State licensing agency is trolling Angie’s List for sting targets (updated)

This whole story gets even sleazier– we’ve been tipped off about what’s happening here.

The way this licensing agency has been entrapping these victims is by trolling the well-regarded, customer-vetted Angie’s List. In other words, it’s the better craftsman they’re going after and not just some guy off the street. And it’s not like these repair people are approaching the sting, either. The sting’s approaching them.

The way it works is that this enforcement agency contacts these guys from out of the blue to get them to solicit bids. And when they finally do they spring into action. But in order to make it bullet-proof in their minds they’ve also got to lure them directly out to the work sites.

Which– they unashamedly boast– might soon be turning into the locations for a fun, reality-based TV show, and which is apparently what happened the other day in “Media City.” We know this for sure because they’ve finally had to fess up about the actual timeline this week after they conferred with their BPD friends to get the stories straight.

We found this listing for the suicide victim:

Golden West Handyman Services; Simi Valley, Burbank, Pasadena, CA 93063

Business Description: If you’re looking for quality and value, then look no further! With over 25 years of Construction and Handyman experience, you can rest assured that your home’s repairs and projects will be completed, with the highest of standards. Quality and Value is our secret. Our family has been serving LA since 1946 We have many satisfied clients and references, and we will be more than happy to supply them upon request. Call now for a free written estimate at: 818-XXX-XXXX. Or visit us on the web at: We provide service from Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley to Arcadia, including Alhambra, Agoura, Agoura Hills, Altadena, Arcadia, Arleta, Atwater Village, Azusa, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Burbank, Calabasas, Calabasas Hilands, Canoga Park, Canyon Country, Century City, Chatsworth, Culver City, Eagle Rock, Encino, Gassell Park, Glendale, Granada Hills, Hancock Park, Hidden Hills, Highland Park, Hollywood, Hollywood Hills, La Canada, La Crescenta, Los Angeles, Los Feliz, Lake Sherwood, Lakeview Terrace, Los Angeles, La Canada, La Cresenta, Los Feliz, Malibu, Marina Del Rey, Mission Hills, Monrovia, Montrose, Mount Olympus, Mount Washignton Moorpark, Newbury Park, Newhall, North Hills, North Hollywood, Northridge, Oak Park, Pacific Palisades, Pacoima, Panorama City, Park La Brea, Pasadena, Playa Del Rey, Porter Ranch, Rancho Park, Reseda, San Fernando, Santa Clarita, San Gabriel, San Marino, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Mission Hills, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Newhall Ranch, Sherman Oaks, Silverlake, Simi Valley, South Pasadena, Studio City, Sunland, Sylmar, Tarzana, Thousand Oaks, Toluca Lake, Topanga, Tujunga, Universal City, Valencia, Valley Village, Van Nuys, Venice, West Hills, West Hollywood, West Los Angeles, Westlake Village, Westwood, Woodland Hills, Warner Center, Winnetka and everywhere.

Notice that many of these services do not require a formal license. And most of these jobs will also involve amounts of money below the statutory $500 maximum:

Services: Awnings, Cabinet Makers, Cabinet Refinishing, Cabinet Refinishing, Ceramic Tile, Closet Remodeling, Closet Remodeling, Concrete Repair, Decks & Porches, Dock Building, Repair, Doors, Drain Pipe Installation, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Drywall, Electrical, Epoxy Flooring, Exterior Painting, Flooring Sales, Installation, Repair, Furniture Refinishing, Garage Builders, Garage Doors, General Remodeling, General Remodeling, Glass & Mirrors, Glass Block, Gutter Repair, Replacement, Handyman Service, Hardware Stores, Holiday Decorating, Home Inspection, Insulation, Interior Painting, Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, Lamp Repair, Lighting, Mailbox Repair, Picture Framing, Plumbing, Pressure Washing, Screen Repair, Skylights, Stereo & Home Theater Systems, Stereo & Home Theater Systems, Stone & Gravel, Stucco, Sunroom & Patio Remodeling, Unfinished Carpentry, Unfinished Carpentry, Wallpaper Removal, Water & Smoke Damage, Water Heaters, Windows, Woodworking

About half of them you don’t need a license for; and of the ones you do he’s actively advertising small handyman versions. Just look at the pictures on his web page and the work described. They’re small jobs. Mostly labor. He doesn’t say he can do every job big or small and he even admits he’s unlicensed.

