A treadmill to oblivion



Exactly what’s the program on this now?

First they approve a basic plan for the terminal, and then they want us to give our “input.” First they’re going to vote its approval right before it goes on the ballot after all the details are worked out, and now they want to hold special “outreach” sessions beforehand.

All to do what for us? Agree to what they’ve already decided? There’s something terrifically ass-backwards about this current script.



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16 responses to “A treadmill to oblivion

  1. Cathy

    Mayor Footloose is the guy behind pushing the bigger airport for sure look at how all the mayors before him said without a curfew so people can sleep no bigger airport and mayor footloose just brings us a deal for a bigger airport with no curfew. Those of us who live near the T A L A R I A project already know what a traitor Mayor Footloose is. How about demanding a curfew before any deal or did you sell us all out with a plan to move out of town when it all gets built ?

  2. 91502

    Cathy ,
    Personally I feel that Councilman Fruits votes with and supports Miss Emily and crazy Rogers way to much. I won’t be voting for Fruits again that much I can promise everybody .

  3. Taxpayer

    Everything about that airport is done in secret deals and wheeling and dealing all in secret and Rogers insists everything is done in public so go figure and just what else is rogers hiding.

  4. Truth Sayer

    Fruitless is such a disappointment. He is in Coosumano’s pocket, now the airport, any other big projects out there who wants a high flying mayor’s support. His ego is so far over the top I can’t stand another 4 yrs. We’ve had enough of him. He and Rogers seem to have a contest to see who can be most arrogant. While Rogers is winning with resident insults, Fruitless voting record stinks.

    We need someone who will vote with Dr. Gordon. In case no one noticed, we need someone who will hire some new police officers to go fight crime. It is NOT safe in Burbank anymore. It is now dangerous to go downtown.

    Get rid of Fruitless for voting for Toolaria and the airport, and get someone who wants more cops protecting us. Next, get rid of Rogers!

  5. Charles

    The Lawyer (liar) is the one giving out the legal (or illegal) advice.
    The video proves our point.
    Why are we paying her?

    • Truth Sayer,

      It is amazing that as a police officer becomes mayor crime seems to spiral out of control in Burbank now doesn’t it ? I have discontinued going to the park and going for my walks because I no longer feel safe in Burbank. Mr Frutos is neglecting the important things because he is in love with his big projects and the man is the biggest cheerleader of the airport I have ever seen. Very sad

      • Truth Sayer

        We agree. He is nothing like he campaigned. Top priority seems to be getting a huge new airport and destroying Burbank’s reputation as being a good place to live.

        • Mark

          I have a friend who says he knows Frutos is super close go developers and will move near the beach when he leaves city hall because he will make traffic and parking so bad here that even he won’t stay around. I kinda think my friend is right. Watch Fruto support that Springer lady that ran last fime. Did you see her kookie letter in the Leader ? My friend says she and Fruto are like minded on most stuff.

          • semichorus

            Well, she wants to grant naming rights on some things, which sounds like a good idea at first, but in a place like Burbank would soon run wild (Cusumano Blvd. anyone?) But she’s Ok on some issues. Better than the developer crowd like Rizotti.

  6. Truth Sayer

    The voters need to vote first to tell the Council their preference about airport expansion. Voters cannot overturn a City Council vote unless there is a Referendum. State law is very clear about how to do that. It is very difficult and requires thousands of signatures in a very short time. Then there must be another election if the signatures meet the requirements.

    The city attorney is not representing Burbank, she has even written attorney client emails to the airport so she considers them to be her client. She should be fired. Are there 3 votes to do that? She reports to the City Council.

    • semichorus

      Yes, I’ll be writing about this soon, and I mentioned it before a couple of months ago.

      The Measure B public vote CANNOT overturn a previous council vote to approve a new terminal — which is apparently the plan they’ve got going. There’s no language for a reversal in the old ‘B’ ordinance.

      Which means that if it’s a “No” vote on Measure B, these same voters must then pass a SEPARATE vote that overturns the earlier council approval action. Either on the same ballot or during a separate reversal referendum later on. That’s the law.

      Otherwise the council approval sticks. Regardless of the Measure B turndown.

      So is this new script of theirs a legal trick? This council pre-approval of the terminal Plan before it goes to the voters “in November…”?

      Kind of seems like it, doesn’t it? Albano and all the airport boosters must think we’re stupid.

      Or, too poor to afford attorneys to fight them. Either way, how cynical.

  7. Truth Sayer

    There is an extremely short time period after a Council votes for a Referendum to be filed with all the required signatures.

    Maybe it’s time to contact the attorney general to get some understanding of how to write a referrendum and how many signatures are required because it takes thousands of signatures in a very short period of time.

    You can bet they are trying to mislead the voters and the Council vote will never be overturned. This won’t be the first time the Airport and the City have lied to the voters of Burbank.

  8. a business interest

    As a business person in Burbank I will make my comments on the anonymous side due to the fact that when one’s name gets out there it quickly becomes let the persecution begin. This is just how everyone is kept under control in Burbank by the powers that be.

    While I do not live in Burbank I do business in Burbank and my comments will come from that perspective.

    To begin with it is beyond my understanding why anyone would support the complete destruction of the Bob Hope Airport Terminal. It has enormous historic value and from my own experience I can say it is one of the best designed terminals in the entire country when it comes to quick and easy access. Do they not understand how many people actually chose it precisely due to its convenient design ? Now on the other hand it could use updates inside and it could use redesign inside yet as I walk through it frequently I see nothing that prevents a modern update of the interior of the building itself.

    On the other hand I have attended Burbank Chamber of Commerce events where airport as well as city officials are present. They attend with a determined attitude to spread the word and convince everyone of this great and pressing need for a new terminal building. I have personally heard your Burbank Mayor work a crowd with great excitement saying we must have a new terminal. It all leaves me wondering just why. The cost of interior remodel and upgrade would be so much less and these officials surely are aware of the already existing debt of our state and of our nation so why increase the debt for something that is really not needed.

    These are my thoughts on the Bob Hope Airport and let me say I am highly suspicious as to why there is such a rate to place the airport in deep debt when there is no apparent need or apparent source of revenue to repay the debt.

    • semichorus

      You make perfect sense, and most people I know agree. Especially people who live outside of Burbank.

      I can’t account for all the institutional support, except that it might be a form of group psychosis. Or arrogance. People get ideas inside them and won’t let them go.

      • Anonymous

        I am of the conviction that “the institutional support” is for the sole DOLLAR….i.e. if you build it they will come. A bigger airport means more commerce bottom line. Connecting the dots is easy on this one.

        • semichorus

          Or so they hope.

          Which also means that they want more flights. So the boosters have a problem here if they go around shooting their mouths off about why a new terminal is a good thing.

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