John Dilibert, local schmuck

Leave it to the Burbank School Board to pick as their new colleague a top cop from a long-conflicted police department rather than a supposedly gay guy from the local community. And right after knuckling under to obvious anti-gay sentiment. The cop already had a shot on the same school board six years ago too, where he showed no distinction whatsoever except as a reliable “yes” man at best.

But never mind this old news – except that the same school board also has a history of discriminating against gays. Synchronicity! Remember how they fired that young drama coach at Burroughs for not putting on teen shows which somehow reflected “the community,” or however they phrased it? It wasn’t enough for the kids to put on a role reversal Romeo and Juliet that had the girls kissing other girls. No, the last straw was his encouraging them to subvert the school’s right-wing principal and take their Matthew Sheppard play to the Colony Theater, right after he’d banned it.

The recent news that this same school board has chosen to hold their hoped-for School Bond Rebond Election Re-Election™ in the spring rather than November is also going to be fun to watch. That’s because Burbank has this shady “all-mail ballot” scheme that they love so much, but state law prohibits local school bond votes from going onto all-mail ballots.

They have to have real polling places for school bond elections, just like the good old days. So watch Burbank try to slime out of it next February. They’ll think they’ve figured out a way, that’s for sure. Our prediction is that the new city clerk (Mike Flad) will set up a few voting booths down at the library and Joslyn and then call it “not an all-mail ballot.”

Just watch– there’s no way in hell we’re ever going back to real secret-ballot elections in the City of Burbank. Not when their new No Postage- No Way! ballot plan has been working out so well for the status-quo. So they’ve gotta cook up something.

Quick Dilibert story about what a sleazy operator he is:

When he was appointed to replace Paul Krekorian, the rule for the open slot was that this board appointee would NOT run for election when the time came. It was supposed to be a true interim appointment.

In fact, this was the big condition for the job, for everyone. Probably because Krekorian’s glow was still being felt around town, there was a sense of fair play about that weighed the unfair advantage of a quick and lucky non-voter incumbency. So all of the potential appointees went into the process knowing full well that it was a temp deal only — and which is why almost no one applied.

Those who were seriously interested in the job, and might have wanted to run for it in the future, simply did not want an interim-only role. Dilibert was about the only person who did. There may have been one or two other applicants, but not many.

So let’s flash forward about six months, to late 2006:

Dilibert is suddenly asked by the local newspaper if he’s going to run in the upcoming election. He tells them that he doesn’t know, but that he might. He’s not sure yet. Remember, this when the original condition for the job was that it was interim only. Of course, nobody in Burbank said anything about this sudden change of terms except maybe us and two or three others.

So Dilibert says nothing about his intentions until the last day of the filing period. And his answer was “no.” But because he had dangled the possibility that he might run, no one else wanted to campaign against him. They knew he’d probably get more votes as the natural, built-in advantage of being an incumbent.

So everyone stayed out of the race except the two old incumbents whose slots were up, Kemp and Bunch, and one challenger: Roberta Reynolds. She was the ONLY candidate who ran for the open slot, and of course she won. How could she not have– there were three open slots and only three candidates in the running!

This was a scam, naturally, because Reynolds was a desired quantity from the beginning. She was an easy pick who wasn’t going to ruffle any feathers. So even though Dilibert was appointed on the condition that he would not run during the next election, he later said that he might. Thus he threw the whole campaign into a tailspin when it came to finding real challengers.

The board and administration deliberately set it up this way. They didn’t want to appoint a reformer who might be interested in running for real later on, or even have them around as potential picks (like the popular Roland Armstorff, say, from Bret Harte). So they set up this phony “interim” rule to discourage any serious candidate. Then they let Dilibert — without comment — dick people around later on in order to keep a strong challenger out of the race.

So this is the kind of guy Dilibert is. He was appointed by the board as a temporary replacement-only for Krekorian, and then violated this strict condition by later considering a run. He never did, but he waited until the very last minute before he told anyone the news.

Now in Burbank, this is called being a “team player.” Collegiality reigns supreme here. And that’s why we get the kind of people we do.



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67 responses to “John Dilibert, local schmuck

  1. Dilibert is a fine pick. He has a clean record with the police and is well liked with the rank and file. I can live with the appointment.

    With security being a concern because of mass shootings , having law enforcement on the board is a smart pick.

    • Marc

      Sure Deputy Dog Dilibert can grab his gun and patrol our schools in person ? In case you have missed it there have even been burglaries inside the police department. With crimes occuring inside tthe police station I really don”t follow your thinking Citizen Cane.

