4. Barbara

    O am voting for Trump because he is straight talk. Trump is not a person who is afraid to say exactly what he thinks and I am sick of politicians that mince words. 🙂 I also appreciate his willingness to get tough on China and the unfair trade situation. Funny how the same people who did not want Walmart due to the fact they are non union and sell products from China are afraid of a tough position aimed at China and there theft of American jobs due to unfair trade. I don’t want Walmart but I take it a step further let’s even this playing field with China and Trump is the only one willing to say its what we need to do the rest all are afraid of China.

    • Al in SoCal

      Let’s see him “get tough” on China – is that when he brought in undocumented workers to build his famous towers? Perhaps it’s when he used Chinese workers for his clothing?

      Some UN-PC language – he’s a complete hypocrite who the lemmings will follow because they are scared that “their” once majority is now over and dying.

  5. Joel

    I would be really interested to know just who everyone plans to vote for at this point and why. I’m chill if everyone wants to do it as anonymous and I will start.

    WHO ?

    WHY ?

    1. i’m sick of politically correct speech.
    2. He is tough on terrorism
    3. He understands the economy like no other
    4. He knows how to run this efficiently and how to negotiate a good deal
    5. He WILL build a wall and stop the flow of drugs
    6. He is not a pussy like the rest of them
    7. He is not a politician
    8. We need to make America great again.
    9. He will shutter the EPA and turn the issue over to the states

  6. C,

    Sorry X Presdent Fox, you should be focused on the crime and poverty in Mexico and solving the problems in Mexico so that people don’t need to flee your country.

  7. Anonymous

    Leading From Behind

  8. Anonymous

    Look at how far women have come since the right to vote. We now have the biggest female liar in the country running for president. Yipee

    • Al in SoCal

      As if Trump isn’t a LIAR – LOL…

      OMG – what a bunch of fools if you think Trump hasn’t lied his A*S off in his business dealings, in his political lingo, in his promises.

      Here’s one for you Republican ladies. Your daughter is RAPED and is PREGNANT – she can’t get an abortion because it’s now illegal (yes that is what Republicans have been itching to do for decades) – and now she must testify PREGNANT at the rapists trial. Happy now? Yes – that is what you are voting for … needless to say – idiotic and lame.

      Santorum doesn’t even want to prenatal care because GASP if a woman should learn her baby is severely deformed she might get an abortion.

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