Coloring book art



This is such a joke.

Not only isn’t it “art” at all, it’s not even being done by the students.

Edison Elementary students paint a ‘new heart’ on school wall

Students at Thomas Edison Elementary are nearly finished painting a mural on a 100-foot wall depicting children at play, exploring nature and enjoying the great outdoors.

The fourth-graders, who have been working on the mural for the last several weeks, have received artistic guidance by retired Los Angeles Unified teacher Helene Cob, a Burbank resident who was brought on to help create the mural by the school’s PTA.

Help create?

Cob painted the outlines of the mural and has worked with small groups of students as they painted, sometimes spontaneously adding flowers or other images…

The mural also features a nod to the school’s namesake, with a quote from Thomas Edison: “If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Especially if we were allowed to do them ourselves.

It’s not just the fact that this woman traced the damned designs that makes it all so fraudulent. The worst part is that there’s nothing in the entire theme and concept that real kids would ever come up with on their own.

Just look at the result. It’s slickster crap.

So why is this even being allowed? And why is the local paper cheering it on?

Remember years back when some of the schools were going down and painting murals on the side of the perimeter safety walls of the various construction sites around town? They were doing it all along Glenoaks.

Now those were real student efforts. Naturally, they were only allowed to do this because the results were considered temporary. After the plywood got torn down it was all over.

A couple months ago we wrote about this ridiculous institutional vetting process that people are currently going through in order to paint stuff on the BWP power boxes. We compared it to the true ad hoc efforts of 40 years ago and all those great Bicentennial fire hydrants.

Why is everything so god damn authoritarian now? The results always look it, too.

Imagine getting away with this now:


ca. August 1976, Burbank, California, USA --- Painted Fire Hydrant at America's Bicentennial --- Image by © Henry Diltz/Corbis

ca. August 1976, Burbank, California, USA — Painted Fire Hydrant at America’s Bicentennial — Image by © Henry Diltz/Corbis





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34 responses to “Coloring book art

  1. Anonymous

    This is another example of BUSD taking credit for something students supposedly create but in fact is the result of an adult volunteer’s concept/creation with student input as secondary.
    This sort of thing happened at Mckinley Elementary a few years ago when third grade students won a Scholastic Book Award for writing the story Two Dollars One Wallet.
    At Mckinley the parent conceived of the storyline, the style and the voice of the book…and then polished the writing and refined it to a much more mature level. The final product won the Scholastic Book prize,and by the way very little if any teacher input was added to the story as students were pulled out of the class without any teacher supervision.Students worked with the volunteer in the hallway away from the classroom.This is why the teacher is rarely mentioned in relationship to the Scholastic prize won.
    BUSD took credit for this as student accomplishment, but how much in the end was it student or volunteer effort that created the final winning product.We will never know now but at Edison lets make sure its completely student effort and creativity we see on the school wall and not adult work!

    • semichorus

      Sadly, this is quite common now. Kindergarten students “write” wonderful short stories and are then extolled as the next local Mozart. I see this all the time in Orange County schools, which are really nuts when it comes to student achievement contests and the like.

      Yes, it’s fraudulent.

      • Mary

        Yes and very common for some parents to do their students projects and homework also.

      • Anonymous

        Can we just please put in some more buddy benches the ones we have are filling up so fast that some people are feeling rejected due to no room for them on the buddy benches.

      • Anonymous in Burbank

        Here goes some original Burbank youth talent, he wrote a rap song about burbank

      • Faux Fuddy Luddy

        speaking of BUSD , they had on their website , front page, that they were NOT apart of this. Only after some parents called them out on Facebook, they qucikly changed it, and send emails out to every school , parent. HOW did they get it so wrong???
        the California Department of Education (CDE) is currently engaged in litigation with two non-profit associations comprised of parents and guardians of children with disabilities. The plaintiffs in that litigation have requested numerous documents, as well as student data collected and stored by the CDE, which may include personally identifiable student information. To comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), CDE has been ordered, among other things, to inform parents and students of the disclosure of such information. Parents may opt out by completing a Notice and Objection by April 1, 2016, to object to the disclosure of personally identifiable information related to their children. If you have questions, please contact the CDE directly at (916)319 – 0800. The form is available in the main office of the school and on the District’s website under “Morgan Hill Case.”

    • Irwin Fletcher

      The McKinley scholastic project was coordinated by a very dedicated parent who has been part of BUSD for many years, and the kids were involved in every aspect, especially the artwork and final assembly. Publishing a book is not the same as doing your kids homework diorama. I was not aware that teacher involvement was a requirement- but I assure you that the kids learned a lot from the experience.

  2. Carol

    Maybe they can all go sit on the buddy bench until an original idea comes into their minds or something. I think the buddy benches are a great time-out discipline tool.

  3. Tom

    I remember when they painted all the fire hydrants in 1976 to celebrate the nations 200 year aniversary. That was a freedom loving and patriotic Burbank back then how did things change so much in the wrong direction here ?

  4. chad

    Anyone who thinks this stops in grade school well…think again.

