Remember the days when they used to flee FROM Burbank?

Now they race here for refuge.

A man was arrested Thursday afternoon on suspicion of stabbing his estranged wife in the face in North Hollywood and later crashing into three parked cars in Burbank, according to police…

After crashing his Dodge Durango into parked cars in the 3200 block of West Victory Boulevard in Burbank, the man fled on foot but was stopped and held by witnesses in the area, said Burbank Police Sgt. Claudio Losacco.

We’ve said it before: someday North Hollywood is going to be seen as the cooler, nicer, hipper community. Like another Eagle Rock. You can already see it happening.

Burbank will be the place where you go to shop for necessities.






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25 responses to “Remember the days when they used to flee FROM Burbank?

  1. Anonymous

    Just read Barbara Sykes passed.

  2. Tom

    The man was held by witneses ? Victory Blvd is a major street so where were the police ????

  3. Jerry

    Crime is on the rise in Burbank no matter what the mayor and city hall are trying to say yo cover it up we are all seeing it. Cars are going at freeway speeds through my neighborhood every day and city hall could give a F…

    • Pat

      You would need to be blind to miss the fact that Burbank is becoming a more dangerous place. Traffic is a disaster and the traffic lights are just backing up traffic which causes people to turn and speed through streets with homes. Who manages the traffic lights is there anyone looking at how badly they operate ?

  4. SSL

    Letter: Freedom of speech is first and foremost

    February 19, 2016, 12:44 PM

    Sharon Springer’s recent letter implied demand that the Burbank City Council members control, comment on or intimidate a speaker’s rights during or after the public section of City Council meetings is just plain wrong.

    We have all disagreed at some point with what people say. Words used, no matter how obnoxious, unpleasant or offensive, during public comment about any city agenda item or city business are to be allowed without edit or consequence. The 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states: “ Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech …” Mrs. Springer’s implied demand for verbal correctness which interferes with any person’s rights in Burbank is not to be tolerated.

    Glen Forsch


    • semichorus

      My impression is that she was just commenting about what jerks the Rancho people are.

      That bridge btw was never horse only– at least not until the council made it so last meeting. It was always intended to be a gateway into the park.

      For everyone.

      • Anonymous

        No she was talking directly about what Mr Nolan said. She quotes Nolan

      • 91506

        Miss Springer directly quoted and chastized Mik Nolan in her im better than you attitude lettee. No one from the Rancho said what she quoted it was Mr Nolan. I am so fed up with these speech police like Springer. Let people express themselves lady.

      • Anonymous 4

        My impression is/was that Springer has a need to show off what a stuck up im better than you person she is when in reality she is better than no one and more indecisive than most.

  5. TONI

    Sun Valley being called Burbank doesn’t help. Most of the criminals are from Sun Valley.

  6. Smart shopper

    When Walmart opens then people will begin shopping in Burbank for neccessities because they will be able to afford to buy them in Burbank.

  7. Burbank Douglas

    Downtown Burbank is filthy I stopped shopping there a while ago.

  8. Anonymous

    I can’t it’s what the video title said. But I don’t think he’s taking it for a ride.

  9. If you are not aware of the recent flight of Burbank Officers that all retired early because of shitty management. Early meaning they left years before they maxed out on their full retirement because the poor and lying management makes it a crappy place to work. They are short numbered in every department including patrol. They are force hiring on Sundays making officers work when they are too tired and burnt out. That is leading to more injuries and more workman comp. time off, thus leaving even more of a stress on the short number of patrol officers handling the many more service calls. It is only going to get worse until they get rid of the shitty and lying Chief, Deputy Chiefs.

    • Spike

      Questions ARE being raised about LaChasse having been here long enough to replace at least the Officers he fired.
      Add to that the retirements and all personnel are stretched.
      We need qualified people, now.
      How many laterals have been hired in last 12 months?
      Why not?

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