A Missing Voice

The last few meetings have reminded us about why these council critics are some of our favorite people. There’s really nothing like Burbank when it comes to a strong sense of community activism and outspokenness. It must be our heavy organized labor background or something.

One of our favorites though is no longer with us. Many people don’t know that Eden Rosen died last May after a very short illness, one that was diagnosed in late February.

Eden was a great person. A real jewel. She first came to our attention because of her visits to the council about a whole number of elder-care issues. During the dark days of the early ‘oughts’ she was often the only one down there who would talk about anything but the Airport. She was kind of ahead of her time on the elderly, too, as the graying of America hadn’t quite begun back then.

She then moved onto other issues of note, always imploring the council members and Burbank in general to do the right thing. She used to send us great letters here too that were full of wit and style. She was one of our most loyal readers and kept track of every formatting oddity that would crop up.

We don’t know if you can use the word mensch to describe a woman, but Eden would fit the description if you can. We were getting a little worried a few months ago when we hadn’t heard anything from her in a while, and then not too long ago got the sad news as to why.

Here’s a great interview with her. And her impressive resume.

Her guest book’s right here.



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11 responses to “A Missing Voice

  1. Anonymous

    Did not know, she was a true Burbank Gadfly for sure and proud to wear the name. I always enjoyed shooting the agenda behind City Hall with her. I’m very sorry I missed her passing.

  2. SingleBurbankPoliceWoman

    Sorry to hear this, only the good go young.

  3. Earth Person stranded in Burbank

    Recently I learned of Eden’s passing and am glad to see this written by you, Semi. Eden was an informed and educated advocate for seniors, the disabled and understood the needs of elders particularly after having cared for her father through his final years. She was a true champion for those who could not speak for themselves. I had the pleasure of speaking with her a few times and she was a truly good human being. She will be missed.

    • semichorus

      She had a particularly tough time of it the last year as well. Not just medically. She had to move from her longtime apartment and she needed a job. A triple whammy.

      Eden was the first ever to speak about what are now the very common issues of elder-care and middle-age unemployment. Everyone talks about it now, but few did 12 years ago. She was ahead of her time.

  4. Jerry

    Sorry to hear about Mz Rosen I do remember her always speaking out in support of senior citizens. I will go to bed tonight feeling sure that Mz Rosen went to Heaven while people like Golonski and Barlow along with lots of other players at city hall will go straight to hell someday when they die. I also think no one will have fond memories when Golonski dies and certainly all the people whoes lives were ruined by him will have any fond memories of him at all.

  5. BUrbank Resident

    Sorry to hear about Eden. Does anyone know where Esther Espinosa has been lately I hope she is doing ok but I have not seen her on council meetings for awhile.

  6. Eden was a passionate and dedicate activist who cared deeply about the Burbank community and its residents — especially seniors.
    Yes, her voice will be greatly missed.

  7. Anonymous

    I believe I recall even Rosen speaking at council before about being mistreated by the Burbank Police back when she was caring for her father.

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