Parents, don’t let your kids go to school any more !

Oops, where’s that partial immunity now? It might be coming in handy soon.

Here’s another story about Burbank’s expansive view of the rights that are to be afforded its minors:

L. R., guardian ad litem for T.R., M.R., and D.R.; F.L.R.
Burbank Unified School District; Emilio Urioste, Sharon Cuseo; Sandra Cavalheiro; City of Burbank; Burbank Police Department; Chief Scott LaChasse; Sergeant Darin Ryburn; Office Jamal Childs; Officer Martha Jimenez

6/10/2011 BC463329 See, judge

Officers took minor children out of school without notice to their parents and refused to let them contact their parents — until they finally figured out they had the wrong alleged victims of child sexual abuse. Then they just took the kids back to school without telling the parents.

Lon Isaacson, attorney

Two schools btw, not just one.

Here’s more. Names, and someone wanted Judge See out, which they succeeded in getting. Who was it, the city?

Documents Filed (Filing dates listed in descending order)

06/20/2011 Notice-Case Management Conference
Filed by Clerk

06/20/2011 OSC-Failure to File Proof of Serv
Filed by Clerk

06/16/2011 Application – misc (FOR DIEGO ROSAL GUARDIAN AD LITEM )
Filed by Attorney for Pltf/Petnr

06/16/2011 Application – misc (FOR TALINA ROSAL GUARDIAN AD LITEM )
Filed by Attorney for Pltf/Petnr

06/16/2011 Application – misc (FOR MAYA ROSAL GUARDIAN AD LITEM )
Filed by Attorney for Pltf/Petnr

06/10/2011 Complaint

Case Information | Party Information | Documents Filed

Proceedings Held (Proceeding dates listed in descending order)

06/22/2011 at 10:30 am in Department 69, Ramona G. See, Presiding
Affidavit of Prejudice – Transferred to different departmnt



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29 responses to “Parents, don’t let your kids go to school any more !

  1. Chad

    And in other news, they got Whitey Bulger living right around the corner from Saint Monica’s Church.

  2. Anonymous

    WE all know you are a hater of the City of Burbank, Burbank Police Department, and the Burbank Unified School District. Word on the street is you were fired from the Burbank Unified School District. You were obviously fired for a reason. The reason being you were doing something you shouldn’t have been. So why after all these years are you still crying about your life? Do you care to elaborate?

    • semichorus

      I love the intelligence gathering in this town. Apparently the people over there are still as inept and crazy as ever.

      Tell your friends on the street that they’re also making it very easy for me to own the district again. And this time there aren’t any relatives around that they can retaliate against because of my whistleblowing.

    • Burbank Resident

      Thats so relevant Anonymous. I might have given the benifit of the doubt that the Police did nothing wrong but the fact that you are off on irrelevant personal attacks again makes me think something really went wrong here. Even if all you say is true what does it have to do with this law suit ?


    Why is it every time we hear about civil rights violations Darren Ryburn’s name keeps coming up? Remember the last federal lawsuit we lost because of Ryburn. Wasn’t he demoted for making racial slurs? And I hear he was the former president of the BPOA. What is going on with the police mess, it seems like nothing has changed.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Oh boy…. HAGSINBURBANK is back. I thought your husband did the right thing and told you not to meddle. Is he away on a vacation?

  5. Tim

    Ok so I get the cops now did something to kids but what exactly happened and whyare kids now suing Burbank ? Could someone explain what the cops did to the kids ? Burbank seems to really have civil rights issues and that”s really bad because this is a diverse city if they paid any attention.

    • DixieFlyer

      According to the barlow: “There’s nothing to report out on.”

      Seriously, as this involves minor children, some info probably shouldn’t show-up on any Blog.

      This is not a drill.

      Some time back a L.A. County Sheriff living in Burbank was Murdered at his home.
      The minor children were “interviewed” on the way home from school.
      There are still arguments over the “tactics” & “techniques” utilized.

      You’ll get your answers, Tim, just not right now. Respectfully.

    • semichorus

      They took them out of school w/o parental permission. Big no no. And it wasn’t necessary in order to interview them.

  6. Observer

    This sounds like they violated the parents rights and the rights of the kids to talk to their parents. Sure why not Burbank takes better care of kids than parents do is what they were probably thinking here.

    • DixieFlyer

      What they “were thinking” seems to be a recurring question ????

      Rephrased how about: “WHAT were they thinking?”

      Without getting into specifics on this matter, we had Officer Hardy too busy with juveniles in the Village to Patrol around Gittana when folks were being mugged.

      Once he made contact with the minor’s he didn’t let go until the parents arrived.

      When the facts are presented, some of you may feel circumstances WARRANTED parental notification and contact. It just didn’t happen, and had no PRIORITY.

  7. Chad

    Agree, Dixie.

  8. Masked

    It been decided.

    This fall, TeenJury reported on oral arguments in J.D.B. v North Carolina. Briefly, a juvenile was questioned at school by four adults, including a police officer. The interrogation was in a room with the door closed. While he was not officially detained, the 13 year-old’s attorney argued that any child his age would not have known he was free to leave. A person who is being detained is supposed to have their Miranda rights read to them, including the right to remain silent. He was not informed of his Miranda rights and therefore, his ultimate confession should not be allowed into evidence. In a 5-4 ruling today, the Supreme Court held that juveniles should enjoy expanded Miranda warnings. Justice Sotomayor wrote that “commonsense reality” means that children simply feel bound to answer adults’ questions and would not know they can leave. Children, therefore, deserve special attention in regard to their Miranda rights. Justice Alito disagreed and felt that Miranda rights are “one size fits all.”

