When tragedy turns to farce



All those war dead wasted.





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6 responses to “When tragedy turns to farce

  1. chad

    She’s more articulate than her father but that’s not saying much.

  2. Dan

    There is a difference between articulation and agreement or disagreement with the point. I get it done agree with Obama is no threat while others of us think it’s a very big threat and it’s time to get serious before people die. Sorry folks banning guns won’t end terrorism.

  3. chad

    Banning guns won’t end terrorism but it will certainly end a lot of senseless death and injury.

    • Dale

      Ban cars more people die in car accidents so get serious and ban cars

    • DixieFlyer

      So Terrorists continue to “do their thing” and law-abiding citizens have the option of calling 911?

      Aren’t you assuming that the Terrorist will be a bad shot?

      BTW, How many vacant positions are there at Burbank Police Department these days?

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