Here’s another reason why the BPD doesn’t want to be watched by cameras

Like they were this time:




Typical b.s. pretextual stop used as an excuse to engage in a nighttime fishing expedition. Classic Burbank police behavior. It’s been going on for years. Everyone who grew up here knows this well.

We can no longer rely on journalists to get at the truth. Cameras though would show what exactly happened here:

Police made a similar arrest after midnight on Sunday after stopping a pair of pedestrians for walking against a red hand at a crosswalk, according to Burbank Police Officer Karel Castro.

One of them – identified as 22-year-old Leif Frederikson – admitted to having a concealed firearm, which police found out was unregistered and loaded with high capacity magazines.

While Frederikson was being booked, officers reportedly found a small bag of suspected methamphetamine in his wallet.

Frederikson is due back in court next month.

Yeah, the guy admitted that he had a gun on him. Just like that. It had nothing to do with an illegal search of his person, which PDs in the United States cannot do in response to just a simple pedestrian violation.

Remember all those old news stories about equipment-violation pullovers that always ended up with the drivers somehow eagerly consenting to a full search of their vehicle? And then finding lots of drugs on board?

The BPD is a bit slicker about it now. Now they just dispense with that ridiculous lie and go right on with the rest of story.

On-board and personal cameras would show exactly what happens during these detentions. This of course is why the City of Burbank will never get them installed until they start losing cases in front of the kind of juries who will be demanding them as proof.

The outside experts know this, and that’s why they’ve been urging Burbank to make this big change in policy. Aside from Rogers, does our city council?

They vote it down every time.










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