It’s Popery!



His devoutness is so highly evolved that he has to actually read from a statement that was written by others.



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20 responses to “It’s Popery!

  1. Anonymous 3

    I REALLY hope the Repubs nominate this guy.

  2. chad

    “A religious leader should not have the right to question another man’s religion or faith.”
    Someone actually wrote that.

  3. DixieFlyer

    Slow news day.

    One more example of media stooges “making” news.

    Other than anon 3, the rest of you could exercise some common sense.

    Eventually, you’ll learn the context of the Papal interview.

  4. Ted

    Chad I would think so to but a google search brought back this reply.

    Your search – who said “A religious leader should not have the right to question another man’s religion or faith.” – did not match any documents

    I have asked google many times where something that sounds like a quote came from and this is one of the few times I got a did not match any recods reply

  5. Anonymous

    Trump Supporter and Former Trump ‘Apprentice’ Omarosa …

  6. Shannon

    I am not sure why Couincilman Rogers who is oh so active being a pest on the internet never shares useful information like this but the Burbank Police have announced the following.

    SHOULD CALL “818-238-3000″

    With crime increasing at a drastic level now around Burbank I would suggest that we all upload the number and be prepared to call if something happens to us. None of us would ever know that dialing 911 just does not work in Burbank from a cell phone if we waited for the Mayor to announce it to us he seems to busy worried how long our showers take in his announcements to bother with this.

    • semichorus

      I think that’s true of cellphones everywhere.

    • Anonymous

      Even when you call direct they put you on hold. Then when they answer they give YOU the first degree before getting to the facts. I’ve been treated rudely by the BPD as the victim.

      • Anonymous

        I was actually hung up on when I dialed 911 from my home phone in Burbank.

      • semichorus

        Try going down there in person.

        I don’t know where they hire those women at the counter, but they’ve been a big problem for years. Council critics from the past once sought counseling and sensitivity training for them. Even McConkey chimed in about how horrible they were.

        And of course, no one listened.

        I had one woman down there a few years ago try to DENY servicing a release that had been issued 10 minutes earlier by the Glendale DMV concerning a car that should not have been impounded by one of their crazy meter maids (that insane one who has since retired).

        Her explanation was that,”They’re not supposed to do this.”

        After about 15 minutes of me threatening to go to the city manager for her breaking the law, she finally relented. It’s just hellish down there.

        • an Anonomous Burbanker

          Don’t ever just walk into that police station to report anything you are so correct Semichorus they are as rude to you as it gets. I made the mistake two times and swore I will never ever go into that building ever again/

          • semichorus

            The civilian employees in there all think they’re cops. They swagger around all day threatening people.

            Been this way for years. That’s why none of us were surprised about the police mess. And it’ll happen again.

            This all boils down to council inaction. They do nothing except lead the devotionals.

            Wouldn’t you love to see Rogers take on the BPD?

            Years ago he once ended a column wanting to know why every time he went out at night and saw a Burbank cop pulling someone over it was never a white person. Think he’d ever question them today?

        • Mike


          Of couse nobody listened because they never do which is what causes things to just get worse and worse. At this point the Burbank police are just plain useless but will the council do anything to correct it ? Doubtful.

  7. a Neighbor

    Have any of you driven down past and around Warner Brothers lately ? Why is there dust and dirt everywhere around the area from the trucks that are working on the Whole Foods ? As you drive your car gets filthy and you better roll up the windows because its like a dust storm and its been like that for days. I would really appreciate it if the Frutos and Telamonties would go buy a couple of brooms and start sweeping this mess up daily.. Who is suppose to clean up the mess they are making on the daily ? I think it should be the ones that voted for this big project in the first place so get busy Frutos and Tellamonties.

    • TLR

      Yes its a dust storm around the studios thanks to that nightmare called Talaria. Traffic is worse than ever due to construction already underway.

      • Edith

        As usual. the Uber children we pay to enforce conditions on projects similar to Talapia have trouble reading typed English in the field.
        I hope Mike Nolan gives them hell Tuesday nite for this mess.
        Last time we had trouble across Olive, Mike called in the Highway Patrol and they cited the dirt trucks under the Vehicle Code.
        Problem ended, that morning.
        Thanks Mike Nolan.

  8. Rod

    I am now watching my neighborhood to see when the next time a police car even bothers to patrol on it. I will let everyone know when, if ever I see one drive down my street. I am so ready to run an 8 foot wall across the front of my property to keep myself and my family safe. We never see a police car anymore at all so what are they all at a donut shop ?

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