In crankiness begins civilization

The new monasteries.



After Trump gets elected we’re going to need them.

By the way, is anyone else concerned about why that lame-duck city manager of ours was allowed to — as one of his last acts — hire the new city librarian? That renowned technocrat he was boasting about to MyBurbank, the one with a personal booklist on Goodreads that looks like it came out of the Young Adult section?

Like, did the Library Commission interview any of the job applicants, as they do in other cities? Were they allowed to be a part of the selection process?

Did the Council?

How about the Friends of the Library?





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2 responses to “In crankiness begins civilization

  1. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    Golonski is continuing his hatred of Gordon. He knows full well Gordon isnt on that Facebook group
    Dave Golonski
    7 hrs
    Another suggestion on combating increasing crime in Burbank – while this is a regional problem, restoring the airship’s schedule (reduced due to budget cuts) might help. The helicopter use to be up more often during daytime hours – provides a very visible law enforcement presence citywide… Also would be good to get as much press as possible if/when the old schedule could be restored – City Council would need to find some additional funding. Let’s see what they have to say – Will Rogers Jess Talamantes Emily Gabel-Luddy Bob Frutos – some please forward to David Gordon – apparently not a member of this group?

    • semichorus

      More than three two and they’re violating the Brown Act.

      I’ll write about this. Thanks for the tip– I can’t believe they’re this stupid.

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