BUSD is trying to pawn off a senior graduation rate as “graduation rate”




This is such horseshit. Aided and abetted of course by a news media that’s gullible as hell:

In his ongoing push to see a 100% graduation rate, Burbank Unified School District Supt. Matt Hill has been tracking down last year’s dropouts and pushing them to complete their studies.

Not long after he was hired in July, he began personally calling students who did not graduate as part of the class of 2015.

In May, 95% of 1,239 high school seniors went on to earn their diplomas, but 62 did not.

Since then, 33 went on to complete their diplomas in summer school, while another five got them at Burbank Adult School.

Three more students graduated from Monterey High School, the district’s continuation campus.

It’s total crap to try to hype the idea that 95 percent of high school seniors in Burbank end up getting their diplomas. First of all, if they’re going to the Adult School during the year — and especially during the summer, which most of them end up doing — then they didn’t graduate on time. So big deal.

Worse, there is absolutely nothing meaningful about this supposedly august number. That’s because it does not represent the graduation rate of Burbank kids in general.

Why’s that? Simple. It’s because it discounts those students who dropped out during the intervening three or four years.

Or were thrown out. It’s like these old students never existed on the books. The district is just counting those seniors who manage to last out the whole year. Big deal again.

“I wanted to use the senior class to prove that 100% is attainable,” Hill said. “It is not a myth. It depends on that right moment, that right phone call, that right connection, but it can be done.”

One-hundred percent of what? Exactly what’s being attained? It’s just a number  — it’s not everyone.

This is the kind of PR nonsense that we see all over the place these days. Whether it’s 95 or 100, the percentage number being thrown around in the press means absolutely nothing about the state of K-12 education today– in Burbank or beyond.






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  1. chad

    Graduation vs. retention rate.

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