Protectorate us

Yikes. From MyBurbank:

Lifelong Burbank Resident Chris Rizzotti has announced his attention to run for the Burbank City Council. The primary election, to be held early in 2015, will see candidates vie for two open seats.

Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy and Councilman Gary Bric will both be up for re-election, with neither having made an official announcement about their intent to run again.

Here is the Rizzotti announcement, along with information that he included:

It is with great excitement I announce that I will be a candidate in the next election for Burbank City Council. I have lived in the City of Burbank my entire life and built a strong business in this city that I love. With a strong desire to serve, as I now do on the Planning Board, I would consider it an honor to represent the citizens of Burbank as a City Councilmember. Nobody will work longer or harder than me to insure that our City remains the standard that other Cities aspire to.

I will lead with emphasis on positive involvement between our citizens, our elected and our City staff. Working together, with all being vested, will have the highest and greatest impact on the whole.

Vested? Whole?

What does that mean? It sounds like it came from the same place as those sustainability sermons. These kind of announcements always inspire the poetry in people.


Speaking of muddled messages, here’s their new motto:




OK, we will. Cheers!




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24 responses to “Protectorate us

  1. Teri

    Working together, with all being vested, will have the highest and greatest impact on the whole.

    Well isn’t that special ? No one in their right mind knows what it means so it tells me he is yet another know nothing that wants to be waving at the little people from his city council throne.

    We all heard opf the Mancurian candidate this is the protectorate candidate and just imagine if the guy ever became mayor the zebra lady would be first lady of Burbank. NO THANK YOU !

    • Yo

      People that are unable, or unwilling to speak regular English should never be trusted. Reading this statement I feel it reeks with a hidden agenda and hidden agendas never end up playing well for the little people. He worked hard alright to ban puppies in Burbank but when it came to doing anything that helped people he was absent. Go away Rizzotti.

      • TLR

        Does Mr Rizoti have the endorsement of Mr Nolan or of Mr Golonski. If he has the endorsement of Mr Nolan I will consider him.

  2. 91506

    He would fit in great with Luddy and Tellamoron with waxing phrases like this one. However we don’t need more brain dead, self inflated individuals sitting in pompus mode on the city council. This guy is part of the hoof and walk and the protectorates and those people are unreasonable as it gets and hey whens the last time they ever tried to protect any Burbank neighborhood from anything ? I’m gonna let him put a sign in my yard so I can pull it up and throw it away.

  3. Norm

    Well even worse is this statement in that lousy press release “Nobody will work longer or harder than me to insure that our City remains the standard that other Cities aspire to.” Just what is it that other cities aspire to be and who the hell cares. I care about Burbank being Burbank PERIOD. Some cities aspire to be bastions of insanity and good for them but don’t bring that crap here to Burbank. Evereything about this press release is like a danger sign to me.

  4. Bow Wow

    and here he is, in living color ………………………

  5. Bow Wow

    Jusxt maybe Mr Rizzotti will congratulate our great and wonderful city attorney …. wasn’t he part of the we love Golonski crowd ?

  6. Sue

    Is this man the brother of Zebra collar lady ? I think the zebra collar would look better on him.

  7. Anonymous

    Isn’t it a little early for this?

    • Anonymous 4

      Evil doesn’t hesitate to come early. Does this mean he gets more months to force us to listen to his drooling everyplace ? What a joy it will be to slam the door on him if he knocks. I might just say go away protectorates.

  8. Tom

    Oh look who wants to be the new Dave Golonski … it’s Christopher Rizzotti. Go back in your cave the ground hog predicted more weeks of winter sir.

  9. Anonymous

    With a strong desire to serve, as I now do on the Planning Board

    If I were on that planning board I sure wouldn’t addmit it. Take ikea alone they saw nothing wrong with giving away a million dollars

    • Also Disgusted

      Mr Rizzotti should be mindful that his membership in the protectorates let’s us know that he is closed minded and agenda driven.

  10. Larry

    My bet is that this guy is running on the protectorate ticket. He wants to pass all kind of crazy dogs rights laws. No way on this guy in my book.

  11. Anonymous

    sleazy filthy little rat . . .

  12. Anonymous

    The candidate of developer give aways and over development.

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