What is it about that Rancho?



It brings out only the best in us, doesn’t it?





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21 responses to “What is it about that Rancho?

  1. Anonymous

    I missed that she left out niggers.

  2. Gary

    It’s funny that anyone would make something out of what this woman said. I’m going to bet the same people who would criticize her would also say we are a nation of Imigrants , unless maybe if someone here is full blooded native Indian . In fact as I migrants we are proud to say we are Americans so what is wrong with what she said

  3. Irwin Fletcher

    I wish that she was trying to make the point that all of her neighbors were Americans, regardless of heritage- aka a melting pot, but we’ve all seen this way too many times when an older white person finally slip ups and utters racist statements in public- this happened during IDCO hearings last year too. It’s really sad… I’m trying to figure out if the crowd was laughing at her, or out of discomfort. The applause at the end is scary.

    • semichorus

      I think she was saying that the Rancho doesn’t have Mexicans and Armenians like those other parts of Burbank. The Rancho is still the old fashioned Burbank, and so god love ’em.

      I don’t see how it’s possible to read her comments in any other way.

      • Anonymous

        I think she was saying we are all Americans. Funny how today people get all offended and think being American is offensive and racist.

        • semichorus

          She wasn’t saying that at all. She was not making a resounding call for community togetherness.

          She was saying that the Rancho people are the real Burbank. Not like those Mexicans and Armenians.

  4. TONI

    Masterplan?????? She should have spoken with an German accent. This is petrifying. One out of four Americans are of Irish descent. No shout out for the jews? The smartest people on the planet?

    • N.W.

      O don’t believe that she was speaking about a master plan for people at all its rather clear she is speaking about past efforts to ban horses, which is just stupid, and the master plan is addressing how to continue to accommodate horses in the Rancho.

      I understand that there are some who do not like or approve of horses however that’s what makes America. people who love horses can chose to live in the Rancho and those who want no horses are able to chose one of the other many neighborhoods that are horse free in Burbank.

      If a person dislikes horses they have so many choices and one would be to avoid the place they do not like which is the Rancho. Some people just can not stand to allow anyone else the pleasure of things they themselves do not like and those people are disgusting little individuals in my view.

      • semichorus

        When did it become a horses-only zone?

      • Anon

        “Some people just can not stand to allow anyone else the pleasure of things they themselves do not like and those people are disgusting little individuals in my view”

        So you’re okay with bikes on the Mariposa Bridge? Finally a horsey person taking that position.

  5. chad

    One out of four Americans is of Irish descent? I think we’ve just isolated our problem. (That’s a joke. I’m Irish.)

  6. Anonymous

    An unreconstructed bigot, completely incapable of rational thought. Classic Burbanker. Anon 3’s mom?

  7. Al in SoCal

    Amy Schumer has a great school for folks just like her, it’s called “generations”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of0ECLMHgjA

    Otherwise, I would agree that she might have been trying to say they’re all Americans w/o regard to race and / or ethnicity – but failed pretty miserably.

    That said, it doesn’t take much to bring out the ugly side of Burbank residents and it’s a real possibility she really was just saying that there really no Armenians or Mexicans in the HOA – which would be pretty sad IMO.

  8. DixieFlyer

    Apparently unknown to many on this Blog, Floran had demonstrated great warmth and affection for those of Cuban decent for a long time.

    As health issues dragged on, they looked out for her lovingly.

    For you hater’s and doubter’s out there, check who’s tending to the home these days.

    • Al in SoCal

      Your post is worst than her statement – as if being affectionate of Cubans has anything at *ALL* to do with her opinion of Mexicans or Armenians! Almost as bad as “Some of my best friends are XXX” … tired & cliche.

      I’ll rewrite your badly written defense:
      “Unknown to many, Floran has always demonstrated great warmth and affection for all, no matter who, what color or race, for a long time.”

      That said, I believe she wasn’t trying to be racist – it just came off that way.

  9. Anonymous

    To have known Floran is to understand being American with out regard to race or ethnicity is exactly what she was saying, that was Floran and those of us who knew here know that to call this loving old woman a racist is not only cruel it is anything but the truth,.

    • semichorus

      There is no possible way that anyone in their right mind can extrapolate some “Kumbayah” message from that statement of hers.

      She was talking about how the Rancho area was the real Burbank because it’s not like those other parts of town with all the Mexicans and the Armenians. And I deeply suspect that this was NOT some kind of old-age statement. It was at one time (and may be still) the standard Burbank line from the “traditional population” that we always used to hear referenced as a big, local concern.

      So don’t insult my intelligence. I don’t think it’s enough to not name a bridge after her, but to embroider those words with such a false meaning is ridiculous.

  10. Anonymous

    Well there are in fact Armenian Americans and Mexican Americans in the Rancho and Floran knew many of them personally. So its nice to say that her statement was that there are none but the fact is that there are and have been for many years.

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