Know what it seems like now? That the state had to dummy up a big solicitation bid in order to nail this particular guy, and this when he normally doesn’t do large jobs. Or the female shill “homeowner” tried to add on more work to build it up way beyond the legal $500, and then wanted it done ASAP and all at the same time.

Oh, what sweethearts they are, no? And just know they were oh-so-charming and flirty to their marks too, or dingy and confused, or both; at least until the whip came down and the cops and the cameras came rolling in. Then it was all smiles and high-fives.

So if it were us, we wouldn’t be mouthing off any more to outside people about such contradictory versions of the same event. Instead, we’d now be passing everything through our agency’s legal counsel instead of the loose cannons. That’s because we know we’d be needing them from this point forward.

The counsel, not the cannons. That time is past.


After seeing the list, someone pointed out this afternoon that all of the state’s sting operations– every single damn one of them– were either in Hispanic-majority towns or right directly adjacent.

Just check the list– they’re correct. There wasn’t a Brentwood or a Beverly Hills in the mix. So who were these agents really targeting here?

That’s easy. It was unlicensed minorities, mostly Hispanic.

Ought-oh! Did you have to be so obvious guys?



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31 responses to “State licensing agency is trolling Angie’s List for sting targets (updated)

  1. AlfredE. Neuman

    Cameron Park in El Dorado County, is neither a predominatly hispanic town or near one. In fact, El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park are two of the most exclusive communities in the Sacramento area.

    • semichorus

      Nearby Mexicans. There’s lots of Hispanics nearby in that part of the Valley. Lower income, low-skilled people trying to get by.

      Exactly the kind of victims they were trolling for this time.

  2. Irwin Fletcher

    La Canada, San Marino, Arcadia, Silverlake, South Pasadena, Thousand Oaks, Topanga, Santa Monica? That covers San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys- I don’t see any conspiracy there. The story did have me thinking about Angie’s List though- that’s pretty shady to go after them that way when Angie’s List by it’s own feedback system would weed out the bad contractors. The website for this guy does show a lot of jobs that would easily exceed $500, but so what? $500 doesn’t get you much these days- probably would cover the painting of one or two small rooms.

    • semichorus

      Those cities you listed are what the VICTIM cited as his work areas. Not the sting locations.

      His pictures were clearly below $500 jobs. Most of his skills were easily low-cost labor-only jobs.

      The state used Angie’s List this time to go after the avowed “handy man” for low-skilled, low-danger work. The little guy– and in Hispanic-majority areas.

      They think they’re so cute and clever. May they rot in hell.

      • Irwin Fletcher

        Oops, I scrolled too fast. However, I’d say that you have a pretty good chance of throwing a rock in California and hitting a neighborhood that is either full of hispanic residents or adjacent to one that does.

  3. bobby

    I hate to say this but you really talk too much and have no idea what the hell went on , and no , it’s not only Hispanic, it’s all ethic group off people, Without license, Hey if they intented to work for only less than $500.00 it’s legal, more that $500.00 and up too $1000.00 is wrong. The state of california says you can work for up to $500.00. And thats
    it. no more. over. You really need to get your comments right.

    • semichorus

      Last week the State of California targeted Hispanic-majority communities so that they could go after low-skill tradesmen.

      On purpose.

      If that’s not suggestive of something, then nothing ever is.

      I suspect that there are power plays going on in Sacramento between the longtime right-wing staff people in these agencies vs. the incoming Brown administration. The same thing Obama’s had to face.

