Albano’s wrong on what constitutes a legal COI; and what’s going on with the Colony?

From tomorrow night’s agenda.

Sorry, it’s not this easy:


FireShot Capture 13 - - http___burbank.granicus.com_MetaViewer


Under California law, you don’t have to have a “financial interest in any of the real property affected” in order to have an improper conflict of interest on an agenda item. Just having your job possibly dependent upon the outcome of the decision (or your influence therein) would be COI enough. In both economic and common-law terms.

Where did this woman go to law school?

And what was the decision of these members about “IKEA Way” vis a vis that of their own employer? Did they correspond?

Burbank: where you can work for your employer and do their bidding while being on an official city board or commission. That’s exactly what Albano is saying is OK. As long as you don’t own their property then there’s no conflict (!)

What a stupid name change anyway.  It is perfectly Burbank though.

And speaking of state law, where has the Brown Act been on this item?


FireShot Capture 12 - City Council_ - http___burbank.granicus.com_GeneratedAgendaViewer.php


Exactly what’s going on there, and why wasn’t this decision ever made subject to an official noticing within the council minutes? They obviously already made a decision about the lease. That’s why the negotiations have begun.

Or is it a hidden subsidy to the Colony  instead?





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10 responses to “Albano’s wrong on what constitutes a legal COI; and what’s going on with the Colony?

  1. Edgar

    The Colony Theater never opens to a sold out house. It’s an elitist operation that many of us avoid.

    • semichorus

      I preferred the museum, which absolutely BEGGED the city for enough money to get a dinosaur exhibit in there to increase visitor-ship.

      But no. A couple of council members just HAD to have their theater. They wanted to bring Colony into Burbank.

      I also liked the Serendipity children’s theater over at Olive Rec. The same council (not staff) back then deliberately ran them out of business by forcing the group to suddenly pay an exorbitant amount of monthly rent. Staff in fact had been trying to protect Serendipity because they knew it was a good outfit.

  2. Chuck

    A guy I work with swears that he heard the city attorney got her law degree from the Sears catalog back when they had them for 7.95

  3. Denny

    Being a runt, she got in under the radar.

    • semichorus

      It makes you wonder what those council quiz sessions were like during the job interviews.

      She doesn’t seem to be able to answer the basic questions.

      But what’s the deal now with Rogers? During the campaign he was rightfully questioning her competence. Now he’s one of her biggest defenders?

      Her “analysis” about why it’s OK for a city board member to be an employee of an outfit that has an interest in a matter before them for judgment is one of the most stupid and RECKLESS things I’ve ever heard.

      • Y.T,

        What’s wrong with Rogers ? Semichorus the question is more like whats right with Rogers. Do you watch the council meetings on tv or the web ? Rogers bumbles, stumbles and shows again that he gets an A when it comes to being unaware of almost everything. He covers for his lack of knowledge with poor jokes and he attacks others with no substance at all. In short Rogers is a gigantic FAKE.

  4. Anyonymous

    Too much competition for Sears these days on online college degrees are being sold for just a few hundred dollars by real universities these days. Makes you wonder about some school people who are doctors now doesn’t it ?

  5. Anonymous

    As a ticket holder O received a letter telling me that the remainder of this season is canceled due to financial problems. Goodie goodie I could get some compensation for my tickets next season but my question is why did the city support this operation and allow them to pre-sell season tickets only to decline to do the shows we paid for ? It reminds me of why many of us avoid gym memberships, they close before your year long membership has been completed. I think the city should give us all refunds.

  6. Doug

    Sorry, any extra money just laying around has already been committed on the gas credit card of Scottie Boy for traveling to the Desert and back so many times.

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