Gordon wants to talk about the Talaria project, not the “consultants”

Even though EGL is trying to shut Dr Gordon up tonight about too much Talaria talk, it’s perfectly relevant for him to be asking questions about the project. The council is being asked to approve a traffic study (subcontracted, interestingly enough, by Rincon, which we can’t see was mentioned anywhere in the staff report) and so what it’s for is perfectly ok to ponder.

Gordon made a funny point, too– that we’re being asked to ok a project (tenatively, sort of, or at least the traffic study) based upon an “exceptional project” exception to Burbank2035 that hasn’t even been formulated yet via an ordinance! The Cusumanos want more density, and are seeking it under this “exceptional” exception, and yet we don’t even know what those exceptional criteria will be.

Also, Talaria wants to be ok’d as a Planned Development, which trumps everything local– the Code, Burbank2035, or whatever the neighbors want. Under a PD, an outside developer could seek to build a starship spaceport in town and it could get approved. PDs create a world of their own under their own rules.

So whether or not we have a “Burbank2035” makes no difference. The rule book basically gets thrown out with PDs. — and that’s why it is so important to scrutinize them before they go on the books.

EGL was sure intent on NOT wanting to talk too much about Talara tonight, wasn’t she?



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25 responses to “Gordon wants to talk about the Talaria project, not the “consultants”

  1. Anonymous

    Mayor Muddy should get it right it’s the Talapia project and it’s too big. Cut off those apartments and just put the Whole Foods market Muddy.

  2. Tim

    Gordon is solo right about taking better care of the trees everyplace in Burbank because the trees don’t just need to be trimmed lots of them are dead. What is a tree bounty anyway ? Give me the 25 thousand dollars and I will take trees hostage and charge a bounty. Sheesh how stupid is a tree bounty anyway.

  3. Jim

    Did Mz Espinosa say she is selling her house tonight ? Maybe she should sell her house to the city and it could become the mayor of Burbanks house. Every mayor should be required to live there while they are mayor. It would be a great fit for Mayor Fuddie.

  4. Tim

    Did everybody hear Dr Gordon ask about 700 thousand dollars for more bike lanes on Verdugo ?? WTF why more bike lanes and how could a bike lane cost almost a million dollars. Why did only Dr Gordon say he doesn’t support that ??? Wake up council peoples stop wasting money on dumb stuff.

    • semichorus

      Gee, when we were kids I’m amazed we were ever able to get by without a bike lane. How did we ever do it?

      Words of advice to Burbank: you’re not a bike town. Never have been. There’s too many hills on the Hillside, and too much traffic in the Flatlands.

      Kids have never ridden bikes here. It’s even more unheard of now for kids to ride a bike to school these days.

      • Reese Place

        Semichorus, when we were kids we were not made to be scared of everything and we were not over weight and lazy. We had chores, we ran around and we explored and learned about life. Today parents have made their kids lazy by over pampering them. Why do you think we hear things like how can my kid walk to school without a sidewalk or how can my kid ride a bike without a bike lane ? Parents don’t understand how they are harming their kids with this sissy attitude.

        • semichorus

          When I was a kid in Burbank it was unheard of to get driven to school. Or especially home.

          Nowadays parents wait in line with their cars so that they can give their kids curbside service. This really does rob them of some important ‘alone time’ or friend/camaraderie moments walking to and from school.

          Of course, now the kids would be staring at their cellphones all the way and would walk onto a storm drain so we’d never see them again. Maybe they need chauffeurs.

  5. Rancho Resident

    Emily Luddy was very vocal when it came to her opposition to a Whole Foods here in the rancho. Her concern was the traffic it would cause. Now that Whole Foods is planned outside the Rancho and in someone else neighborhood its no questions are to be asked because Emily feels anyplace except the rancho is A OK. Emily is a snob and believes that only the Rancho is worthy of protection because she lives there.

    • semichorus

      Ah, but now it’s a Cusumano project. With Dave G. gone they’ve been cultivating supporters.

      There’s big money behind this new one. Expensive architects and consultants. I’m also wondering who the PR people are, and how much they are going to be spending on Opposition Research. More on that later.

      • Anonymous

        Right on Semi, indeed this project is a BIG favorite, only because of the Cusamano name attached to it. The folks where this mega structure is being proposed should be jumping up and down. Let’s see how far they get and if they are able to succeed like the Rancho folks. It’s all about the all mighty dollar and who you know!

  6. Nancy

    This Mrs Forbes is not the least bit impressive. Again council is asking her questions about her budget items and she knows nothing what so ever. How did she get such a high level position and pay when she is never able to answer any questions.

  7. Burbanker

    Why is Luddy berating Gordon again ? Miss perfect needs to back off and listen. If Miss perfect had listened to Gordon in the past she would not have made mistakes. Good for Frutos for standing up against Miss Luddy. However Frutos pulled an absolute Brick by not standing by his point. Why would you vote to authorize money to be spent on something he didn’t agree with. Frutos just plain blew it and authorized money for more bike lanes and joined the nitwits.

    • Anonymous

      It’s obvious that Frutos wants bike lanes because he votes for money to put them on the streets. I just don’t understand how anybody could fall for the prices the city pays to paint a white line. If a bike lane costs 3/4 of a million dollars imagine what a cross walk and and painting the words STOP in the street at a stop sign. Painting STOP must cost a million bucks I guess. Somebody is sure getting rich off these bike lanes.

  8. TLR

    OK I’m sorry but this veterans housing program sounds fishy as hell.

  9. Anonymous

    This Judith Arandez woman is sketchy. No wonder Mayor Tubby has trust and confidence in her.

  10. BurbankBuddy

    Wow. I just looked at the agenda forecast. The Council is only meeting TWICE in September. Unreal, they just took FOUR WEEKS OFF.. Get to work people!!

    • HF

      if they meet two Tuesday nights in a row they will be utterly exhausted and ready for a vacation. What a great job the council has, work one night and take two weeks off. Before long just thinking about a meeting will wear them out.

  11. Kyle

    This Irma lady is funny telling Brick that he commits fraud saying his bar is in Burbank. I love it. That dive bar is in Sun Valley.

  12. Tim

    I am still checking my porch everyday to see if Bricks left me a bottle of wine. That rat didn’t give me one yet.

    • Gary

      Don’t hold your breathe there Tim. Unless your a sexy girl I don’t think Brick will be dropping off gifts to gain favor.

  13. Bill

    Gary BRIC is 110% making a fool out of himself saying Mrs Loose questioned his integrity. The lady is right BRIC has advertised and told people his bar is in Burbank. BRIC has lied about his bar being in Burbank for years so if anyone hurt Bric’s integrity it was BRIC.

  14. Tim

    I hate it when luggage tries to sound smart and starts explaining things Sheesh she sounds so insulting with her attitude. First episode of the new season was a dud.

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