Council now wants to allow the apartment streets to ban parking



It’s bad enough that — through a loosening of the restrictions by which permits are granted — our city council now wants to make it much easier for the selfish residents in our single family zones to ban all outside parking on their streets.

Because most of the neighborhoods off of Magnolia and Burbank Blvd are not overly affected by business-adjacent parking, there’s no real problem here. The old permit-granting rules in fact acknowledged this fact, because there was a high threshold that had to be met before any parking ban could be considered.

But apparently some business-adjacent residents don’t like the idea of “strangers” parking on their exclusive avenues, and so somehow they were able to prevail upon friendly council members to help change the rules in their favor. Just like this Mariposa Bridge stunt with the Rancho people.

Who knows how it happens. But after tomorrow night this revised language will now allow the imposition of parking bans on Burbank’s multi-residential streets.


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The problem with this is that such bans are onerous. Those streets are already crowded enough with residents, and so what difference does it make if some nearby customer or another happens to join in? How will people in the apartments ever have any visitors during the day? 

And only one permit per unit? That’s ridiculous. The residents of those streets can’t live with that. Their buildings are stuck with 1955 parking lots. You know how many roommates people have these days in those Burbank multi-residential zones? It’s an economic necessity in Southern California.

What planet is this again? More reason indeed why these city people are all being paid way too much. They’re detached from reality.

But what’s the city council’s excuse on this one? They’re supposed to be the adults up there.

There’s another problem with this change as well. Exactly who will be legally qualified to petition for such a permit ban? The tenants, or the property owners?

Burbank and its booster class really need to grow up here. If you want the kind of vital 21st-century city that you always go out of your way to promote to each other ad nauseam, you can’t then turn around and try to keep people from coming in and using it.

If you don’t want to remain a bedroom community then don’t make things difficult for your businesses and outside customers and visitors. You can’t have it both ways.






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2 responses to “Council now wants to allow the apartment streets to ban parking

  1. Burbanker

    the future of parking in Burbank

  2. Citizen Cane

    It is all about revenue for the city. The cost of the permits plus the revenue from enforcement. Quality of life takes a back seat to revenue. City Hall is becoming big brother creating an intrusive law that will impact people who have more than the allotted number of cars allowed.

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