Still covering for this crowd, eh?




It really is truly awful that our local movers-and-shakers are going out of their way to ignore the BUSD’s big legal defeat in the Danielle Baez case.

In case you don’t know — and but for this website you wouldn’t — her attorneys just had their $3.2 million judgment against the district re-affirmed by the courts. Along with a 7 percent surcharge for all of the many months that the old school board spent on harassing her and them through delay.

It wasn’t always this way.

Back when the BUSD was going around and talking tough all the time it seemed like they had no lack of apologists. The district’s slander and reprisal tactics had always been classic in their scope, and the threats and tough-talk against Baez and her attorneys were still being used to cap off whatever local news stories we had about the case.

But now that the outcome has once again gone her way– as the informed always knew it would — these same shills and promoters just slink away into that same old Burbank abyss of ignorance and self-satisfaction. No news is good news.

What a shit town we have. No wonder these things happen.

Giddyup. They’ll be back on that same trail in no time.



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4 responses to “Still covering for this crowd, eh?

  1. Karen

    The school board has a few trolls on it and Applebomb is the troll leader.

  2. RJ

    Smell bacon ? I do when I see the school poobahs. Bacon as i n pigs feeding at a bowl.

  3. TJ

    Like your picture of the five little pigs. Snort snort

  4. DixieFlyer

    Over TWO weeks late, the follower puts out a “story” about the Ass-kicking from the 2nd District Court of Appeal.

    Was the story chopped-up?

    What happened to the remarks at the School Board meeting?

    The piss-poor editors are making the reporters look bad

    No flavor. No essence.

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