FireShot Capture 59 - Donald Trump is not happy about this f_ - http___www.usatoday.com_story_news


Yes, they love him in New York.


daily news






February 10, 2016 · 1:03 pm

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  1. Anonymous

    and Madeleine Albright says there is a special place in hell for women who don’t vote for Hilary. Al little bit of left5 wing fundamental Christianism there Hilary ?

  2. Virgil

    So far, the Burbank Follower has not reached the depths of the New York Daily News.

  3. What to do ...

    This guy has an interesting opinion

  4. Anonymous

    The guy in the video is right Trump is not a life long politician. I love that fact about him.

  5. Anonymous

    So Semichorus is Hilary a progressive ? I would say no but she is working overtime trying to say that she is. Since you said Obama is no progressive and Hillary claims she will continue all Obama policies I’m guessing you would say no she is not a progressive.

  6. RINO Poacher

    This is funny …

    • semichorus

      I just saw that ad on TV, I love it.

      Naturally, the corporate media right now is going apeshit over it. “Isn’t this really an unfair low blow? And we don’t even know what Super Pac is putting it out there!”

      Assholes. These media people are all in the tank for Donald Trump. They’re all as cravenly ambitious and sleazy as he is. They identify with guys like him.

  7. TONI

    Heard today a street reporter asking two women (separately) what is socialism. One said it is social media and the other said it is socializing. I am still in shock!

  8. GO TRUMP!

    Dave Golonski – “If Trump wins, I’ll consider moving to another country out of shame (perhaps Canada)”. [Posted on FaceBook] GO TRUMP!

    • semichorus

      See, Dave’s not all bad– I might be joining him as well.

      I’m starting to practice my Spanish, just in case…

      I’ll be going South myself. The women are lots more fun.

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