    • semichorus

      Yeah, and let’s arm the others just for good measure.

    • Anonymous

      Citizen Cane diid you do a survey of the rank and file ?

  2. Anonymous

    Call this school board a bunch of team players if you like but I prefer to call them a good ol’ boys club. Why have they gone right from this appointment into talking about yet another bond ? Things just don’t smell right with that board and where did all the money from that last bond go anyway ? Take a look at your property tax billing – you’re still paying for the bond so why this appoint this Dilibert cop guy and jump right into talking about a bond ? The time has come to clean out the school board.

  3. Romeo

    Did Mr Dilibert throw a victory party at Gary Bric’s Ramp ? The Ramp is sooo fabulous for the cops to hang out. I heard the Ramp put in some rainbow colored lights for the celebration.

  4. DixieFlyer

    Here’s a Golden Opportunity for John Dilibert.

    Statements were made during the School Board “selection process” that John would NOT be a Candidate for Election.

    The statements were NOT made by John.

    Clarification would be welcome.

    (the “ball” is in John Dilibert’s Court)

  5. Anonymous

    I have been following your blog for several years now. I became very interested when I realized that you really don’t really care about the truth…only rumor. It appears that you really don’t want to be any part of the solution….only the problem. I was hired by the police department in 1974 and retired in 2002. I was President of the BPOA from 1991 to 1993. Yes….I have a history with the PD and the city. It was a great place to work and I have no regrets.
    I found your latest post about John Dilibert to have finally crossed the line. For you to impugne the reputation of this person is beyond the pale. John has given more time to the city….the school district … And the Police Department for no compensation over the last 25 years to make Burbank a better place to live. Keep in mind that John and his lovely wife, Patty, have no children.
    I have had the pleasure of knowing John since he was a rookie officer in the late 80’s and realized very early on that John had one intention….. To make Burbank a better place to live.
    You and your followers are disgusting lot. Why don’t you move to Los Angeles…. Where they don’t give a shit.

    Frank Turner
    Burbank Police Department (1974-2002)

    P.s. Go ahead and dig some dirt on me. It may make your day but it won’t matter to anyone but your minions.

    • semichorus

      Dilibert waited until the very last day of the filing period to announce that he was not going to run in the next election. That botched it up for everyone else– and it was the reason why there was only ONE person running for his now-open slot, Roberta Reynolds. She had filed earlier.

      She was the only one who filed. The ONLY ONE. So don’t tell me that Dilibert didn’t do this on purpose, and that it wasn’t a board/admin scam to keep as many challengers out of the race as possible. He wasn’t even supposed to be considering a run. This had been the condition laid down on both Dilibert and every other applicant for the “interim” appointment to replace Krekorian.

      It was shameful. There was no opposition to ANY of those three candidates in the 2007 election. That’s how it happened.

      And now they’re saying that Dilibert told the board this time that he wasn’t going to run, but only serve out Kuptka’s term? We shall see.

      I also love it when you cops address me by my first name. Like you want me to know that, “we know who you are…” That’s why you’re doing it. But I ain’t intimidated.

      • Frank turner

        Who cares,Jim… Only you.

      • Frank turner

        Jim…. I am not anonymous. I am Frank Turner.

      • DeFacto


        I dont follow the logic regarding a late announcement somehow impacting a low candidate pool. I havent done any research but are you telling me incumbants are never opposed or have never been unseated? Are you saying the mere chance of Mr. Dilibert running stopped otherwise interested and qualified folks from throwing their names in the hat?

        According to you, Dilibert would have broken the rules by running. Dont you you think perspective candidates would have used that fact to their advantage and had him DQ’d or at least damaged his credibility?

        I know you look for the “grassy knoll” connection related to most political issues, however, this is more than a stretch. I just dont buy that there were several qualified candidtaes that did not want the interim position and were then frightended off by the prospect of running against Big Bad John.

        The way I see it, Mr. Dilibert did the right thing by not running because that was the expectation when he filled the position. From my perspective he actually did the stand up thing and as a parent with a kid in the District that is what I want from a Board member, interim or not.

        By the way… Kudos to Frank Turner for “outing” himself in here. He is a good man, an excellent police officer, and a reminder of how good the BPD can be. (A mediocre golfer!)

        Thats not to say he’s a Saint. You and your crew will dig up some dirt and and the slander wagon will no doubt go into overdrive. Frank knew that when he got up in your grill and dared you to do so.

        Regardless of what you find or manufacture, what the rest of see and admire is that Frank stepped up and put his name out there while defending the name of a friend. Thats a lesson many of us should learn. Myself included.

