Dave Golonski, Asshole

We actually get a two-fer tonight from D.G. We’ll write later about this phony conflict-of-interest issue he’s trying to gin up against Dr. Gordon, about some city contracts that were recently approved.

We’ll just note right now that the city attorney has in the past proscribed a rather peculiar interpretation of the law when it comes to Dr. Gordon and has business interests, even to the point of claiming that he cannot get involved with most Magnolia Park-only issues. So neither he nor Golonski are the last word on what Gordon can or cannot be permitted to do. More later.

For years Esther Espinosa has appeared weekly at Burbank City Council meetings to complain about all sorts of things, most recently a longstanding problem that involves various local enforcement agencies and her own children and grandchildren.

This hasn’t been news to anyone, in particular the council members themselves, and Espinosa has been very vocal about what she feels is continued harassment and interference from the Burbank police.

Tonight Espinosa came to the council and complained about the reception her son allegedly received from a local judge when he had his day in court. After less than a minute, she was rudely interrupted by Dave Golonski, who called a ‘point of order’ in order to get her off the podium, on the grounds that her comments were not city business, and thus not a valid subject for oral communicatons.

Golonski’s intrusion was out of line, and worse, it was without cause. Espinosa was clearly referencing the BPD situation in her complaint to the council, because after all, that was the reason why her family was in court. We give credit to Gary Bric for allowing Esther to continue– he actually cited a reason or two for her comment’s relevance to the meeting.

We won’t explain this any more than we have to, because it tells the same old story. Golonski’s an arrogant jerk who goes out of his way to antagonize and even silence people, especially the more helpless and powerless among us. He’s been a clear part of the problem around here for many years.

To better fit in with Golonski’s cramped world view, Esther should probably do the same thing we’ve recommended people in Burbank do for ages- change her name to Cusumano.


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