So would this be allowed in the Rancho?

Or anywhere else in Burbank where there’s lots of White people?


FireShot Capture 70 - - http___burbank.granicus.com_MetaViewer


Tonight’s the night. Is our council majority going to allow in a lower-income neighborhood what is clearly a 7- or 8-foot-high fence when there’s no way in hell that any of them would put up with the same thing on their own block?

And why were these homeowners allowed to install such a monstrosity before they got the permit? Why would staff now reward them for it?





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53 responses to “So would this be allowed in the Rancho?

  1. Don

    Are you saying they have horses behind the fence and its to keep the horses off the streets ?

  2. Steve

    I saw that tonight is also the night for bookoo tax dollars to build a bridge just for the bikers. That my gasoline tax at work once again ? Vote NO fix the streets with that money.

  3. DixieFlyer

    Now semi, sometimes we need to “go in the field”.

    Internet photos are not always “dimentional”.

    It would help to know when the wall footings were in place.

    The complainant also objects to the “color” of house paint?

    Stay tuned….even if you’re on a hobby Horse!!!!

  4. Anonymous 3

    “And why were these homeowners allowed to install such a monstrosity before they got the permit?”

    Who’s going to stop them? The code enforcement patrol?

    • Anonymous

      Well Anonymous3 I expect Rogers to be on patrol and stop walls as well as bike traffic on the bridge. Is he only prepared to sit in a chair on television and act stupid ?

      • Anonymous 3

        If you set the standard as that of Dr. Gordon, then perhaps so.

        Don’t get me started on Bob Frutos.

      • Anonymous 3

        Council voted unanimously on the bridge restriction, so perhaps your hero Gordon should patrol the bridge?

        • semichorus

          Yeah, well your friend Rogers is a hypocrite.

          He’s absolutely correct about the Rancho, but he’s too much of a phony to put his money where his mouth is.

          • Anonymous

            I still think Rogers should patrol and enforce it after all he doesn’t do anything else that’s useful except suck up good air and exhale stank. er um er um er um

          • Anonymous 3

            I don’t remember Rogers saying that the bridge restrictions were unjustified. So where is the hypocrisy in voting yes?

            And your pal Gordon is only a year away from running for reelection. No way does he have the balls to thwart the Rancho.

        • Anonymous

          No the police will be called when the bike riders break the law. Some have already said that they will.

  5. 91506

    Hate to pop your bubble but we have some fences very similar to this in the Rancho.

  6. Steve

    From what I just read Im wondering if one of the new cyclops people maybe moved in and the cyclops cycilists maybe want fences like this all over Burbank.

    • semichorus

      I agree with everything he says there.

      But I would have said much more that night. I would have brought up how they harassed Trader Joe’s out of the neighborhood across from Pavillion’s, thus delaying the arrival of that store in Burbank by almost six years.

      I would have also reminded people of that same neighborhood’s horrible behavior towards Denny’s. They engaged in incredibly racist dialog about that company’s supposed late-night “customers” coming in from the “outside,” and then used this as THE reason to deny them a 24-hour permit — one of the few Denny’s in the country btw that isn’t allowed to be open all night.

  7. Tim

    Ok so council show started and where is the groundhog Rogers ? He’s missing but the mayor said he’s here someplace. Ok so fire him for not being ready for the show.

  8. Eileen

    So why is Golonski’s wife called Miss Barbara Sikes and not Mrs Barbara Golonski ? The mayor announced that Mayor Golonskis wife Miss Barbara Sikes so they were not married or what ?

  9. Scott

    Someone please tell Rogers to stop talking already. Its like watching a bad soap opera.

  10. Anonymous

    Mayor Fruitoes needs a tutor or maybe he could buy hooked on phonics or something he needs help on reading.

  11. Nancy

    Sorry but those painted utility boxes are anything but culture. They are the decline of culture.

    • Burbank Bill

      Im’ all for painting the boxes , much like the hydrants that Semi posted recently. The job they did with the boxes is hideous

  12. Mike

    Yuck to these cultural arts commission people. They spend all this time and money to paint crap on those boxes ? Watch that encourage graffitti all over Burbank. They got a goal WOW they are contacting us so we take advantage of arts in Burbank ? What art in Burbank ???

    • Ed

      Imagine that Gordon just read from council minutes 18 years ago where council directed airporr reports twice monthly and the staff just stopped doing it. Imagine that so what are they hiding.

      • Carl

        Listening to the meeting and that neighbor causing trouble over the fence is just plain wrong. There were no other neighbors there to oppose the fence. I’m glad they allowed the fence.

      • Anonymous 3

        They are going to move the airport to your front yard.


      • Dianne

        Airport Commissioners will be back in front of the City Council, soon.
        They and the City Attorney and staff and Scottieboy fucked-up.
        Thanks to Dr. Gordon for his homework.
        What Planet has our great investigative reporter been orbiting?

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