Death Wish 2016

Btw, what’s missing in this photo?

Speaking of local libraries — as we often do — we had heard about this happening next door with the Brand, but didn’t believe it. Turns out it’s true.

FireShot Capture 63 - Brand Library


Any library administration that thinks it’s OK to have a ridiculously high limit of 100 allowable items for checkout is insane. Especially media items. They obviously neither respect the integrity of their Collection nor the concerns of those other patrons who might want to go into their local library and find what they’re looking for.

If you’re letting people grab 100 CDs at a time then there’s an excellent chance that many of your items won’t be there for othersThat’s why libraries always had reasonable circulation limits. That and the fact that the more items you let out, the more you have out there to get lost. 

Do these people have a suicide pact with the public? We’ve known for years that these local libraries stopped caring for their Collection quite some time ago. So what then do they care about?

The building?

What with her first official utterance our new Burbank librarian sounds like she’s much the same type. Scott’s new hire immediately denigrated the idea that libraries are primarily for books and materials.

What did she immediately start getting really excited about during her first interview with the PR people?

A new building.

Do people actually get anything done here? Like something real?

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11 responses to “Death Wish 2016

  1. Anonymous

    What’s wrong with the picture?

    • semichorus

      There’s plenty of room there for shelves of reference books and other materials. Besides the intellectual content, it would also make the space warmer and cozier.

      Instead, they tossed things out in order to make room for their new “restoration — which no one in charge wants to talk about btw. As a consequence, the room looks cold and forbidding. Is it now a museum up there?

      But of course nowadays the idea of lots of books at a library is considered to be “off-putting” to would be patrons. So they clear the shelves of half their content.

      For real– that’s how most library administrators think these days, and it’s completely nuts. Just irresponsible as hell. Worse, what they’re throwing out is public property, and acquired over the years at great expense.

  2. Irwin Fletcher

    That’s just the reading lounge side of the BV kids room. Lots of libraries have these. If you turned around, there are rows and rows of books- just in the kids section. But if you want to see a really great modern library- head on down to Santa Monica sometime.

    • Denny

      Is there some confusion over the Brand Library referred to in the Post?

      • semichorus

        No, I think he’s talking about that picture I have of B/V.

        The reason I posted it is because this is seen as the future of libraries. There may be books in that room, but soon these spaces won’t have them at all. It’s all about community centers now, and indoor entertainment malls with computers and plugs. And I think that’s wrong.

        I also think the idea of a tree growing out of the floor in the library is terrifically ironic. It’s an odd message they’re sending about literacy and civilization– a contradictory one, I think. And I’m sure they’re not even aware of it.

        • Carmen

          Wondering what Irwin thinks of the infamous Pink Heads?
          Only in Burbank, with special thanks to Jess-the-Less.

          • Irwin Fletcher

            At first, via the rendering, I thought they were strange- but seeing them in person, I kind of like them. I have a background in public art, so maybe I’m biased. Not sure why outdoor artwork means anything in this conversation though.

  3. TONI

    I am an avid reader and user for over 20 years. Lately I am constantly late. When I try to review they lock me out . When I try to reserve a book which I can pick up when I go to pay the fine, I am locked out. So now I go to Salvation Army, pay a $1 read the book, return the book as a donation and get a receipt for $3.

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