Btw, anyone else notice that Trump made a mortal mistake tonight in naming his two choices for Supreme Court justice? Two right-wing, anti-choice conservatives.

He has no chance of getting elected after this. If he gets in, abortion will be illegal.

He said it.




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  1. chad

    He demeaned the position of SC Justice.

    • semichorus

      I think so too.

      Scalia was a really arrogant guy, and I just love these old interviews they’re showing now on TV where he says stuff like, “That’s not necessarily how I feel about the case, it’s how I have to apply the Constitution…” Such as the “death penalty,” which he says he’s not necessarily for.

      Right. And these interviewers then NEVER ask him how he feels about the case. He’s so full of crap.

      The big thing going on right now is how the media is privileging right-wing talking points about Scalia vis a vis Abe Fortas in 1968– like there’s some big similarity to things, and thus a good rationale for rejecting an Obama pick.

      No way. Fortas was up for CHIEF Justice — a hugely different job. And because he was already an associate justice, promoting him into the top job would have meant that Johnson would get TWO picks, not just one. And LBJ only had six months to go in office, not almost a year like Obama.

      Fortas was also super left, which Obama would NEVER do. Especially right now.

      There’s no comparison at all between the two situations — and I also haven’t seen anyone on TV mention the two-picks LBJ situation with Fortas. Not even the lawyers.

  2. chad

    Scalia may be the first Justice to die in an election year in which the President and Senate are divided politically. In the Grand Ole’ tradition of mean-spiritedness, the Republicans will delay for over year. McConnell has already said so much. This will make the presidential campaigns real dicey.

    • semichorus

      It’s interesting. Because of an odd legal technicality involving the House, Obama has an opportunity to make a recess appointment this week and probably getting away with it.

      The Republicans have already gone on record as saying they are NOT going to confirm anyone this year. So, this gives Obama the perfect opening right now. They need someone on there as replacement, the GOP refuses to do their job, and so what other choice does he have?

      The Court would be in an interesting position on this if he did make a recess appointment and it was challenged by the Republicans. The President’s trying to help them, and recess appointments are still legal (though constrained now). The GOP refuses to ratify an appointment. So what other choice do THEY have but to allow it? It’s a 10-day recess.

      But Obama tries to play cool all the time, and so this will never happen. Instead, when he does make a choice later on, he’ll only end up being SUCCESSFULLY accused of last-minute “court packing” by both the GOP and mainstream media. It will be thought of as a black mark against him– and the upcoming Democratic candidate.

      You can see this whole thing coming up 5th Avenue, and it’s depressing as hell. Except for Hillary, the Democrats are no match for these GOP thugs and liars.

      • DixieFlyer

        Ahem, wasn’t that Hillary we heard barking as a DOG?

        She sure appeared to be enjoying herself.

        That smile conveyed quite a measure of pleasure.

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