Burbank Police to get new badges! Again.

Where have we heard this one before?

Tonight the city council celebrated the receipt of new “Centennial” police badges for all of its BPD officers. This follows their announcement a few months ago that the department had already received new badges of a completely different design.

Chief LaChasse even cited this new badge idea as a great example of the kind of things that can “bubble up” from the rank and file.

Now, we have a better idea. Instead of entertaining meaningless cosmetic changes that serve no purpose but to exploit an already distracting 100-year celebration scheme, why not promote some rank and file ideas that involve a concept like “reform”?

Anja Reinke also claimed tonight that our Rose Parade float won the “Founder’s Award,” and that, according to her, this is the best trophy that a self-made float can qualify for. This isn’t true, actually, because even though it’s the best trophy for a self-made float, it’s not the best that they can receive. Burbank can perfectly well get a bigger trophy in theory, it’s just that they never do.

She did give us one good idea, though. Apparently they are going to be trolling through the entire 100-year history of Burbank in order to highlight a weekly news bit about this city’s many past political achievements.

That’s not a bad idea, really…but we’re sure that ours will be very different.



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4 responses to “Burbank Police to get new badges! Again.

  1. Going Nuts

    You know what is really giving me a chuckle this morning? Where are all the BPOA Board members and the city supporters with their vile spew? I want to see them try and explain why Barlow has to recuse himself from an investigation. It is obvious…I just want to hear them say it.

    Wait till the council and the public find out at trial what Barlow has been hiding. Here is a little legal tip for the city attorneys (free). Just because things are “sealed” or “confidential” doesn’t mean they won’t be admitted into trial if they are relevant. The days of hiding behind POBOR and other priveledges will soon be over.

    Let me add a few info points to Barlow’s recent memo about the resolution to retain this attorney Corbin. I especially like the background part. Barlow writes: “In December 2007, the City Council approved the retention of Willdan Homeland Solutions (Willdan) to conduct an Operational Audit of the Burbank Police Department. The Operational Audit was presented to the City Council at its November 25, 2008 meeting. On October 17, 2008, then City Manager Mary Alvord advised the City Council that, in addition to the Operational Audit, she was requesting Willdan to complete an audit of the policies and practices of the use of force in the Burbank Police Department.”

    The Wildan people were brought in to provide a report for (amongst other things) the Animal Shelter fiasco. You know, where a Burbank Police Lieutenant was using a laser heat sensor on the private parts of female employees. Just when it couldn’t get any worse, the anonymous letters about Portos and Chief Stehr (yes CHIEF STEHR) arrived.

    Let me quote from one of the anonymous letters dated October 17th, 2008 to Mary Alvord. The letter states “The crimes under color of authority that go on on a regular basis are not just continuing, but they are increasing. The CHIEF is well aware of what is going on and often jokes about who is going to get their ass kicked today etc. The CHIEF has assigned personnel to make him look good and make these things go away.”

    The only thing that the author of this memo forgot was Juli Scott receives a report of every use of force adn defends all complaints regarding same.

    According to Alvord, this promted the Wildan expansion into uses of force. Oops…it appears we are close to finding out what Juli Scott and Tim Stehr did with that one. Funny how this same letter does not mention the evil Omar Rodriguez, who was terminated and discraced. Stehr got a party, a standing ovation, a new job, and continues to get laundered taxpayer money via attorneys.

    Here is a big question: Why wasn’t Stehr ever investigated? Hmmm

    Things are beginning to spill…eventually it will all come out. Some how “I told you so” isn’t going cut it.

  2. Andrew

    2 badges, a new BPOA president to take the heat off Mike P, no raise for the officers, and a partidge in a pear tree. How wonderful! Sounds like the holidays went well. I’d be willing to bet the new year and what awaits will be even better.

  3. Father Barnabus

    May God bless you Andrew, sounds like you are going to need it.

  4. DixieFlyer

    $Bonus for One-Half of ALL Non-Safety Personnel (not Police or Fire).

    “Musical Chairs” in various Departments resulting in…..More $Money$.

    Good Luck to Mark A.in moving BPOA forward out of the “Mess”.

    The “Good Men and Women of BPD” deserve GOOD representation—

    President Mark CAN do it!!!

    The “stinking baadges” are part of a side show.

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