      • DixieFlyer

        We don’t want semi to “get your comments right”!!

        We’re delighted that YOU take the time to experience ours, and then add your heartfelt observations!!!

        Burbank, 100 Years …..and ALL that comes with it.

    • Vic Sedition

      Thanks for that!!! These people just don’t get it. They want to believe that as long as you’re a “good” handyman/contractor, you can get away with breaking the law. Listen it’s real simple. The line drawn by licensing is there to create standards and responsibility for contractors. It also provides Californians with protection against the many MANY bad unlicensed contractors / licensed contractors out there. If you can’t afford a license, then you probably shouldn’t be running around bidding jobs over $500. If you do, then expect consequences. People like this should work for handyman services if they don’t want to legally run their contracting business. Or they need to stay within the confines of the law. Period.

      No one set this man up. He chose to illegally bid on a job. He knew it was above and beyond the law. It doesn’t matter what your personal feelings about the law are, this is America and we abide by them, or we challenge them politically if it really bothers us.

      $500 doesn’t get anything accomplished, and is a line constantly abused or walked over by creative verbal contracting. I’m sure this man utilized the extra money from illegal contracting, to support himself. He got used to it, and never ponied up to a real business level on the up and up. It’s this grey area that violators exist in. They should either pick 1) being an employee somewhere, or b) getting a license and doing it right.

      Sting operations do nothing more than ask people to come in and tell on themselves. It exists to protect a HUGE industry affecting millions of CA consumers every day. They barely put a dent in the amount of bad contracting practices out there. Just because this man flew under the radar and gave himself confidence in violation, doesn’t mean that thousands of people aren’t ripped off by shoddy contractors with the exact same volume and customer base this man had. We don’t make “special” arrangements in our legal system. It isn’t perfect, but there must be defining lines. It’s just a citation.

      Quit trying to put some other kind of spin on it too. Hispanic neighborhoods? Even if that were truthful in any matter (concerning demographics) then I would suggest you get some information on violation statistics, and overlap those geographical areas. I think you might find, that violation exists more in these areas, than high end neighborhoods where people have the money to pay professional contractors with an assured level of quality. It is the lower income people who can be hurt by shoddy contractors. They take what little money they have, to invest in their home, only to be ripped off and stuck in a nightmare with no money. So who do they go to? Who out there is actively pursuing these people, who so blatantly get away with ripping people off? Who puts fear into people, so that we can create standards and methods of reconciliation?

      • semichorus

        We don’t yet know how the female “homeowner” structured the sting. But they went out of their way to create a phony crime. Of that there is no dispute.

        With attitudes like this, I’m looking forward to the day when the fans of these kind of sting operations will find their own children being set up in phony crimes by similar kinds of do-gooders. Let’s see how sanctimonious they get then.

        It will happen. In fact, it already is, in some of our schools. Gotcha, kids!

        • Vic Sedition

          It doesn’t cost tax payers millions though. Unlicensed contractors do.

          • DixieFlyer

            “No telling” how long Sedition has been amongst us.

            Maybe he already knows how MANY $Million$ the Taxpayers have Lost from General Fund paying lawyers to stall, inhibit and otherwise obstruct efforts to resolve “Police Mess” issues.

            His observation: “No one set this man up.” flies in the face of the E-mails dispatched by the folks from the State Contractor’s License Board.

            The attempted “cover-up” is what made this self proclaimed “sting” newsworthy.
            The “solicitous” follow-up phone calls from the “homemaker” to those who “didn’t-show-up” for “appointments” should refute any claim denying “set-up”.
            The presence of an on-duty California Highway Patrolman is significant.
            The “multiple” appointments scheduled at the “site” where there was no “intent” to have work performed is significant.

            The true “role” played by Burbank Employees is yet to be disclosed or explained.
            The “activities” of keith sterling are S L O W L Y bubbling-up.