        • semichorus

          The school board election of 2007 was the first one in local history where there was NO opposition. All three candidates won.

          By staying in the race until the very last minute, Dilibert effectively kept everyone else out. No one wanted to run against all three incumbents because they knew they would’ve lost.

          It’s an old trick.

    • Anonymous two

      Frank many would agree with you, Burbank was a very different place from 1974 to 2002. I for one am glad you worked for Burbank before the decline and decay of Burbank began. It was a different time Frank and while most appreciate your service and those good old days let’s not get so nostalgic that we forget the city and it’s police department are not the same as they were back then. Recent scandals have rocked confidence in Burbank and no amount of volunteer time can or will erase that reality.

      • BUSD FAN

        So let me get this right. Mr Dilibert is a cop and gave volunteer hours so therefore he is a good school board member ? Does that sum up the actual qualifications ? In other words half of Burbank is qualified to run the schools ?

      • Frank turner

        I appreciate your sentiment about BPD today., but John Dilibert is a fine person to represent the BUSD for the citizens of Burbank. John is not part of the problem that got BPD into the problem they face today. That problem started under the promotions of Chief Tom Hoefel and continued under the reign of Chief Tim Stehr. Not everybody fits into your “bad cop” mold. There are many fine people still trying to do their best for the City of Burbank.

  6. Unhappy Voter

    Last Thursday proved that transparency was a real bitch of Board President Applebaums, and Board Members Kemp and Buncy. Why you ask ? First all applications for school board were available on line. Read them and see that Steve Ferguson had the best application. So maybe someone wrote it for him ? Watch the Board interviews and Steve Ferguson again with random questions was the hands-down best candidate for the board position. So why was Ferguson not appointed ? That’s what we the voters should be demanding to know from Applebaum, Kemp and Bunch. These three have treated our schools like their personal club for long enough. The elephant in the room was something that everyone was to polite to say outloud. It’s a bigot’s club that runs our schools and the bigots need more money to further their agenda so they tell us they want a bond. A bond really says hand us your money so we can keep doing what we have been doing and the poster boy of the campaign is a police Lt who apparently is in it all for some good PR.

    • semichorus

      Kemp’s always been an authoritarian asshole. Bunch used to be OK when he was a teacher, but as soon as he turned management he became a total prick. His bullying, threatening deportment up on the dais whenever they get criticized by someone is a real sight to behold. He has a very thin skin when it comes to any kind of criticism and it’s a real embarrassment.

      He makes Bill Abbey look like the super-cool Vivian Kaufmann.

      BTW, I’ve got a piece going about how Kemp once got his ass kicked by Bob Leland up at BHS in the early 70s, after he violated the Ed Code by making his P.E. kids work for a full week on cleaning up the track instead of doing instructional lessons.

      It’s a terrifically illegal thing for a teacher to do. Both then and now. But that was Kemp.

      • Anonymous

        Mr Bunch was a great teacher but that was years ago. Now he is nothing but a grumpy and intolerant man. very sad what age and becoming friends with Kemp has done to him.

        • semichorus

          Sadly, yes. At one time it was quite a concern for the BTA. This was not the same guy they’d supported.

          • DixieFlyer

            Could it be that some have “over-estimated” the Svengali Powers of Coach Kemp?

            How many Boogey Men do these “scenario’s” require?

    • Anonymous

      Read the applications and watched the video. I agree. The board made a major misstep. The differences between the two perspectives are astounding and I am disappointed with the board.

      • Reese Place

        I watched the interviews and I also agree they had a clear choice of looking toward the future with hope or fighting to cling to the failed past. Three of them chose to cling to and repeat their failed past and then threw in a new bond just like they did in the past as well. Board Members Kemp, Bunch and Applebaum were good at one time however I see them now frozen in the past and determined to repeat all the mistakes of the past they have become broken records replaying the same old tune.

      • Burbank Anonymous

        I add my agreement to this. It seems that B.U.S.D. Parent had some sort of inside track with Applebaum. I wonder what parent offered Applebaum ?

    • Truthsayer

      Ferguson wasn’t appointed because he’s a faggot.

      • Anonymous 2

        hmm truthsayer are you a member of the Burbank Board of education or are you a member of the Burbank Police Department ? Both seem to have their share of bigots. Oh and both need to be cleaned out.

        • Truthsayer

          Oh give me a break with this bleeding fucking heart bullshit. They chose the right guy. Faggy Furgeson didn’t make it. Everyone is saying he’s running for the seat so you can all join the bleeding heart parade and loose then. He’s nothing more than a puppet without any real qualifications. Until then if you’re looking for something to choke on choke on this Dilibert won you lost. The alternative would have been much much worst.

