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Did Brett Loutensock really buy the Tallyrand? (updated)

The reason we ask this question is because if so then that’s one less place we need to go to.

Are these idle rumors, or fact– or an attempt by city defenders to pepper the Etter story with ridiculous falsehoods in order to discredit critics ? Nothing would surprise us.

Now we didn’t bring this guy up, he did it all by himself. Loutensock’s continuing effort to publically harass Police Commissioner Jim Etter and keep wasting everyone’s time has brought him into the limelight again- lucky us. But this month the backstory is that he apparently won a huge sum of money in a lawsuit and then bought the Tallyrand.

Now why anyone would want to do this beats us. After all, hasn’t Huell Howser been making a big deal out of the Tallyrand still being in the family’s hands after all these years? It’s apparently part of the local charm for him.

And now we hear that maybe it’s not? Say it ain’t so, Huell! Are you an unwitting stooge for a sham operation?

If this is just an ugly rumor going around then the Thomases need to put it to rest pronto. But if true then it demands a boycott action at the least, because outside of his friend Dave Golonski there probably isn’t a bigger, more sententious and less sincere creep in all of Burbank.

Maybe he’s just making it up– or someone is. But why?


One wag just advised us that a boycott against Loutensock would only backfire, because the whole town’s full of angry idiots who’d support him gleefully. They’d double their business.

Probably so, which would make the Loutensock Tallyrand even more perfectly Burbank. Huell, come back!

[NOTE: check out Howser’s Tallyrand episode if you can. Everyone’s so falling apart about “family” that we’re amazed Robert Young didn’t show up.]

**UPDATE #2**

The Thomas family replies:

As a member of the Thomas family and current operator of the Tallyrand let me set the story right. TALLYRAND has been a part of the Thomas family for 52 years and will continue to remain part of our family! We pride ourselves that we are the oldest, family owned restaurant in Burbank. We look forward to serving the community for many years to come.
We have not nor do we intend to sell our FAMILY restaurant to anyone.
Karen Ross (Thomas) and Mark Thomas

Thanks for making this clear– we’re going to get to the bottom of how this odd story ever started making the rounds.

Everyone can go back now !



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