            If all efforts are so “noble” it shouldn’t take much longer for our erstwhile Public Information Officer to…..inform the Public!

            • semichorus

              Yeah, the aggressive phone calls are clear entrapment. They are going out of their way to create a crime, especially when their marks are trying to resist. They crossed the line there.

              That’s a big no-no for the courts. At least real ones.

              It’d be like the vice-squad taking a hooker over to someone’s house and throwing her at a suspect to generate business. Or getting her to call up a john and doing the same thing.

              • Vic Sedition

                Absolute nonsense. Aggressive phone calls? The guy showed up to bid a job. He broke a law when he chose to accept a bid for a job as an unlicensed contractor. Especially considering he had a professional looking website and everything, I’m not surprised he got called up. It is so simple. If you want to be legit, then adjust your life in a manner befitting. Ie get a license and do it right. If someone hesitates its because they are operating outside of the law, and their sense of protection from consequence moves in as a form of resistance. It’s so easy to say no. That’s what your not admitting. You’re also not admitting that to successfully catch violators of any sort, you must be persistent. You don’t see cops saying, “oh darn that drug dealer isn’t on his corner today, I think we’ll just forget about setting him up in the future.” It is an admitted ruse. Duh. This is law enforcement. One that ends with hardly a slap on the wrist in my opinion. No one’s trying to cover up anything. It’s human nature to remove yourself from the spotlight, when you don’t feel you had anything to do with the scandal that focused it. No one anticipates a man shooting themselves over something so petty as a citation you can walk away with.

                IMO you people are suspicious by nature, especially of government. I mean what does “Who knows how long Sedition has been amongst us,” even mean? Things can be confusing, and misleading when something like this has just happened. Look at the various misdirection of reporting in general, through huge media outlets. “Ooops, we said this, but now we’ve learned this.” It happens. None of that even matters though. These people operate through voted law, in an office determined by tax paying Californians. This man, proved himself to be the exception of routine business, and is more a serious example of the danger of their job, than a cry for transparency or expose of scandalous “cover ups” which don’t exist. The protection of millions of CA consumers and aggressive pursuit of non licensed contractors is much more important than some “decent” guy getting cited. His response is the only reason we’re even talking about it. Do you think it was good enough reason? I’m sure a lot of people would disagree with you. People who’ve run into unlicensed contractors who have screwed them. This is what warrants agency action like this. To just sit back and throw a law out without consequence of violation, is ridiculous. What’s to stop the bad guys out there? They have to fear something. When someone learns the job is over $500, they have to walk. Period. “No thanks, I have to stay within the law.” Simple. If someone is persistent about you breaking the law, HANG UP. Simple. Don’t go show up, and then get mad at yourself for breaking the law. Don’t carry firearms around. No one’s even saying if he had a permit to carry this firearm or not. That’s scary. Why does someone feel the need to bring a firearm along in their vehicle to a bid? I mean c’mon. You can’t run around pointing fingers without considering everything. It’s a tough situation. You may disagree with industry protection on many levels, but there are many who don’t.

                Maybe he was good, and treated people fairly. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. People who knew him, know that he was unlicensed. Don’t sit here and tell me he didn’t do jobs over $500 throughout his operation. None of it warrants suicide, cameras or not. It warrants a citation, and another warning. Big deal. Why was he so persistent in ignoring state law? How long had he been doing it? His website says his family has been doing it for quite some time, so why no official license? If the work was well done, and legal most of the time, then great. He still decided to exist in the grey area which violators find themselves targeted out of. His choice. Plain and simple. You don’t like the CSLB or any other agency that likes to “ambush,” then you should start a campaign against. Compare your desire to stop this, with those of your peers. Don’t run around trying to nail an entire dept. over something so cut and dry. So what if some reactions haven’t been up to your expectation. It doesn’t mean these people forced this to happen. You’ll never argue that away.