  7. Tim

    I miised watching this event on tv but wow anybody who thinks police should run schools is dumb. Police arrest people and schools teach people what is so hard to understand about that one? So now the cop can call himself chief of the school morality police or what ? Burbank officials do some really dumb things.

    • semichorus

      I can only imagine those many disciplinary hearings that they have all the time. The closed ones that you never hear about, two or three times a week.

      It sends a bad message, yes.

  8. Karen

    I recall President Applebaum saying last week that Mr Dilibert was not running for the seat but did Mr Dilibert ever say that ? Maybe Mr Applebaum just made that up so he would not look as bad as he actually did ?

  9. ALumni

    Things never change. It.s disgusting and makes me sick to read about the Burbank schools. The school board likes to talk about how wonderful the schools are but thats not the reality. The school board is and has been out of touch with the students and the community for years. How about the racial bias in Burbank schools ? Do they ever talk about it ? How about the bully behavior ? What do some teachers do about it ? Do some encourage it ? I guess a police officer will end all of that and make the school board relevant ? I doubt it based on how the resource officers have acted in the schools. The board is hopeless.

  10. Jason

    There is nothing we can do about this situation besides think differently and vote differently in the next election. I’m voting for Ferguson because I believe that’s the only way to rectify this poorly made decision. I’m not sure many continued to watch the meeting but the kid got up there and congratulated John Dilibert and called on the district to move forward in unity. That is the kind of leadership that we need! Not the leadership of divide and conquer that has torn this city seam by seam for the past 5 plus years.

  11. Anonymous

    What a bunch of fucking idiots. The board needs to get Queer-eyed.

  12. Reese Place

    The way I see it is this. The school board had the chance to vote to fill a position which rightfully is selected by the voters of this community. I say a chance because what they clearly did was use that awesome responsibility that fell into their laps as a means to appoint their buddy and friend. Kemp and Bunch said as much as they talked about how we are all friends up here. Those comments were a warning signal to all of us. It says we have a school board who sees their job as making friends and doing favors for their friends. I see this as a clear sign that Applebaum, Kemp and Bunch need to go as soon as possible. Watching this meeting my feeling was all three are driven by self interest cloaked in a mere justification that they care about kids and this community. My eyes turned red as Applebaum spoke about a bond. My mind began to think what better way for them to build up some cash to hand rewards and contracts to friends and associates. My confidence in these three is shattered. Shattered because watching the interviews there was a great candidate that stood out above the best and I watched and I heard these three come down to a decision based on friends and who they desire to be friends with. I now understand who these three are and what their motivations are and I understand as a voter they are not to be trusted.

  13. Observer

    Very interesting comments on the design of Burbank High. Yes it’s designed very poorly and the feel is very different from the feel of Burbank however that is only the start of what goes on at Burbank High. The school officials use it like an experimental lab and the results are a divided campus that in many ways is a prison zone mentality just as you have suggested.

    • semichorus

      Some of us predicted this, as soon as we saw the architectural plans. They also had an authoritarian Christian principal who seemed to revel in the idea of things like “lockdowns” and administrators armed with binoculars and search dogs.

      The old campus needed lots of work because it had been deliberately neglected in hopes of getting a new facility. In the early 70s there was a move on to build a completely revamped campus much like what we ended up with; with tennis courts on the parking structure and everything.

      But people hated the idea– it was a joke. So ever since then repair orders from the custodial staff had gotten ignored as pretext to eventually tear it down.

      That’s why the old BHS looked so bad. The BUSD would NOT fix it. But it was a well built, great looking school at heart. It was beautifully designed in the late 20s to be a very quiet and de-centralized campus– much like that of a college. And this is one of the big things that it got criticized for! That it looked too much like a college campus.

      It just confirms my main point around here– that the people who’ve been running Burbank for the last 30 years or so are total and complete morons. And they get very nasty when challenged.

  14. Dumbass Dilibert

    Dilibert fueling speculation that he will be running for the board in BPD. He thinks taking out the kid whoose running may be difficult. I hope he folds. The guy’s a complete freak and even the command staff is questioning his ability to lead. He needs to resign before the coming wave of charges are unveiled.

    • Anonymous 3

      What was Dilibert doing while things went on in the PD ? Was he not command staff ?

      • Blinkie

        Hiding his head in the sand and ignoring the problems, which is why he’s the most experienced candidate for the school board. BPOA Boys not happy their secret is out. What commitments were made were quickly dissolved in a panick over the phone and in person at Lancers. Sucks to be one of those three idiots who voted for “the schmuck” as we now call him.

