Attention, Burbank Leader: she won the case


Burbank Unified School District is criticized by former employee for sending wrong message to women

A former Burbank Unified School District employee, who alleged in a lawsuit that she was sexually harassed and retaliated against by a manager, publicly criticized the district’s handling of the decade-long case at last week’s school board meeting.

“Whether or not you believe me,” Danielle Baez told the board members, “the message that’s being sent to women in our community, to young women that are joining the work place for the very first time, is that if you are sexually harassed while working in a hostile work environment, the message you send while dragging somebody through a 10-year legal battle, is to shut up and go away.”

In 2007, Baez, who worked as a secretary, claimed in a legal filing that the then-facilities director, Craig Jellison, repeatedly made unwanted sexual advances, propositioned her, sent her suggestive emails and made physical advances toward her in his office.

She won the case.  Her “claims” were affirmed by a jury.

Who else is sending a wrong message?




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3 responses to “Attention, Burbank Leader: she won the case

  1. Anonymous

    Baez went through several trials and an appeal by the school board. Baez proved to a jury that here claims were not claims they were facts. This is the problem with the media in general, they falter badly in how they report news. It is not helpful to dismiss the fact that what was alleged and claimed is now proven fact unless of course your goal is to help the school board to live in denial.

    • semichorus

      It’s not just failure.

      It’s cocksucking bias. Whenever they write something critical of the political establishment, they get phone calls.

      I know this for a fact. A number of years ago I inspired a couple of anti-BPD articles in the Leader, and Amber Willard told me (during an interview on one) that the city was going ape over it, and had made phone calls downtown.

      The phone calls always involve slanders, too. “Let’s us tell you a little bit about these people…”

  2. Virgil

    What Next?
    The dirty dogs at the follower are now agreeing with semi.
    Smelling salts all around.
    Next thing will be semi DATING anon3.

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