                I’m pretty much done with making my point. I’ll leave you conspiracy theorists to dream up any conceivable civil rights violations you think may have been committed. Just remember to try and see it from every angle, in the fairness of democracy and logical honesty.

                • semichorus

                  Before the early 80s the courts had consistently ruled that these kind of “sting” operations were blatantly unconstitutional. That’s why they never happened.

                  Then the Rehnquist Court changed the rules by stating that they were now OK if the suspects had a pre-disposition to commit the same crime. Whatever that meant, because it was clear sophistry– and which the critics correctly pointed out would now open the floodgates to lots of new government-initiated crimes. And so anyone can be framed up as potentially culpable of something.

                  Because everyone ‘has their price,’ everyone can now be set up.

                  So what’s your price? It’s there somewhere. Hopefully someone will find it. That’s the only way you’re going to learn how awful these stunts are.

  4. DixieFlyer

    It’s now readily apparent that “vic” is determined to misunderstand and play(?) as if he works for SCLB.

    He somehow “missed” that the reference to the follow-up phone play came from a comment reportedly from another
    “appointment” who had been warned by the deceased.

    On-the-clock comments are sure defensive!

    • Vic Sedition

      I’ll respond once more to support my position here. I do not wish to work for CSLB, nor pretend to work for CSLB. I just want another opinion out there. Stings usually involve catching a violator because they ARE predisposed to commit the same crime. You’re all liars if you want me to believe this man never stepped over the line of law. I’ve been doing construction for some time now, and can tell you that I agree completely with the very logical process of defending against fraud, that affects millions of Californians. I’ve reported many of my own employers for constant violations, and shoddy or unsafe work. I’ve also run into many unlicensed guys trying to rip me off through unofficial employment practices. You name it, I’ve run into it. I’m sure he reported every penny he made too, right?

      I didn’t fail to miss anything. I’m just not pretending that confusing or poor response to this situation, has anything to do with some man deciding it was ok to take his life. All you have is smoke and mirrors and a resentment towards government and contractor laws. He broke the law period. You won’t even argue the fact, that in America we live with laws and systems that don’t necessarily agree with all of us. So what. He violated, and was cited. If they tricked him into, it is an example of how these stings actually catch violators with ease. Just like when police use a radio station “win” to scoop up some felons they can’t find. You want to ignore the thousands of people every year, who face financial and domestic distress, because some contractor without a license screwed them. This guy wanted to play ball in THAT arena. He got what he deserved. Who cares about a camera crew, or bad and confusing responses? What do they point at? Incompetency by some employees when it comes to dealing with public relations? It sure doesn’t point a finger at them, proving that they created death. That was his decision. He could have handled it like hundreds of contractors do every year. Pay the price, and go on your way legally. I’m one of those people who can remove my own bias and objectively look at a situation. You two obviously aren’t. You wish to see what you want. You want to believe that state employees are not “human” and are planning the destruction of good people. What a nice level you’ve stooped to. Even suggesting they had potentially created this mans decision to kill himself, is offensive. What about the gun he’s running around with? That makes me feel like he’s a potential problem. No one needs to carry (own yes, carry no) a gun nowadays, unless you’re a gangster or cop. Much less take them to bids, or job sites. I could be fired for doing something like that. Not to mention, if he didn’t have a permit to carry weapon and ammo around, then he broke another law.

      Listen, I feel for the family. I do. I’ve had someone commit suicide that was close to my family. Its a terrible tragedy. Why make it something nasty? What is it you hope to accomplish? The abolishing of effective law enforcement? Next we’ll be shutting down police stings. The decent and “lesser” violators who entrap themselves in a sting, cannot be taken as an exception to the rule. They decided to willingly operate against the law, and so they will reap the consequence if caught. Simple. Its called responsibility. This guy had problems it seems, and I feel very deeply for the family. Anger is often misplaced, when we cannot reconcile with someone who has done this. There is no cover up, and everyone is guarding against the miscommunication now. My heart goes out to the family. Please try taking another point of view. People are people, and no one wants to hurt another human. Unless government turns people into psychopaths, then I doubt any of this is something we’d logically conclude as intentional. That’s even beyond the matter of law. They did nothing wrong. I think it’s a denial thing we can’t overcome. Like I said, I’ll leave you to your posting. I’ve clarified another opinion for those out there. I also hear, and see others discussing it in a different light than you’d like us to see.

