The library as entertainment mall



Just as we figured. Subliteracy will indeed continue to reign supreme in Burbank.

The search for the head of the library department drew many strong candidates, outgoing City Manager Mark Scott said in a statement announcing Goldman’s selection last week.

“Elizabeth Goldman was the most impressive candidate among an outstanding field,” Scott said. “She is committed to the Burbank Public Library’s strong brand and will lead the team capably into the future.”

Goldman will oversee the Burbank system’s three branches and a $6.4 million budget.

She said the system is “just the right size for me,” and a place where she will be able to have a more hands-on approach than in a larger library. She sees Burbank as a community that supports its library, which was an important consideration for her, and as a distinct city with “a lot of potential.”

One area of potential that attracted her, she said, was the opportunity to look at how libraries will need to evolve to continue to meet the public’s need for information and civic engagement.

What stupid, reckless, technocratic agenda has she already been given? And who decided upon it?

In particular, the opportunity to guide plans for a new Burbank central library to serve the community’s changing needs for the next 50 years as the “library of the future.”

Most libraries, including Burbank’s, are designed around a model of storing books and providing quiet reading environments, she said, but modern libraries serve more diverse purposes, such as places for meetings and collaboration, access to technology and community-building.

Says who? You can go to Starbucks for that. What you can’t go to Starbucks for are books.

It’s been a “lifelong dream to rebuild a central library,” she said. Burbank officials have discussed the need for a new central library, but they face challenges such as finding an appropriate property and funding.

During a City Council discussion of its priorities in August, a few council members identified the new central library as an important project. However, Councilman David Gordon said, “even in our best wishes and dreams … it would be a while” before the project could be undertaken.

He’s right.

It’s even better than that — we don’t need a new central branch in Burbank. The old one has plenty of potential, and there’s also plenty of room in the front for expansion.

The property’s already there.

The quotations above also contain plenty of the kind of words that you should always watch out for. Here’s a short list:

civic engagement

Put ’em together in a sentence and you can get one of those six-figure bureaucratic jobs too.

Obviously we’re not impressed. Did we ever tell you how good the Burbank Library used to be? It was back when it made a specialty of keeping books around.







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2 responses to “The library as entertainment mall

  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like she was picked and left as the last curse of the old city manager that left

  2. chad

    Robust, transparent, inclusive…..

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