It’s just more proof that local people are easy to please

Can you imagine.

Porto’s Bakery and Cafe in Burbank topped Yelp’s list of the Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S., based on an analysis of “which places were the all-time most popular and well reviewed” on the user-review website, according to the company, which published the list online Wednesday.

The Glendale and Downey locations would also have ranked in the top 100, Yelp added in a footnote, though they are not listed separately. A company spokeswoman said they felt it would be best to list only the highest-ranked location in the chain.

Best for what? The truth? Because the other ones would bring it all down?

Sounds like Portos logic. That food’s not good for you anyway.

Don’t even try to make things better around here people. It ain’t worth it, and it’s too late anyway.





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10 responses to “It’s just more proof that local people are easy to please

  1. Anonymous

    Porto’s is crap. I live one block away and NEVER go there.

    • semichorus

      Well, I think it’s mediocre+. The prices aren’t bad.

      There used to be a much better Cuban bakery over on Glenoaks and Verdugo. Huge potato balls, great Midnite sandwiches.

      • Anonymous

        Cafe Mambo beats hell of Porto. The only reason people like it is cuz it’s so cheap–and it tastes like it.

        • Burbank Bill

          I agree about Mambo’s. Totally better than Portos and not the hassle of long lines. I used to live in NYC and when I moved out here was shocked at the lack of good bakeries. Portos is not one of them. All of Manhattan filled with them. Yet , on Sundays, the line at Portos is longer than one at Communion.. Lol.

  2. Anonymous

    Think you will enjoy this one Semichorus and readers. It seems Rizzotti is invading our schools with her ideas.

    The Animal Protectorates – TAPS with Emily Gabel-Luddy and 14 others.

    December 14, 2015 ·
    The Animal Protectorates co-founder Christy Schilling and TAPS volunteer, foster and pre-school teacher Jennifer Reynoso took the “Circle of Compassion” (a Humane Education curriculum module) to Edison Elementary School in Burbank, CA this afternoon. This meets the goal of TEACH in TAPS mission of Teach, Advocate, Protect and Support. Thank you for having us Edison! We hope this is the first of many opportunities to teach Humane Education in Burbank!

    • semichorus

      So they’re going to the White schools first. Figures.

      Has the board pre-approved this curriculum? They are required to first by state law. They’re not even allowed to use books that haven’t been already approved by the state textbook commission up north.

      I’d love to see a tape of this. I wonder if they start to cry.

      • a Mom

        Does make you wonder if the school board approved or even knows about the protectorate curriculum even exists yet alone if its being taught in a classroom. I bet no one told them so makes you wonder do they have any idea what’s going on in classrooms..

  3. chad

    “Circle of Compassion?” Sounds like something out of Dante. As for Porto’s, you are right Semi. It’s not good for you but I like it. I think the bakery is pretty good but I’d be dead in a year if I ate it regularly. If I’m going to die of stroke from eating too many baked goods, give me Martino’s.

  4. Anonymous

    circle of compassion ? do they sit it with a dog on the buddy benches or this ?

    • semichorus

      You know, it’s one thing for TAPS or whatever they call themselves to visit classrooms and talk about rescue animals.

      But when they talk about injecting a specific educational curriculum into the process, state law kicks in. No group can just do that.

      I remember years ago when I was at Emerson, it was a complete legal pain in the ass for the district to even allow undergraduate students from GCC to come in and lecture to the classrooms about geology. Bert Hagg had to clear it all first, as did the curriculum people on Magnolia, as did the school board. For this very reason it rarely happened.

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