What was that reason again for not walking bikes?

Tomorrow night the council will be approving that bike-banning ordinance. Two items from the resolution stand out:


FireShot Capture 78 - - http___burbank.granicus.com_MetaViewer


FireShot Capture 72 - - http___burbank.granicus.com_MetaViewer


According to the Leader, the bridge has also always been used by bicycle riders.  This was pumped up at the time of its construction, but was deliberately left out of tonight’s notice.

And what “conflicts”? That was anecdotal evidence as well — at best — and you’d think that any real and legitimate complaint would have been accompanied by police reports or videos.  There were none.

What this is all about is controlling bicycle access to the Park. The horse riders simply don’t want it. Because of this, we suspect that local judges are going to be tossing these tickets out of court as soon as they show up. There’s no good public policy reason for not allowing bike riders to safely walk their bikes across the bridge.

They’re pedestrians too, and the bridge was built, financed, and intended for such use.








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32 responses to “What was that reason again for not walking bikes?

  1. 91506

    Since when haa the Burbank Leader been a credible source for information. Look at that bridge its designed as a horse bridge.

    • DixieFlyer

      Holy Moley!!!!

      Semi utilizes the “Leader” as a source??????

      Glory Be To God.

      • semichorus

        They found original documents which established that this bridge was built for and intended to be used by walkers, equestrians, and bicycle riders.

        So apparently after 70 years this is considered to be a bad thing. And all of a sudden, with no documentary evidence given.

        It’ll be fun to see how judges handle these tickets. Burbank’s also now guilty of impeding LA bike traffic, which will be a fun one to consider in court as well. Clearly, there’s no good public policy here for Burbank to be completely restricting access to a multi-use bridge.

  2. Dale

    Please explain to me just who would walk their bike across the bridge only to walk their bike a few miles to return to the bridge and walk it back across. There is nowhere to ride a bike in that part of the park and connecting to where they would want to go is blocked by fences. People I know have a bike to ride it and not to walk it. This is why reasonable people do not even have an interest to walk their bike across the bridge.

    • semichorus

      How come the horse riders don’t have to walk their horses across the bridge?

    • Karen R.

      This is ridiculous you have obviously have zero experience with cyclocross or mt bike riders they often dismount many times in a race or training. And just where is the ONE DAY traffic study highlighting the aggressive, rude, out of control cyclists to make the point. What’s next they prohibit me and my dog from said bridge??

  3. Anonomous

    Horses actually must be ‘walked’ across the bridge however when a rider walks a horse it means that the horse is kept at a walk and not a trop or gallop etc. Walking a horse does not mean a rider gets off the horse it refers to the speed of the horses movement. Horses are able to walk at a slow pace you know and that is precisely what they do across the bridge however a horse is not a human being anymore than a dog is a human being and in the same way a scared or spooked dog can suddenly charge and bite a spooked or scared horse can raise up or suddenly run. Now one may say well dogs walk on leases close to people and while that is true the average dog does not weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of one thousand pounds so if it rears up and jumps and lands on you the dog will not srush you to death like the horse will. Walking a dog is not a certain thing when it comes to being bitten by one nor is it a sure thing that a horse at a walk is a sure thing if you spook it that it will not crush you.

    • semichorus

      Why don’t they have to get off their horse when they cross that bridge?

      I’ll tell you why. It’s because they don’t want to.

      • Anonymous

        and what do you see as the benefit to the rider getting off the horse when they cross the bridge when the rider has more control of the horse when he/she is sitting there with the reigns in hand. do you also want dog owners to take the dog off leash to cross the bridge ? of course not because the leash gives the owner more control of the dog.

  4. Dale

    I see you have no answer as to why anyone who has a bike would have it to walk for miles where it’s not permitted to ride it. Your premise is many people purchase a bike to push it along and not ride it then ?

  5. Richard

    Oh so they go across the bridge to hit the trails and RACE ? The fact is that so many people, including council members it appears have experienced just what calm and considerate people the bike riders are so instead of ranting here Karen R. I would suggest you begin talking to your rider friends about what stop signs and traffic lights mean and while you at it let them know it is not cute to use strobe lights on bikes in the street at night just like its not cute to put the red tail light in the front with the white headlight in the back of their bike. If you don’t see/encounter all of this you must go to bed very early and before dark.

