Ode to Los Angeles

Somebody just found this:

A lovely testament to our next door neighbor. Think we’ll be moving there soon, it sounds so nice.

It’s wonderful to see that a possible future mayor of Burbank is going out of his way to promote some place else to spend your money, as well as not giving any geographical credit to his “home town” for being more than a bit Toluca Lake-ish.

Welcome to LA! Yes, Burbank can be something that you might want to go out of your way to ignore too.

We also hate to give this guy any more campaign advice, but moving a little closer to the microphone and dropping the middle name might be helpful.


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28 responses to “Ode to Los Angeles

  1. Carl

    I would advise a complete name change for the man. Maybe Al Jones or something like George Washington Smith.

  2. Orchard Drive

    I’m reminded of Go see Cal, Go see Cal. All he needs to do is ride an elephant down those Los Angeles Streets while he talks or shouts at us.

    Rizzotti the candidate supported for Burbank City Council by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. He will encourage their business to grow.

  3. Jay

    This is just plain weird. Why doesn’t he run for Los Angeles City Council instead of trying to promote Los Angeles in Burbank ?

  4. Burbanker

    Something tells me this is the Burbank Chamber of Commerce’s kind of guy. They will love the fact that he works to send Burbank business to Los Angeles After all it’s run by all the out of town developers that swoop in to destroy our town.

  5. Bow Wow

    Someone dislikes this blog

    • semichorus

      If that husband’s serious about running for city council then someone needs to start bringing in the professionals:

      There we go. He doesn’t have to go to LA to find him either.

      That woman is such an asshole. Not only does she exhibit a complete lack of self-awareness (bullying someone else for being a “bully”?) but she’s also completely full of shit. Her group was clearly picketing Peggy Woods in protest because that was the whole idea about them being there.

      She ain’t too bright, either, because now her husband’s supposed to work with these people after this performance?

      She also steals my material– the animal “protectorates” thing about re-writing the group’s definition of the term to fit her verbal absurdities (now the little critters are indeed “protectorates”). That thing above too, about Gordon not moving on from losing, comes directly from my earlier depiction of her as still trying to act the victim after getting everything that she and her out-of-town ilk had been demanding from the council.

    • Mark

      That sadistic blog ? Does she even understand the definition of the word sadistic ? Sorry lady but your gathering and your people being gathered was a public nuisance.

    • Tim

      Wow I so remember this lady on the council show. She was one of those temps that the Golonski mayor dude brought in to make everyone get all tense and upset. Wow Mrs Espinosa called her a but for being all disrespectful of people. She wasn’t my favorite on the council show cuz she was all mean and pushy.

  6. Bow Wow

    Oh silly you this was just a celebration. Hey could we have a celebration like this at the first Rizzotti for council dinner ? We promise not to use wood on our signs.

    • semichorus


      Love too how she uses the word “protesting” when she said later on that that’s not what it was.

      BTW– I’ll ask it again. Burbank’s a kill shelter. But no comment on this from the Protectorates?

      They go after the two Jews instead?

      • 91506

        She does say in the one video that it wasn’t a protest but in the video in front of the pet store she says protest. Face it the truth has no bearing with this woman what-so-ever and it does look like she just chose to target a jewish families business with the intent to hurt their business. Shame on the people who joined in doing that at her protest.

      • Anonymous 4

        What’s really bad is that the majority of our council people went along with this hate group.

      • Gary

        Because its easier to attack the Jews than it is to attack your city hall friends who kill dogs Semichorus. Peggy Woods was the target to put them out of business and it was never about protecting dogs from death.

  7. 91505

    Here’s a little indication from a news story in 2005 that just may tell us how the Rizzotti’s want to make over Burbank

    • semichorus

      Wow. Get this:

      “They thought Burbank was Podunkville,” Shelley Rizzotti said. “Now it’s getting a little trendy.”

      Burbank is far from a media mogul hangout. But Rizzotti said the proximity to entertainment companies, coupled with the new retail attractions, is making a difference — especially in some of Burbank’s wealthier areas.

      “They can say they live in Toluca Lake, not Burbank,” she said with a laugh, referring to the upscale neighborhood where Bob Hope and Bing Crosby once lived.

      That of course is why they ignored “Burbank” in their selling of Toluca Lake. It’s too Podunkville for some people– bad, bad for business.

      But not everyone is pleased with the makeover, especially longtime residents who complain that Burbank’s small-town atmosphere is vanishing before their eyes.

      “This city is not what I moved here for,” said lawyer Phil Berlin, a community activist and 24-year resident. “It’s contrary to the single-family nature that has been Burbank and should be Burbank in the future.”

      Sadly, Phil and Carolyn Berlin moved down South a few years ago. But the struggle continues.

      I also love the husband’s sense of local history:

      Burbank used to be a little boring,” said Rizzotti, who grew up in town. “When I was a kid in high school, we had to go out of the city to North Hollywood or Westwood to see a movie. We didn’t get a movie theater until about ’86 or ’87.

      I was never bored here. And this movie theater numbskullness of his — jesus christ. Does no one know anything any more? Burbank was once the home of countless movie previews. When i was growing up here we had three very active movie theaters– the Cornell, the Magnolia, and the Pickwick.

      No, four. I forgot the San Val. So nobody suffered.

      • Reese Place

        Rizzotti is really the Burbank booster now isn’t he ? So is he running to further damage Burbank by forcing his idea of “trendy” on us all ?

  8. Bow Wow

    So inspiring and soooo scary

  9. Bill D.

    “They can say they live in Toluca Lake, not Burbank,” she said with a laugh, referring to the upscale neighborhood where Bob Hope and Bing Crosby once lived.”

    I get the idea that the Rizzotti’s don’t even like Burbank and have nothing but dislike for our residents and our residential neighborhoods.

    This is not the type of representation we need at our city hall.

  10. Anonymous

    “They thought Burbank was Podunkville,” Shelley Rizzotti said. “Now it’s getting a little trendy.” Sorry Rizzotti people but if you wanted to live in Beverly Hills maybe you should have chosen to buy there. Talk about complete snots these people really are.

    • MJ

      This Shelley is one nasty individual with no people skills. I happen to like Burbank as a small town and if she doesn’t I suggest she move where she can find happiness.

  11. chad

    Here’s where the B.S. really gets thick when I get pleas to become a member of the Greater Toluca Lake Homeowners Association. When I ask these fine folks if I live in Toluca Lake, Burbank everyone, especially real estate agents, stumble all over themselves trying to answer. “Well you have to be careful because Toluca Lake is defined as south of Riverside, west of Clybourne, east of Cahuenga, blah, blah,…” Go to a town meeting with Tom LaBonge sometime and ask him if you live in Toluca Lake, Burbank. They really are as fake as they sound. And…….to say that there are renovated estate homes? The trend these days is to knock down the existing structures and build a friggin’ mcmansion.

    • semichorus

      Actually, part of Toluca Lake is in Burbank. Toluca Lake has always been considered to be part LA, part Burbank. The lake itself is in LA. Now even west of Cahuenga is considered TL. And there’s always Toluca Lake Woods– which is like calling Victory Blvd. Sherman Oaks, which some people are.

      Yeah, these “estate homes” are anything but– I’m not even sure what that means.

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