Everything but the kitchen sink


Although not technically a complete “clearing” necessarily, this now-public document (after Tuesday night) shows that the behind-the-scenes legal effort on the part of the old management team to get these three guys on something (anything!) didn’t work this time. At least not outside of Burbank.





We’re wondering how the other charges are working their way through the system, and if the results will be the same. It’s too bad the City of Burbank refused to use the same rules of evidence as the County. Those guys might still have a job.

Which makes you wonder why they really don’t any more.

Click to enlarge.



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9 responses to “Everything but the kitchen sink

  1. DixieFlyer

    As the Election draws closer and closer wasn’t it fun to read and notice how much space the follower dedicated to “worldly milestones” occurring over 20 years rather than the deterioration of so much of what evidenced BURBANK.

    When will they print a Chronology of Events in a similar manner & fashion depicting the “Police Mess”?

    Of course…..AFTER the Election!!!

    Remember the debacle over “Open Access” pushed by Golonski because the rest of us had our “heads buried in the sand”?

    Special Contracts for “discounted” electricity for others but NOT residents?

    Waived Utility User’s Taxes for a select few?

    The follower mentions “conspiracy theories” but never reported the actual City Council Resolution of Support for United Nations Agenda 21??

    Thank You semi for printing Public Documents that the follower either can’t understand, can’t get “permission” to print or is too confused editorially to get their “act together”.

    It’s past the time for the follower to REPORT some of the Police Mess information out of simple Civic Duty.

    The theft of two campaign signs generated their interest……and hopefully won’t cost taxpayers over $7.1 Million??!!??

  2. Eagle One

    Wait we were told by Council Person Reinke, Council Person Bric and Council Person that the whole police disaster started with Portos and that Rodriguez did it all. Could it be these esteemed Council Persons were this badly uninformed ? Me thinks they LIED to all of us and cost us millions of dollars. Where is the esteemed police chief Tim Stehr and that city manager Mary Alvord when the truth comes out ? Me thinks they are off colecting large pensions and causing that unfunded liiabiility that Golonski keeps talking about.

    • Shelly

      Quite a load you dropped on golonskipooh, Eagle.
      Great targeting and steady hand on collateral damage.
      Return to Base.
      Well Done.

  3. chad

    My question is which ones are the Droogs.

  4. I thought these officers were involved in the Portos case and that is why they were fired. Is there more than one case?

  5. Bob

    Little by little the truth comes out and the castle upon the hill crumbles a bit more. I wonder how much more will BPD reveal or will it be a document shredding party in order to protect the REAL guilty bunch at BPD..Like I said before follow the money…7.1million and counting…..

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