      • semichorus

        I think the state set these little guys up– instead of going after the big boys– and then made a spectacle of it, with cameras to boot. And the “gal” homeowner probably manipulated the hell out of them in order to get it done. That’s why they made it a woman.

        The whole thing is creepy. And we’re not talking about shoddy work, we’re talking about setting up people on piddly, unskilled jobs.

        The suicide victim made a point about specializing in small jobs, and he was honest about his licensing status. So they went after him anyway on a big bid. No wonder he was upset. And I’d bet real money that the “gal” came onto him too in order to seal the deal and get him to do it. If she didn’t do it to him she was prepared to do it to others. That’s why she was there.

        Nice guys. May they rot in hell.

        • DixieFlyer

          More to come………

          Let’s start with “who” ran the advertisement?

          Wanna know who lives in that “home”?

          How many Burbank Cops?

          How many from Patrol?

          How were our people “supervised”?

          More still to come……………………..follow semi’s Blog.

          • semichorus

            Dixie, who lives there?

            Mickey Mouse? Or Minnie?

            • DixieFlyer

              Take a deeper look at Public Works Payroll.

              Cross-check names with “new-and-improved” titles.

              It may appear “Daffy”–but we should NOT blame Donald’s Family.

              • semichorus


                So Burbank’s in on it deep.

                Was there a money exchange, for “houses” rendered?

                Our City Sweethearts on Parade.

                (omg, I’m starting to write like you…)

        • Trisha

          I hear the state goes to larger companies along with other agencies in sweeps. You can’t expect larger corps and constr. companies to show up to a sting. Too involved to run a sting at a commercial location. You would have to go to them. Homeowners are mostly being defrauded, and so they go after residential contractors. Most have small businesses but most fraud cases are from these smaller companies.
          I’m glad, I’ve been ripped off and not having legal contract was the worse part. If he had a license I could have some recourse, but even after contacting about the fraud he just dissappeared. Now I have almost a thousand dollars of work to finish, and no more money because he took my “deposit.” I hope they find him at one of these stings.

      • Anonymous

        I am going to say this loud and clear. Where is the evidence that this guy ever did shoddy work or caused harm to anyone’s property ? If you honestly believe that a license protects anyone you would be a great candidate for purchase of the Brooklyn Bridge. I will cite one example, over and over again we have recalls on food items that carry the FDA inspected label, so what it has the label it still will kill you. In this economy people are desperate to find work, in order to survive. Was this gentleman one of those who are in an economic struggle to survive and just seeking an honest days work for an honest days pay ? I don’t know the answer but the question needs to be asked. One thing I do know is a license does not ensure nor protect anyone from any sham, take a look at Country Wide and the subprime sham loans, they were licensed and they were regulated and all of that protected us from just what ? Financial meltdown ? I don’t think so.

        • semichorus

          I agree.

          These guys always tell us that there’s so much licensing crime out there, but then they have to go out and CREATE new ones in order to enforce the law?

          Gimme a break.

          If it’s really such a big problem for California then there’s an easy and ethical solution. They should go out of their way to solicit complaints from aggrieved homeowners or customers, and then go after the offenders bigtime.

          Instead, they’d rather play ambush-man instead. That’s obviously how they get their jollies– so I hope they enjoyed this most recent one.