  5. Edwin

    Not surprised to look at the Burbank Leader on line webpage today to find this as the top story.

    Crime rates rise in Burbank in 2015, police data shows

    I am guessing that everyone here, like myself has noticed/heard that crime is going up in Burbank so the headline is NO REAL SURPRISE.

    So what is going on in Burbank Mayor Frutos and Vice Mayor Talamantes ? Do the two of you realize that with the two of you at the wheel things are sliding out of control ? Residents are less safe than they were when you two jumped into the drivers seat ?

    You have brought us all sorts of secret negotiations and you have made trips to the countries capital but you are neglecting the most basic things in Burbank, like the safety of the residents.

    I have spoken to people who have experienced personal assaults and attacks property damage and even traffic accidents who have told me they did not even bother to report it because its just not worth the effort. A few weeks ago a friend of mine was hit in an intersection by another car. Glass and car pieces were all over the intersection for days until they became grounded into the ground by the wheels of other vehicles. The police were called and my friend was told if no one was mortally injured the police would not respond and of course no one responded to clear traffic or clean up the mess in the street. In other words, as bad as the statistics seem they are half the story due to the fact that not everything that occurs is even in the statistics.

    To9 this resident its time to hold city hall responsible for the negative changes in Burbank. It is time for the mayor and vice mayor to start taking care of the most important things. Enough already with your pet projects lets put the safety of the residents first and your personal pet projects last.

    • semichorus

      I’m not sure if it’s so much the police, but rather, the fact that Burbank has actively encouraged the arrival of a tremendous number of low-class type businesses during these last 20 years or so.

      Face it, the Empire Center and (now) Downtown area are not exactly upscale. Forty or 50 movie theaters? Who goes to those now?

      Blame it on the Ovromites. Not so much the cops. Those chickens have finally come home to roost.

      • Gen T

        No downtown Burbank is vibrant and very walkable. The community gathers and enjoys art and nature. Look at all the residents stopping and signing a petition to ensure that the the old people don’t stop the vibrancy. Businesses don’t like the crowds enjoying themselves and they are anti art in downtown Burbank but their businesses are sad and empty without the arts. Burbank needs the arts to be vibrant and current its that simple.

      • 91505

        Im so sure the Fruitoes Talaria and Whike Foods will just do so much to correct the whole situation right ? Everytime we give away city owned land to the Cusamanos for a fire sale price things just seem to get so much better now don’t they.

      • Jan

        With netflex the amc theater will soon be another thing of the past. I never go there anymore at all.

    • Faux Fuddy Luddy

      Edwin, the ONLY reason the Leaderless, and to a lesser degree,Council, brought up the crime issue is that folks freaked out enough on Facebook and shamed Rogers, a member of that group, to mention something at the last meeting

    • Anonymous

      A couple of months ago, my car was hit two blocks from the police station. I was knocked out cold. I called the police to write a report and they refused to come out. I’m going back to boycotting them (BPD).

      • semichorus

        There was a reported injury and they refused to come?

        File a written complaint with the PD and then inform the council members in person of this.

  6. Sharon

    The children painting and being creative in public spaces is a wonderful thing for our community. These art pieces inspire feelings of love and make us a better more inclusive community. We have so much open canvas for expressions of art in Burbank. While we have begun painting artworks on the utility boxes it would be very inspirational if we next allowed urban art work on sidewalks and on city owned buildings like the police and fire headquarters city hall and the burbank water and power buildings. This would enhance the urban liveability and set our streets as gathering places for the public to enjoy.

  7. Reader

    Chad this mentality is even in colleges you are right

  8. Tag Crew2

    Let’s go with the art

  9. M.c,R.

    O think Mr Rogers needs a time out on the buddy bench for being a buly

  10. Gen T

    One more thing I want to say is horses, why does Burbank have horses and why does Burbank want to cling on to the 1800’s for ? Art and music should be everywhere in Burbank so get over the horses its not the 1800’s anymore.

  11. Anonymous

    Edison Elementary mural was approved by either the principal or the school Site Council which the principal sits on.The principal knew quite well how much input the students had relating to concept and design and exactly what the volunteers role was and extent of his/her input before the project began.
    All concerned parents have to do now is demand to know from the principal exactly what the students created and what the volunteer created on that wall..then we will know if it is really student achievement or paint by numbers.
    The problem is at the school sites the most active/vocal parents at any school are the same PTA parents/volunteer parents/and school site council members…a tight clique and more often then not their kids are the ones selected to participate in these special projects.They love any project their child can actively participate in so these types of projects are pushed through easily.Happens all the time!
    The Edison School mural ultimately is the principals responsibility…it was his/her judgement that approved the detailed plans and execution of it.
    The District should be blamed if it parades it as BUSD student achievement solely!

    • semichorus

      Their kids get to be involved more often eh?

      I know that Edison has always had a very strong and influential parent group. As does (did?) Bret Harte, and especially Roosevelt.

      • Eric

        Just maybe the principal should be questioned by the school district if the people didn’t even know about this art project until they saw it in the paper.

  12. chad

    Anon, I like your style.

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