    • semichorus

      So then you’re admitting that the impulse behind this bridge thing is to ban bikes.

      • Karen R.

        And all without a rational traffic study..

        • Anonymous Burbank

          Oh PLEASE do you not realize that eveey traffic mess in Burbank had a traffic study ??? The fact that Johnson the traffic engineer gave false info about the bridge the first time should surprise no one when he is Mr Traffic study. Give me a break Karen.

  6. Anonymous

    There is no motocross or mountain bike riding in that area of the park and even if there were no horses it would not be allowed due to the bad effect it has on the environment.

    • CornFused

      motocross? Do you even know what you’re talking about? I’ve already started to look up the amount of space needed to keep horses and I doubt many in the Rancho area are in line with that.

      I believe it’s time to take these horse abusers to a higher court.

      • Anonymous

        Burbank horses are not abused. Seriously all animals belong in the wild and not contained like pets so you better start looking up natural habitats of dogs, birds, fishes and snakes while your at it ConFused

        • CornFused

          I have a Chihuahua I got from my ex. You’re more then welcome to him.

          After looking around the web, I did find some areas have minimal size restrictions for enclosures while keeping horses. These were from Horse websites where they seem to care about horses. I just think it’s time to maybe have a closer look at what some of these people are doing since the horses have no say.

      • semichorus

        I agree. It’s a barbaric practice.

    • Karen R.

      Richard its Cyclocross…ok I get it you have no clue to my reference.
      Boy are you going to have your knickers in a bunch when you see the 40% of residents living at Talaria that ride their bikes to work with all those strobe blinding lights…or so says the city planners and developer.
      Btw this area is home to many multi-national team cyclist, national champs and a few world champs and state champs both former and present. They train here and I bet you watch the Olympics and didn’t even know you were cheering on the very ones who so irritate you.

      • Cynthia

        Talaria LOL so the bridge should be open and ready for all the Talaria crowds ? Hope the hummers and suvs speeding into Whole Foods won’t make the cyclops feel unsafe the traffic study said no worries everything will be fine. LOL

  7. Anonymous

    This, for those who do not know is what is called walking your horse

  8. Rancho 6

    This tunnel under the freeway is just the perfect place for horses to encounter bikes. Its great if you have a death wish

  9. Norm

    And what “conflicts”? That was anecdotal evidence as well — at best — and you’d think that any real and legitimate complaint would have been accompanied by police reports or videos. There were none.

    Really ? You can’t even get a police report when you have an accident theses days in Burbank. Our one officer is always too busy to take reports and further if he takes reports then there is proof that crime has increased in Burbank and we can’t have that now can we ?

    • Anonymous Burbank

      Really some people actually believe police reports and traffic studies prove anything at all ? News alert folks cops want crime rates to go down ? Simple they dont take reports or they classify them under a different category and guess what, see crime went down. Get a clue many people are tired of being told things are safe with goff ball studies and reports when we KNOW they are not safe.

  10. Anonymous 3

    That bridge is narrow. I would not cross it under any circumstances, bike or not, while a horse was crossing it.

    That said, I don’t know why the two cannot take turns.

  11. Jim I think you have way too much time on your hands. I doubt you have ever been on a horse or bike and probably never set foot on that bridge.

    • DixieFlyer

      Gee Roy,whatever about Mr.semi can’t come close to the value to the whole community of this Blog.

      There is more value to this opportunity to exchange thoughts than we have received from Times Community News in quite some time.

      I’ve even called him a “Commie-Pinko-Freak” and he turned the other cheek (I refuse to say which one)

      Thanks again semi for “keepin’ it goin'”

      • I do not think he is a “Commie-Pinko-Freak” I do think he has his own form of propaganda which swings into high gear when the word “RANCHO” apppears. It is a pity the numbers do not materialize from the rest of the residents when it comes to protecting where you live. How about it do you and Semi want to show up speak your mind and use your real name?

  12. As someone who uses the bridge as part of my run route, I can’t for life of me imagine how a bicyclist could “race” through the 6″ deep mud & horse shit combo that lines that concave bridge.

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