  9. Tim

    I agree with the supreme court but think that Miranda warning should also be expanded and enforced for everyone because like we see with some councilmembers on TV some of them also have the iq of children. Thanks Semichorus for answering me and it does make a whole lot of sense they could have talked to the kids right there at the school.

  10. Chad

    I’ll say this. The description of these events fits consistently with a pattern of overreaching by BPD when it comes to kids in schools. I am personally familiar with an incident that occurred about four years ago with a 14 year old girl from Burroughs. That the mother did not sue is still amazing to me. I also have credible knowledge of a similar second instance. I’ll also say that in general, police and school officials tend to act at times in ways that definitely appear to overstep their legal boundaries when it comes to potential child abuse cases. However there are still set guidelines on all of this. My sister, who lives in another state, is the school official in charge of these cases. She works in a school with a lot of at risks kids but when a potential case comes across her desk there is a set, transparent protocol she has to follow which involves a social worker, police, specially trained medical staff at the local hospital as well as the family in question. There’s no mystery to the procedure and if there is you have a problem.

    • DixieFlyer

      Well stated Chad. Some Jesuit influence still is in evidence.

    • Observer

      Now that’s a godo equation Chad. It includes all the right people and unless it’s a case of the parents being the ones who have abused a child – parents should always be among the first notified and included. No doubt in my mind on that.

  11. Pistol Pete

    Where do I start? I am not going to waste a lot of time, I have better things to do like hanging out at the pool.
    Burbank Resident- Semi doesnt have anything on the BUSD. I love how he says he can own the district again! How many times has Semi talked his smack about Brown Act violations etc…. and acted on any supposed law violations? Semi is full of you know what. He has you eating the same crap too.

    HAGSINBURBANK- I am not going to waste any time with your mumbo jumbo. Seriously, I actually feel sorry for you, but more so for your husband because he has to put up with you (and probably has for too long). When you come onto this site, don’t follow the method of operation of Dixie Flyer (mike nolan) or Masked. They both really dont have their facts straight. They may have some mini fact right but they have NEVER gotten their facts straight. That is been a known fact.

    Tim- is the female vesion of HAGSINBURBANK, again I am not waste my time with your jibberish. I think i have stated in the past, I hope you do not procreate any offspring. If so, I am sure they would be thoroughly disappointed with their father.

    Observer- What relation are you to Tim?

    Chad- As much as I try to like you, there is no hope for you. You really crack me up. You are the Horseshack of Welcome Back Kotter on Semichorus.

    Just remember people, anyone can file a lawsuit. Too bad I can’t file one for stupidity for the majority of you. Just remember that a lot of police officers go out of their way for you, the citizens of Burbank. I am not a CITY DEFENDER, POLICE OFFICER, AIRPORT COMMISIONER ETC….I am the seeker of the truth and only the truth, not baseless lies, slander, or libelous behavior. Then again, this is a blog site.

    Now back to the pool for some refreshing drinks, and a nice massage. Toodles!

    • Fred

      Pistol, you say you know everyone is full of it, but you don’t give us anything. I am suspicious of the way you slander everyone. It is quite telling. Answer just one question.

      Were there really burglaries in the police department or was that just made up?

      • Pistol Pete

        Fred, I dont know if you comprehend well or not but I dont work at the police department BUT I have inquired with CREDIBLE officers (unlike your chums) and there was NO burglary. If there was a burglary, dont you think the D/A’s office would have been called to investigate this so called burglary. I was told it was another concocted fabrication by none other than Omar Rodriguez. I dont know who you talk to but my sources seem to have a ton of more credibility than your friends. So Fred why don’t you tell me what really happened ? You say I dont give up anything? I am telling you there was no burglary from my sources. My sources are a heck of lot credible than the bushwa that is put out by Dixieflyer, Mike Nolan. Remember Mike Nolan doesnt have much crediblity. Didn’t he call someone a “gook”? You can always pal up with HAGSINBURBANK.

        • semichorus

          I remember when Mike said that. It was one of the funniest moments ever. You would have thought the dais was going to melt.

          • DixieFlyer

            As the video demonstrates, Mike asked if the City Council knew who owned the Sony Corporation–
            when he got the usual “vapid look” from golonski, he informed them:

            “It’s owned by a bunch of gooks!!”

            The Corporate Board of Director’s had voted less than two weeks before to “not allow any Round Eyes” on their Board “no matter how many shares they purchase on the New York Stock Exchange.”

            The pending issue was golonski’s efforts to give them and their tenants discounts on the Utility Users Tax.

            Mike was on our Utility Board at the time, and obviously felt that SOMEONE should look out for our Rate Payers—even if the Council Members like golonski would not.

            He was fired.

        • DixieFlyer

          …..and the camera’s “just had a malfunction” and “the graffiti just appeared one morning” and “then the camera started working again” but the “graffiti was still there” and the “paperwork was misplaced”…..
          …and the Sheriff’s (not the District Attorney) scratched their heads.


      JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jay Gway

    Local bickering …… What happened to this family was a travesty of justice as well as a blatant violation of civil rights by people who are required to know the laws in order to fulfill the duties required by a job in law enforcement. It is my understanding that emails were sent to all members of the city council, including the mayor, as well as other public officials asking for their help in this matter. No one responded. These people are a sad excuse for public servants whose obligation is to serve their constituents. Were they too busy to answer an email? I hope the citizens Burbank hold these same people accountable when their negligence costs their city millions of $’s in the forthcoming lawsuit.

    • semichorus

      Unfortunately, there are many other stories like this.

      A big problem here is the kind of people that they like to hire into these BUSD principalship jobs. They all think they’re supposed to be Crusader Rabbit.

      It didn’t used to be this bad. Not at all. At one time we actually had some very sane people running this school district.

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