          • DixieFlyer

            Possibly tonight, the Mayor can clear the air.
            Possibly tonight, the City Manager WILL clear the air.
            It’s doubtful that the Central Casting Chief will add any clarity…………………….but, if he did he’d identify the approval’s he gave.
            He’d explain the involvement of D. Ryburn.
            He’d account for the “wild ride” from Downtown when D. Ryburn was advised of “gunfire on Keystone”.
            He’d tell how Patrol had the available personnel to participate.

            Then again, maybe juli scott will explain how much of a “work-in-progress” this training exercise was supposed to be.

            Maybe we can NOW be told how this “operation” was financed in “tight Budget” times?

            Will they ever tell the TRUTH to Craig Sherwood?

            More to come……………………..

            • Anonymous

              Wow,,,after your speech a few minutes ago…..what is to come??? You are so misinformed about facts. This comes from you on a constant and regular basis. So its time to pack your bags and perhaps move out and the city. You are a “HAS BEEN” and should just quit while you have a chance.

        • Vic Sedition

          You’re an idiot. Licensing creates a standard baseline. It is the beginning of enforcement. It makes everyone get on the same page, and educate themselves about exactly what they can, and can’t do. It serves the taxpayers mostly though, as they are the ones being defrauded. I could paste in a million examples of terrible work done, or immense fraud perpetrated by unlicensed contractors just by googling. You should see the horror stories. What about the POOR people who are repairing their house with their only savings? Then some unlicensed guy comes in, and isn’t decent, taking away financial stability or worse. If you don’t have a baseline of law, then you can expect every moron to use the “I didn’t know that was bad” line. If you don’t have something in place, then you are saying it’s ok.

          It doesn’t protect contractors (unless you count insurance), but it takes legitimate contractors and makes them responsible, and official enough, to make them think twice about violations of any sort. If you have a drivers license it is a privilege, and it could be be taken away or you may experience fines if you are found in violation. In your world, everyone could just get in a car and drive over the sidewalks. Again, you’re an idiot. This country’s population is growing exponentially and we can’t pretend that “winging it” is going to work. Laws must be established. You want to live below the radar, then that’s your problem. How come so many legal contractors are able to do it? What’s a matter, you don’t like paying for things like insurance?

          What you fail to realize over and over again is no MATTER your likes or dislikes, he WAS in violation of law. Simple. Not only that but this was his second warning. Now you want to put the entire idea of licensing on the butcher table? WTH? Because someone over-reacted? For every decent guy running around trying to make a buck in this economy, there are 10 hustlers looking to make fast cash. I want people out there defending against these people ACTIVELY. It also keeps business in the hands of law abiding citizens, who are responsible enough to pony up to a license. No one’s created crime, they’re just creating an environment where criminals easily bust themselves.

          You’re also comparing Corp. America, to gov.. That’s like comparing apples to oranges. Sure corruption exists, but if you think it is a majority, then you’re a conspiracy nut. The reason this agency exists, is to create order, and protect AGAINST fraud, not COMMIT it. The mans family it seems to me, thought it was ok to exist without licensing, and it has purportedly been a family business for years. He chose to do this. He wasn’t running around trying to survive. He ran an illegal contracting business, according to the 2 violations he was cited for. Can you imagine if he had the smallest state requirements for the job he bid? I can, he would have walked away like many have, unscathed..

          • semichorus

            They need to enforce the law the correct way. Not go and create new crimes and actually solicit people who they hope might break the law.

            If not, then this kind of thing will never end. Everyone can be potentially set up for something. It’s very evil.

  5. Masked

    Was Burbank code enforcement involved? up till now they say it was all a State thing with one Highway Patrol now you say Burbank Patrol was there too?

  6. mario

    Welcome to the USA of POLICE STATE, No longer home of the Free. This sort of state action where there is no victim,or crime committed should be standard operating procedure if we lived in a communist country, come to think of that’s exactly what it feels like. Pathetic way to collect money for the state, any even more pathetic are all you who let it happen and can’t see your rights are next!

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