How can anyone continue to respect these people?





Oh, so it’s the Burbank realtors who are being allowed to tell the rest of what the rules are.


“We thought we were safe,” said Jay Geisenheimer, a Rancho resident and Realtor who said she was at the December meeting and has touted Burbank’s horse-friendliness to prospective home buyers. “Who would have thought that that would mean walking or pushing a bike would be OK? Bicycles are dangerous to horses — this is a fact, period.”

No thought to the fact that maybe it’s the horses that are dangerous to both pedestrians and bike riders?

“Even the most well-trained [horse] can easily spook over things that seem, to us, innocuous: a stray plastic bag blowing in the breeze, the sound of a car horn,” wrote Deborah Valenta, in a Jan. 22 email to council members.

Then maybe we should reconsider allowing them in Burbank. They’re penned up at home in barbaric fashion, and then get easily spooked when allowed on the streets? Sounds like there’s a good and easy solution to this danger.

There’s no doubt that our city council members are being total and complete hypocrites now, especially in light of this informed statement from LA:

Patrick Joyce, a senior park ranger on the Los Angeles side of the river, said bicycles are allowed in Griffith Park and people walking or carrying bikes are considered pedestrians even on the bridle paths restricted for hikers and equestrians.

Joyce also said that bicycles and horse riders cross paths further down the river with few incidents at the Glendale Narrows, near DreamWorks. He said that plans to extend the Los Angeles River Bike Path further up the river toward the Mariposa Street Bridge means cyclists and equestrians will have to work out their differences.

“At some point, they’ll have to come to an agreement,” Joyce said.

What agreement? An agreement to give the Rancho crowd a complete and total victory about this bridge? He’s being way too nice about how our city council really operates.

And since when did Dragon Lady get into the business of making policy for Burbank? What the hell does she know about this issue?

The Burbank City Council had considered the possibility in December of restricting the bridge to horse riders and hikers only, but City Atty. Amy Albano said she was uncertain how the city would differentiate “hiker” from other pedestrians. Some council members said this week they were confused as to whether they could have banned bikes from the bridge.

This week, Albano said she was comfortable with the stronger restrictions, on the basis of the council’s findings that there were safety concerns and after visiting the 7-foot-wide bridge herself.

Ranger Amy on patrol, yes.

In the end, the council unanimously agreed to scrap the original ordinance and asked for a new one that would ban bikes altogether at the bridge.

“You cannot mix bicycles and horseback riders together,” said Mayor Bob Frutos.

Actually, you can’t mix horses and street traffic. So go fuck yourself, you hypocritical betrayer. Typical too of a guy who came out of cop management in his other life — it’s always about privilege and expedience with these types.  Usually White Privilege.

That’s how they get their jobs.

It’s not clear how the bike ban will be enforced. The amended ordinance will be reintroduced in a meeting set for Feb. 9. Until then, city code allows cyclists to walk, or pedal, their bikes across the bridge.

You can tell by this passage that Garland and the Leader think that what the city is doing here is bullshit. Typical small-town preferential politics being delivered to us by the typical crowd of small-minded expedients. You see it everywhere.

One ray of hope here is Rogers. What’s his explanation for why he changed his mind, and is he stuck with it? Or is he just sucking up to the Rancho crowd now. If so, how sad.










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23 responses to “How can anyone continue to respect these people?

  1. Biker

    I say everybody drive down to this bridge with their bike and stick the middle finger up at the horse riders and take over the bridge. We are tax payers using the bridge and no horses allowed anymore. Let’s take the bridge.

    • semichorus

      What I don’t understand is that since the bridge is only wide enough to be used one-way only, why is there even a safety issue here about these supposed crowds of people all passing each other?

      It’s obvious that the Rancho people are:

      a) Lying about the trails being illegal for bike riders to use (according to the LA ranger),

      b) Lying about the problems there (what prompted this ordinance in the first place if there were no documented police or safety incidents?),

      and so,

      c) They just want the bridge to be a private one for themselves. And think they’ve got the pull to do it.

