How did this block ever go R-4 anyway?



And when?


FireShot Capture 51 - City Council_ - http___burbank.granicus.com_GeneratedAgendaViewer.php


Not a big item on tonight’s agenda, and this kind of plan is predictable enough these days. A landlord up on Providencia across from Miller School wants to convert their building from apartments to condos, and so the council needs to officially allow the specific tract map to be redrawn before they can go ahead.

The sad thing about the request is that if granted — and it quickly will be — this condo conversion will end up removing more cheap rental stock from our town’s rapidly shrinking inventory of “affordable” housing.  Is that fact being addressed by staff? Will it be asked about tonight?

Who owns the property btw?

Interesting thing about that one block. Although everything else above Sixth Street is zoned R-3 multi-residential (which means very little now, considering all of the recent zone-change allowances for developers), Providencia near Miller is zoned R-4.

What this means — and it was an especially big deal in the old days — is that the original property owners were allowed to pack a lot more units onto their properties than R-3, and with less clearance in the front. They also used to be allowed to go much higher in building height.

So compared to Santa Anita and Verdugo right next door — or Cedar on the east — Providencia is packed with a higher density of residents as well as considerably larger buildings. Although nothing like what we have now in this modern age of Burbank R-4 and R-5.

The only other such Hillside anomaly that we know about is that “Kenoaks” lot on the corner of Kenneth and San Jose. It’s zoned R-4, while the rest of the neighborhood is solidly R-3. We also know that this oddity was the result of a council-approved rezone effort back in the early 80s. An outside developer rounded up all the old houses on that end of the block, got staff to agree on an R-4 zoning change to put in more units there, and the council members quickly signed off on the deal.

While that explains San Jose and Kenneth, what’s the story on Providencia? And btw, do you know who owns most of that side of the street?

Give us a ‘T’!  Give us an ‘A’!







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11 responses to “How did this block ever go R-4 anyway?

  1. Anonymous

    Jay Geisenheimer

    January 27 at 7:13am ·


    The Rancho filled the chambers standing room only at City Hall last night to fight an ordinance allowing bicycles on the Mariposa Bridge the only equestrian access to Griffith Park. 44 people stood up and spoke for hours. AND we won the vote was 5-0 against any and all bicycles on the bridge.

    1. There is no place like the unique and special equestrian lifestyle we have here in the Rancho.
    2. As a community there is no other neighborhood that can organize at a snap of a finger in one voice like the Rancho!!

    So proud and happy with the Rancho neighbors who emailed and stood up to be counted.

    • semichorus


      They’re over-privileged thugs who are also abusing their animals by penning them up in small backyards. Too small for horses.

      There’s no way they can get out of this, and so let their squealing begin.

      • Bike Righta

        You are right. Horses belong in wide open fields where they can run free. End the nature in captivity in the Rancho and let the bike riders have access to all areas so set the bikes free and and set the horses free.

        • Tim

          The council show is in TV. I’m eating a sub from subway and watching it. I wonder how funny it will be this week watching Rogers the ground hog try to be funny this week. Man they need to fire him and bring a real comedian on the show

          • Anonymous

            Tim–Subway is a disgusting corporate entity who shielded that millionaire pedophile scumbag spokesperson from prosecution for years. Please stop advertising them on the damn blog every week. And their sandwiches are GMO crap. Go to Santoro’s. Or Tony’s Italian II, or Monte Carlo, ferchrissakes.

  2. Eileen

    Watching what’s being said about this so called addition to this house. This is a castle and terrible. The council needs to day no to this castle.

  3. Anonymous

    The ground hog sure doesn’t say anything that’s important Yuck Ground hog Rogers

  4. Jan

    Who is this city employee standing there answering council members questions about this big house ? The man keeps answering I think I’m not sure etc. He should be told to sit down and that city manager should be told to put someone up there who knows what they are talking about..

    • DixieFlyer

      Thanks Jan.

      We witnessed one of the worst performances in a long time.

      Even Amypooh couldn’t save him, and didn’t bother.

      Raw exposure of the poor “talent” in Planning.

      “More training” could help, but basic smarts would help more.

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