  15. Citizen

    I hope this Dilibert guy does not resign because when charges are unveiled those board mmbers will be right in the middle of it.

  16. Anonymous

    I wonder if Dilibert can conduct hostage negotiations with the community for this doomed bond. Doubt it. It’s going to be a massacre

  17. Concerned BUSD Parent

    This is a done deal. No matter what deals were made this situation is over and there’s nothing that this blog can do to change the vote. Can’t un-ring a bell. I’m happy to see Dilibert is going to run. No surprise there. He has defend the board from the jolly gay giant!

    • Taxpayer

      From what I read no one suggested that this blog can change the vote of board members but I do read people seem to plan to change who is sitting on that board next election. On what deals were made I tend to believe the public has a right to know exactly what deals their elected officials have made and just who they made them with. This is Burbank and the suggestion that elected officials made a deal with the Burbank Police Union is not only something that the public has a right to know, it just maybe is yet another thing that needs to be investigated about our police department.

    • DixieFlyer

      Why is “concerned” so hell-bent on hurting Larry Applebaum?

      According to “concerned” he “knew” how Larry was going to vote over the weekend BEFORE the meeting.

      Is he picking on or bullying Larry?

  18. Anonymous 2A

    The public interview process the board people did was a sham. It was obvious that Mr Kemp and Mr Bunch had their minds made up in advance and it had nothing to do with qualifications. Those two were biased and fooled no one.

  19. Burbank Anonymous

    Reading all of this tells me one thing. We clearly have the wrong people on the school board. While I occassionally hear things about the schools I now suspect that more is done to hush up and quiet what goes on behind the school walls that addressing the problems. After all I have read about city hall and the police department I am convinced that great effort and great expense has been exerted to cover up and hide what is going on. This is a pattern of corruption my friends and for the school board to select someone who is not just a part of it but a ranking officer in the center of it all gives a thinking person far more than pause. Shall we expect that the tactics of the police have now come to the school board ? Frankly I don’t believe that the schools can afford millions upon millions of dollars for the tactics employed by our police. Maybe they began talking bonds to enable them to afford the expense of this direction they have chosen.

  20. Slick Willy

    anyone see the article in Saturday that Omar Rodriguez settled with the City>?? I saw it in print but can’t find it online…..

  21. Lee

    I can’t believe that the board over the schools would want any connection to the Burbank Police Union. No matter what support that union offered those board members now I will stand with my friends outside of markets handing out flyers against any bond they come up with together. That police union is bad and selling themselves to that union just has me hopping mad. Those people need to remember they work for the residents of Burbank and not for Burbank employees and their union. I am so angry hearing about all of this my blood is boiling.

  22. Anonymous

    These candyass, degenerate BPD cro-mags are so delightfully consistent. LaChasse “really rocked the boat” by hiring three females. Diiibert helped the city stymie the “Jolly Gay Giant.” ANOTHER “VICTORY.” And they think they’re so cute, too. Pathetic. Laughingstock of an “agency.” I feel sorry for the very few decent officers we have left . . .


    Really Mike Nolan???? and what have you contributed to this blog? All you contribute is your BS poppycock. You are more bi-polar than a Six Flags Rollercoaster. Funny, how you talk behind peoples back. You are good ol’ nice man to their face and then you go the bi-polar route and talk crap about that person behind their back or on this blog. You have as much credibility as the $3 dollar bill. Remember the blood lines that you come from. Not exactly the cleanest, as well as your own past. Its the blind leading the blind on this blog site.

    • Zorro

      Moby dear Moby not sure why you are fixated on Mr M Nolan but many of us wait to hear what Mr Nolan will tell us next because if we waited for the city or the police depratment to tell us about trials or anything else going on we would ever know anything at all. The city seems to think everything is a matter of national security and they along with the police department keep all the wrongdoing a secret but many of us are really disgusted and sick of the secrets and ready to hear about everything that has gone wrong especially in the police department.

  24. Anonymous

    The police union corrupted the police department and city hall so just maybe now they want to add some corruption to the schools. Maybe they are just thinking expand the empire and take over the teachers union and get a cut of their membership dues.

  25. Avon

    Looks like Lewis is finally reporting real news again. Saw this on Steve Ferguson’s Facebook and thought people should see this.

  26. chad

    Finally saw the video of the appointment. What a farce. Truthsayer, crawl back into your hole. Idaho has fantastic fly fishing. Call me Ishmael.

  27. anon 2

    Tim Stehr goes down in the books as one of the worst police chiefs in Burbak history. So just who appointed him Chief of Police ?

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