Hillside protection ordinance is anything but

Interesting piece today in the Leader about the Joaquin Drive mansionization project that was approved by the Planning Board and then sent back by the Council. The one that looks like Uday and Qusay had a hand in the design.

The appellant finally had someone take his complaint seriously enough to do something about it, although if his petition had been made 20 years ago it would have cost the guy almost nothing. Council rule changes made in 1999-2000 sent the cost of these appeals from about 0 dollars to several hundred or more. Wonder why.**

The reason we didn’t write about this case is because it’s always the same old story up there. Most people don’t realize that projects above Sunset Canyon or Bel Aire or Kenneth Road or Scott Road (depending upon where you’re sitting) are not bound by the normal R-1 zoning protections. Instead, they fall under what used to be called the Hillside Protection Ordinance, now known as the Hillside Development Permit process.

Basically — and this boils it down a bit too excessively we know — any project in this geographical area is treated like a mini Planned Development. The normal R-1 rules don’t apply. There are rules of course, but most can be flexed and fitted as appropriate. And that’s where the disputes always lie.

In theory — and on some lots, in reality — you can even build a three-story house within this “protected” zone, something not allowed throughout the rest of Burbank. Try doing that on University or Grinnell and watch what happens. Where you’d think the zoning rules in a protected area would be more stringent than everywhere else, they’re not. That might have been why they eventually dropped the fancier name from most city usage.

Locked gates in Burbank? Guess where’s the only place you’ll find them.

By the way … anyone else ever noticed the two-lot house that sits over on Roselli between Kenneth and Sixth? It’s about half way up the block on the south side of the street.

How did that ever happen? Talk about being out of scale with the rest of the neighborhood.

(click to enlarge)


FireShot Capture 58 - 718 Roselli St - Google Maps_ - https___www.google.com_maps_@34.18


Look at that lonely little painted address. Two small 5,000 sq.ft. lots were bundled together into one.



** We’re being sarcastic of course. It was to make it an expensive pain in the ass to appeal the city development department cum developer.






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3 responses to “Hillside protection ordinance is anything but

  1. Anonymous

    Welcome to Burbank

  2. Burbank Person

    This addition should have never got by plan check. What the hell is going on at City Hall?

    • semichorus

      Gross favoritism to development.

      Been that way for years. These are ex-RDA people running things.

      What was Burbank called a few years ago? “The Best Place in California to do Business”? Something like that.

      They got a big award for it.

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