Two weeks ago we complained that the Leader had been using the supercharged (and certainly quaint) term “transient” to describe a police incident at McCambridge Park.

The problem with this language is that it in effect makes an editorial judgement about the nature of the participants. The individuals may have even been from around here, or they’re at least here now.

There’s been a change.


FireShot Capture 54 - Homeless man to face trial for alleged_ - http___www.latimes.com_socal_burba


Now if only they would drop the word “gadfly” as a description for council critics. They apparently wrestled with this issue about 25 years ago, and for a while started using the term “council critic” instead. Then — for some reason never explained — they went back to the more demeaning term.

It is marginalizing, and rather insulting. It’s also not accurate. At least not in Burbank– as this last city manager discovered to his surprise. Burbank critics are effective.









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8 responses to “Good

    • semichorus

      I love this line:

      “With a minor in Sociology, she has always had a desire to help others but she became deeply involved in animal rescue after adopting her first dog, Rocco…”

      That crowd’s just so goofy, aren’t they? And of course full of themselves.

  1. Anonymous

    Word to TAPS: Stables ARE cages. It is time for City Council to take a long hard look at the backwards and cruel practice of keeping horses on single family home lots. The penned in backyard horses of the Rancho District deserve a better life.

    • semichorus

      I agree, yes. I’m going to start haranguing them about this. It’s well past time.

      Apparently this is a big deal now, nationwide. Like getting elephants out of zoos and circuses.

  2. Denny

    BTW, when did Jim Woodburn become an “activist”?

    Answer: When the follower reported his death.

  3. Burbank Bill

    The gadfly term no doubt Dan Evans doing. Thank G*d he took the Tribune buyout and is gone.

  4. Anonomous

    Rather Hitler like here, any one who disagrees with the status quo is called a name, yet when any voter calls out any official its a bully tactic right Mr Rogers ?

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