      Easy solution: if the council makes the bridge one-way by regulation, all of these supposed traffic conflicts will disappear. Doesn’t matter though– because the NEXT thing these horse people will do is to try to restrict the trails.

      This is all about power and influence, not good public policy. Which is why I don’t think this planned ordinance change will survive a court challenge, especially for walking use to the Park. It’s a public bridge that has always been used by everyone, past practice wise.

      • Eileen

        If the bridge is one way how do the horses get back to their horse homes ?

        • semichorus

          One way at a time, at crossing.

          In other words, it’s narrow, and so they wait until the other is across so that they don’t have to pass each other while on the bridge.

          That’s why I’m not sure what the issue is with bikes v horses. I’m also curious how often a conflict ever occurs to begin with. Rogers apparently never saw any problems.

        • Anonymous 3

          The bridge is not one way. It is too narrow for two horses to pass in the middle. People need to take turns. Which makes you wonder why horses and bikers could not take turns.

    • Below is a YouTube link to a newly made documentary movie directed by German film director Alexander Gall about the Los Angeles River Bike Path, Naked Bike Ride LA, Burbank politics, and the long-simmering controversy between local bicyclists and horseback riders.
      It includes some beautiful aerial-drone video of the entire area, including a stunning fly-by of our world-famous Hollywood sign. If you like the film please share it with friends.

  2. Anonymous 3

    If you listen to these horse enthusiasts long enough you must come away with the conclusion that horses are dumb as a box of hammers.

    Which is a strong argument for banning them from public streets and pathways, for the safety of the rest of us tax payers.

    • semichorus

      Yeah, that’s the thing. Apparently they’re so unstable and depressed that we all have to be on guard.

      I think that’s reason enough to get them off our streets. Their backyard prisons obviously aren’t helping their problem — but possibly causing it.

      • Faux Fuddy Luddy

        The funny thing is , all those horse freaks kept saying how skittish and easily scared these beasts get. Yet,they had no problem promoting the fact that all those ” horse lanes” are on their streets. SO, the bikes are scary on a little bridge,but those cars roaring by arent? idiots

        • semichorus

          Yeah I know. If the horses are that unstable (no pun intended) then they obviously need to be kept off our streets.

          I have no problem with an equestrian part of town, just no home and backyard stabling. Not any more– it’s cruel.

      • DixieFlyer

        Oh, so much fun to see semi & anon3 singing the same tune.
        Just music for our ears!!!

        Too much reliance upon the “lone” ranger.
        Check the letter from the LA Rec & Park Dept.

        As for Will Rogers and his “lack” of observations.
        Why could that possibly be material.?

        In what Light Year did his observations or lack of same become useful for any purpose other than his own?

        I sure hope you, semi, aren’t being “buffaloed”.

    • carol derry

      and yet it is part of the neighborhood. Did you not understand this when you moved into it? There are lots of great homes above Glenoakes, or Verdugo you could move to.

  3. Anonymous

    Because that makes sense! Our council can’t make simple decisions.

  4. Anonymous

    Who enforces the LA side law breakers. It’s only crossing into Burbank you’ll get busted.

  5. Anonymous

    I have a three legged horse. Will he get special previleges?

  6. Anonymous

    Can I ride my rocking horse on the bridge or do I need to carry it across ?

  7. carol derry

    If you choose to live in the Rancho, isn’t it ‘ coming to the nuisance?’ There are horses, isn’t it a pre-existing permitted situation?

  8. carol derry

    I get that folks here are anti Rancho. My query is why you live here if, in fact, you do. We are a live and let live community. If you don’t want to be here, bless. If you do and you are unhappy, why do you live here? Inquiring minds want to know. We don’t judge. Please let us know why you are unhappy. We can address your concerns.

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