How many years ahead of their time were they? They look and act like every other girl in the Bronx now.




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  1. Mike

    What happened ? Early today I got a message that this site has been removed and now its back. I am happy it came back but what happened to it ? Did the city council, like Rogers decide he didn’t like it and try to get it removed ?

  2. chad

    Interesting indeed. Well Vanity and I are happy WordPress saw the light. BTW, ever see Vanity in John Frankenheimer’s 52 Pick-Up? Arguably one of the worst mainstream Hollywood movies ever made.

  3. Anonymous

    1st amendment? Not in Burbank! Did you see Russ Benson’s gloat tweet?

    • Dina

      WOW did somebody “take down” Ross Benson’s “gloat”????

    • Ron

      Semi 10 and no free speech Rogers 0. It’s semi to the world cup. These government types will go to no ends to stop open ideas so welcome back

      • semichorus

        I’m not sure who was behind it, really. It appeared to be some kind of serial effort, which always rings alarm bells to the service providers. They don’t take them seriously–

        • Dan

          I vote Rogers was behind it. That man is against peoples free speech. I think Rogers works with that Leader paper to obscure the real news and the truth. Read the Leader paper and then read this blog. There is more news here than there is in the paper. Just the truth.

    • semichorus

      No. I’d love to see it.

      • Anonymous

        It’s still up on the my burbank fb

        “Ashley Erikson likes this.”

        • semichorus

          Ashley used to list me on her Magnolia Park site under “My Friend’s Blogs.” Go figure. I hate to disappoint her, but I’m back.

          She used to be a nice person btw. Burbank will do that to you, especially when you start hanging around the local cop-fuckers.

          She probably also doesn’t like how I made fun of her a while back by pointing out that she NEVER finishes anything. For someone who’s supposed to be a big social media maven, she sure doesn’t keep her many online sites going strong for very long now, does she? Her Twitter account for instance faded away quite some time ago — at least the last time I looked it had.

          How do such things happen? How are they even possible when you’re such a local self-promoter who also makes such a BIG deal about mastering social media?

          Meanwhile, I never promote myself personally or get paid a dime for any of this. And yet, I plug away…

          Must be generational.

          So yeah, fuck you too Ashley. Btw, did you ever finally get married with those kids?

          • Eileen

            Booo on Ashley ! I guess Rizzotti had to cancel her Semichorus is gone celebration too. Hey Shellys stop semichorus facebook page kinda got forgotten just like Ashley forgot her page huh.

            • semichorus

              Ashley’s a trip.

              She really is a perfect example of a young person who definitely needs to get out of Burbank. Pronto! And then drop the ego down a bit.

              Yeah, the We Love Semichorus site still has that Lucky 13 number of fans. I think it went up by “1” last year.

      • Terry

        I want to see good ol Ross’s gloat did his buddy Sherwood tweet a gloat 2 ?

  4. Yes, we did tweet that something interesting had happened and what the message says. We have 11,000 followers and people are always asking us what is going on in the City. As I have said before and will continue to say – I stand behind what I say and I use my name in the good and bad times. In all honesty, there are some great points about this blog and some people should be able to post in secret because people in this City do go after people who speak up. I just don’t like when people insult each other of officials no matter how much you you disagree with them. You come from a position of power with truth and knowledge and name calling just brings you down to a level that people will dismiss. Glad your back.

    • semichorus

      Nothing wrong with you Tweeting about it — you made no judgement about it one way or another. I was commenting about Ashley. It’s odd to me that she was the first and only like. I think she needs to get away from her new Burbank friends.

      • Jon

        Maybe Emily took your blog site down and told them that its offensive to women. Didn’t she say that at a city council meeting a while back I thought I saw a video of her saying that right ?

        • semichorus

          I think she did. Not knowing or caring that the majority of the readership here is female.

          • Casandra

            BTW, when is the Lovely Miss Ashley going to share her “findings” from looking into the infamous Magnolia Park Poop Gate at Romancing?
            She might “like” to clear things up???
            Just asking.

            • semichorus

              She must not have gotten her new $2,000 computer yet. She apparently can’t do a thing without it.

              Her crowd-sourcing friends only raised $1,200.

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