More proof that our local police are out of control

While everyone knows that the proud home of Randy Adams has been harassing perfectly legal parolees for years, if it weren’t for the FBI breathing down their necks our own Burbank Police Department would be doing the same thing:

Police arrested a 25-year-old man who was on parole for sex trafficking after he saw the officers and ran the other way.

The man, Von Correia, is on parole for a 2010 conviction for assault with a deadly weapon and was talking on a cell phone about 12:35 a.m. on the 1600 block of East Colorado Street when he saw a patrol car, turned around and began running, according to Glendale police reports.

Hate to interfere and be technical here, but first they say he’s on parole for sex trafficking, and then a sentence later they say it’s for assault. Can someone please get their stories straight?

We’ve asked this question before- does this local newspaper have an editor? A real one? The official wackiness continues:

Meanwhile, several witnesses reported seeing Correia run through various parking lots, including “sneaking” around a motel on Colorado, according to reports.

When police eventually found Correia walking away from the motel, he allegedly told them that he didn’t run away and was instead “trying to find a place to pee.”

Correia reportedly told police that he was visiting a friend at the Best Western Inn in Eagle Rock and was waiting for his fiancé to pick him up.

But his alleged fiancé, 26-year-old Fallon Hutchinson, told officers she became acquainted with Correia about two months ago and only knew him as “Pharaoh,” Glendale Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz said.

Hutchinson, who had an outstanding warrant for soliciting prostitution, drove from Fresno to Glendale to meet Correia because he told her he had a hotel, Lorenz said.

Lorenz said there was no indication that the pair was soliciting prostitution from the Eagle Rock hotel.

Police arrested Hutchinson in connection with the outstanding warrant and Correia on suspicion of resisting arrest.

So what was the base arrest? The courts have ruled repeatedly that cops can’t just arrest someone for “resisting arrest.” They have to try to arrest you for something else before they can say you were resisting.

They’ve also ruled as well that there’s no crime in just running from the police. Actually, this guy should probably be glad that they didn’t out-and-out tase him for his rude show of disrespect, but that’s another story.****

Ah, technicalities.

Now we know that the cops are our local heroes, and who in Glendale just happen to have the odd propensity of playing judge and jury on their own in order to keep people in jail who’ve already been released. These particular cops don’t like the idea of “parole,” and so what they do now is go around and harass and follow and setup everyone they know who is on that list.

And they’re quite proud of this, too. They even have a top-cop over there who runs around with a PowerPoint presentation to try and scare people into thinking how dangerous “Jerry Brown” and the “Legislature” (read, the Democrats) have been in releasing hardened felons into our community. Only he leaves out the fact that it’s the non-violent jailbirds who are being given an early release.

And of course, the local Times affiliate publishes these idiotic press releases of theirs intact, as gospel. An independent press that questions the actions of an overbearing police department, one which actively engages in questionable harassment tactics against mostly minority residents?

Where do you think we live?

Now the really idiotic thing about this phony Glendale “arrest” is that if these cops had actually kept this guy under direct surveillance like they said, then they might have caught him in the act of doing something that really could have put him away. If he was indeed a “sex trafficker.”

But they wanted to play Rambo instead, and so they blew it. And of course, instead of asking questions about this clear fuckup, the rubes only cheer.

**** Even in this case (which the naysayers will cite) the Court ruled that there had to be a base charge or incident which provoked the need to question a suspect, and that it had to be in a high-crime area. No such exigencies are apparent in this particular Glendale news story.

So there, police defenders. The Court also ruled that there is no express, general “bright line” right for departments to invoke this.



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11 responses to “More proof that our local police are out of control

  1. Anonymous

    Running away because you see a police car is not resisting arrest, the officer must be in actual performance of duties. Actively trying to detain or question, anything else must be tied to a crime. I agree with you that they should have watched and waited because this won’t stick.

    • semichorus

      I’ve heard that in some states the cops in high-crime areas can arrest for this alone. But it’s not everywhere and it’s not consistently applied. The federal courts are mixed on this “right” and so is California, because what it means is that the rich white people get a different law than the poor Blacks, at least when it comes to police actions.

      The bigger problem though is that,

      a) Glendale is not a high-crime area under any legal standard, and

      b) Their police department has a history of going out and harassing parolees just because they’re now out of jail. They even have a special team that does this– believe it or not, that’s what they spend their time on, and the whole idea is to fuck these people up and get them back in prison.

      Chief Randy Adams started this policy, btw. Maybe they can use it on him some day.

      • Anonymous

        Speek for yerself. I have bin a victim of fraud many times in Glendale. Glendale is full of crimminals. My neighbor who lives in my apartment complex drives a beat up taxi but has a brand new Mercedez Benz. I drive a beat up van and a nissan centra. Please my friend do not say things that are not true.

  2. Sounds like the police doing a great job. keep it up. Who cares about a low life getting jacked up. Semi, if you care about this guy so much, invite him over to your place and let him stay there.

    • semichorus

      Let’s keep harassing those Mexicans! The police doing their job!

      • DixieFlyer

        ……and the Casting Office Interim Police Chief of Burbank continues to claim that he is “trying to avoid a Consent Decree”.

        Consent to what?????

    • Anonymous

      Citizen Cane ever hear the saying:

      When the Nazi’s came for the Jews I said nothing. When the Nazi’s came for the gypsies I said nothing. By the time the Nazi’s came for me there was no one left to say anything.

  3. chad

    I thought Randy Adams was the guy wrongly convicted of killing a police officer in the line of duty in Texas in the 70’s and famously depicted in Thin Blue Line.

  4. Semi, very weak response, try again.

    The cops are doing a great job. Keep arresting the bad guys.

    • Anonymous

      BPD’s doing a super fine job. Problem is, it’s tough to decide which word best describes them: “chickenshit” or “candyass?”

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